Wednesday, June 7th

Can you call and make it through the whole alphabet? Hear Jeff try the challenge!

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Find the name of the game is alphabetical all this tough. It's the idea. Is to make a phone call to semis and every sentence you speak to them. Needs to start we've the next letter of the alphabet. So it's testing your creativity. Yeah years. Knowledge is the ABC's your ability to say get your feet and your ability keep track of where you are in the combat all along the right. Yes. This is tough night I went first and you get to listen and as I call my parents because they're gonna I'll take it turned doing this Morocco on our parents and Kathy they're really hear me call my parents. And tried to you start every sentence with the a difference. Letter of the alphabet and start in any way ABC ordered an in ABC order if I write a and I will tell you give points for how many get right. He had just seen him get a stop when you message that not everything is a competition Japan and came in and around his antics or just in case it says hello. And a half a. You have to keep score you just know what letter people like that CBO. I OK so. So this is a phone call it that I made it to my mom and I will tell you. It's oddly nervous and why would you ever do is an adult why are you nervous calling your parents have different reasons like. Yeah answer so this is me calling it gym in down at playing a game of ultra bad call. And it's incumbent upon me out. And. Why I've heard the answering machine pick out but I didn't figure there. Yeah. You believe I'm calling this early. This. Color. It. But. And pan right. Yeah. But. Yeah. Yeah. By air from. Got a call the same time. It's. I am signs. There right. It. Justin under. And. Different bats made a. My yeah and. Kinda it's rainy day here. Yeah. Yeah see who wins the food. Mom and I. And I don't. Mean not understanding. The. And more. Obviously we have a weird connection. Sex. It's as good afternoon. Quietly. As well I. I can't really loud. Yeah. There. It was real art. Dealing in. A row. So. Usually call necessarily. What can it. Okay. Yeah. Why. Oh yeah they got a lead. And then I was just trying something and gagged I got to V. If if the or read we're recording a radio bread and I was trying to detect every letter of the Al's starting a sentence of every letter of the alphabet and the choked me up. Okay he couldn't get past the just supposed to go where you're doing here again us. Oh very embarrassed and I'm always this bad was he not I'm we're not collapse. Q and Al anatomy and I had a couple bad is calling anyone's parents and I'd say we are. Clearly candidate in forty years old love and raise your voice to me shift. Shouldn't say I would surmount the entire time he's probably dead guy now. Who is her I was early English muffin I know mine I'm very well she's a creature of habit or cinnamon toast also be cinnamon airline you know why and the nurse at Q I early it's not just banks early is done early tomorrow morning Kelly geez you call your dad yet. That sound good if you are bored at work today. It's called alphabetically fault it's not all you do is call a coworker. Fighters and their get out there and see how far on the album you can downs. Starting each news sentence with a different letter of the golf if your record sells them to see us yeah he had an 88. Verbiage alphabet I call you go watch the video posting online right now and these are natural and Atlanta FaceBook page. Switches on this. Incense down.