Alli's Boyfriend Has Been Lying about His Degree

Thursday, March 31st


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One. Jessie. She'd found out. That her boyfriend of about a year lied to her on their very first day. And has never corrected that lie and it's a pretty big line. And if she is asking us if it is breakup worthy. I unity no questions asked. You do this I Natalie you know breakup were the line can't wait to hear what it is and and how she found out they Ruth. Hey Alley welcome to the show. We are going to try their best to help you out. You're welcome so tell us tell us first about your boyfriend. He's its implementation. And we've been together almost theater I mean Erica we are anti marriage and and I found it great and then a great year. I found that. Very. And we weren't concerned. That we cannot really greatly exciting and I don't think this. Let's first they are very Latin Bartlett couldn't hear. Now like the one year mark are you Japanese L bombs. So. Says eulogies and many other a year and you found at the told you allied. Literally on his first day. War. It. Well on every day we're talking about you know what we're gonna do it ally French. He told means that he had his master's degree and statistics. But that he would it's currently is working at a pretty straight or not. He wanted to make a living what I'm doing anything like this black patent with the thickness of liquid actor writer. And I'm just Clinton over each parent I found out that he. Doesn't have a masters and statistics he doesn't have as they agree apple. He doesn't have any college degree or any master's degree. Now will current period at all who did you find out. And he went. Kitchen colleague Eric my coat and whenever he cleric our current market pretty small college and they. I wouldn't have been that big back in time. Applicants are American and only just like I don't know I mean I think I have sent the minor I don't I don't know. And then I had been planned and that he worked for the school. And our I don't know let me look at pat. And I pray cool. Okay and fair. Enough he. Yeah I got a knack prayer that eerie. I'm not full time for a couple of years and part time for a little bit for eight years that has no decree whatsoever. So can be kept like maybe change his mind on right now what he wanted to DO. I don't know that he told me that he had a master's degree. Okay our phone numbers for 047419400. The subject line every now is do I need to dump this game so that's the question will. Asked people who weigh in on. Do you have to break up when them for a 47419400. While they've answered the phones more questions for you so. Has his master's degree in statistics. Come up Zain Zain at all. Allred. What about our. So it wasn't just at first date and trying to impress Lee Ann yeah I'm sure how Smart I am like one little. Maybe tiny light lights and he continues to perpetuate. And the second question for you Alley. Is do you have like some big fancy degree or something that he may have felt intimidated by. Ali what did no work. That's the name Blake I I went there tears that he currents are eager and terror number. So he's not do you have some big fancy job now where your life. Where he may have are you intimidating him anyway are you an intimidating personality. I am not and fortunately I am again and I. I mean would that make it any different for you. Really think it at the root of it is that he told lie and he's continuing to tell this lie. So she feels like after even after a year even after they've been saying I love you now should she can't trust. Right really trust issue base line like. Why he told hitters she's intimidating impressive and make more money than ever does it matter I Alli can you hold on for different reasons I didn't. Can't.