Allie is Frustrated with Drew's Indecision

Thursday, August 11th


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The Jetsons and shell. Yeah tons are not before one. Now we just talked to drew on behalf of annaly and all mind god it was so frustrating. Almighty and Cali. Sounds sweet but definitely not does that have a. Said you really understand that going to the boy. How we get it yet. Now I know why and the friends down he's friends and his whole if he's ever had a girlfriend. Or offend some food meal that's not already a combo meal. Or does or does he own anything other than khakis. Yeah particularly. All right so what do you think he says the doors not close to it but you would have to see what that felt lake and support youth group at an all of those I don't know stuff. I like every time we had something even remotely Desai says look like jump back behind that line again. And data it's. You know legitimately like how this whole thing has gone and and I mean. Are black and have been telling me as you know not like an all your printer like how can you eat out why don't you understand and everybody saying one thing you need UConn American youth didn't. I'm not have to hide it's it's exactly how the entire thing has gotten. It's gonna have to be Uga makes the first don't make them you can do better in them. Much I now think and orders out. If he goes for it then enjoy your time with them but he he is gonna play. Me. What you want for dinner. Mean ha you. Break up with them I want you gave him and dump them just are it's. And. You re tough and a mop a little I think it is and go for here and make. It counts. Yeah it's it's not. I'm not and they related chronic girl inch. I mentioned so frustrating. I can read it to our wallet there could be a decision made you know it's. You're gonna have to make it. Because it and having him. Yeah I don't think I can do that. Obviously this is gonna make it talk about subtle maybe I guess. Don't be of much of it Howard is EA it's. On the one at all but a weather radio station I kind I had this appeared. I think I mean I like beard. But it still cowardly. Well you at least have to talk about. This show calling him. And that can bring it up. And I say it's on to get in the car and get appear this weekend and I'll go hit a patio together and see what happens. It's. In general and I think you guys should. Talk about marriage. And then have to make a decision on joint or separate checking accounts and neither of you can and you'll both implode. I get sucked into a vacuum a giant black hole indecision. Account. Which. You've got to please you've got to keep us updated and any and any change. In. This transaction anything. World. Our policy side. Phones are are laid out there and if you wanna be a part of the discussion. 40474. Line 9400. You're just as frustrated as. I am according to the Cummins to panic in we've. Q you mean I think she is take greens and making it happen. Your calls are next and the Japanese and you know starting before. It's just very jealous. Sons are not before one.