All-Star Drunken Wanderers

Monday, September 18th

By foot, by Uber, or by plane, the drunken wanderers always end up with a dead phone and a story to tell. 


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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. Now one star not before one and he. Or any group I've Carnegie Hall H Justin appearance sometimes we'll show back and daylight aids. Yeah tiger about it than French theatre where the Irish get away people who'd just disappear and go home. But Houdini Yemen meeting him now and not an Indy was one of the one currently disappeared they wander. But then they come back around to the party and may have had some. Crazy adventures along the way so if you're gonna want her story we wanna hear from you for a 4263094. Wide. Last week we heard from an technical why under we're talking about JP's bachelor party and now one of his buddies wander dobbs and I ended up in the drum. Mind with all of what are they were at the break heading into heavy hitters that are raves and he just was image hi there are callable weird it's out of Carlisle so we wanted to hear weird crazy wanderers stories. I forgot I can't remember if we Tenet told us last week announcement he actually wanted to weigh twice the first time. He disappeared from my house and then send a picture of an intersection. Like two blocks away and said. If somebody needs again on this pothole. There was literally a picture of like some some. Cracked pavement in intersection to him and I sentiment you wouldn't what's up their friend in the night and that's just Kyle in monitors an assist him asked Edwards Kyle. And we call from a woman who had been hectic laundering story her friends were so mad at her if she wandered so far welcome to the show Jessica. In Atlanta. I am I in the middle of that a cold day at least you know another restart is on our program Barney. Read everything on Lorena. Consistently getting lit roaring drunk I'm home I. Or PM and you're like wait a second to started eleven from my end here. Are we can. You know as I am. I ticket to the next level. I I ate at the next twenty mile Orman no and I basically. But I remember. Frontier Corps a home. Looked plane ticket to Orlando Obama when he should airport are either died or needed more liquid courage continued it right. I didn't I sobered up a lot and then they. So I got some more light wind that I kept my purse and that's how how regulatory what's your security which is not coal well. I was so you block. Had read about that everybody's thrown away the Ghana have drug bottles of water you're tossing a half drunk bottle of few Anwar. Yeah arch agreed you know in this case and it's not even like it could bottle it just that bottle. It's slightly and I'm honored by this. A hole. China's total whole right there. Got another number in early no. Overtook GQ italics. Is that it used to open the door. Yeah I learn why why did I just the talk to a room and into the door cash. And meet some same party would still functioning because they didn't say any thing I just hugged them. And god then turn right back around and I heard went back to work. Yeah. I. Know Andre story ever so I. And all the airport. And just like oh how little. Oh we can you woke up the next morning in the airport sober. How long did it teach you a candidate. Eke out in front says what you had done. Well I immediately started drinking again. Cost call saw it well to be extreme that it wouldn't be able Ford just. Oh god oh god oh god oh god did you surgery and Oates when you've got your credit card bill and realize you purchase last minute it's like it's. Julie yeah. Not good are exactly what my friends are sir it did only because she is so worried. About what would come to mind at what point did you reach out to them and tell them where you were. Or whoever woke up I I had announced so terrible I denounced Pope called the so called seen her. Net and uses. Could be I would on a mission apparently solid pocket anybody until the mission was complete separate Hubert I. Know what those. Your ex husband when he saw you seeming to front door. You know I didn't see much. On just any guests and you know all. I hugged them. I think it would worried how did you have increased so Hewitt Blake in particular and I might object very obviously look ratchet. So. I think well test case you just won congratulations. Again hit the floor under gold medal. Yeah you could simply blown around it I'll call the prize is a boxer cleaner ratio. Alone while thank you gesture. 800 let me check and only just takes hey are you single Jessica right now many chance. Oh yeah most definitely light because street to explore their girlfriends. Okay and I'm your friend Kyle is he single JP GE Hillary is married. Learn so I just got a legal or not him. Time now stay away smallness. Sarah I'm Jack he's the worst matchmaker FR I am I yeah. We need your phone calls. Horrible for. 26309. For a line the goal is to beat them wondering sorry yeah. Your phone calls and drag it. And she I'll star. I'm fired. It's every friend group says that Johnny or that girl who wanders away. Yes Baghdad and Al for a okay is this year where are you calling out somebody. Then I'm calling from my employer my boyfriend can use it to see runner. Okay so we actually went the battery for the fight. For that big high Def and I haven't been walking to send a contract. We walk over and can't wait. Not quite back into my apartment here and across the ticker. So we all agree it possible to write my friend left. Because of the pressure and the lead in the budget and under what I cannot get by that walking towards an. And all the sudden you empowered to be found everybody's looking around I called him a hundred dead. He called all of a sudden and saying oh now I I didn't estate. Every economic and so I look at compliment and then I'm like whatever he wandered out to be OK I get caught by the end. That the motel six or else wrote it about eight miles away from us. You actually wanted a little part. He was just looking for a place that left a lay and forum. I don't. Can barely keep charger and I guess he and several racks and drums that they've had now. One of those toddler leases on in the. Related GPS color so I then Zagat. Randy from Sandy Springs welcome to the show. Hey are you don't wind her or are you calling out someone else. I am no longer. I hate. And Saturday I walk around it means they can only do what perimeter mall I've tried. Lots. It's. Are you series San. It is that's as serious high girlfriend you watch the sunrise. What's the mobile OK. Well what was happening in for him Ramallah and permanent always. When they Sam Macy's when they sound. My agent boyfriend ex girlfriend her apartment right around Blair. CU I sent. Outside of an admission line. You can't blink was trying to put toward certain eating. Bermuda mentality any actual impact. He had. You know and Time Warner and I can be a lot of people are it'll get there it is made it blew that he would lead and it that Cochran Powell. Why did you law yeah I'm not maneuver around a list there are other I'm trying young girls you know he seemed until lessen the I get about close. I I would drinking a little you know my friend what about late here creed you don't do it. And there was asked what he had. Look where Carol apparently played some truly moved in 088. John can see I thought he would somehow it again you hardly know that I was definitely there. How he could Siena or something so okay so you chose to walk my tie. How long did it take you. Are made to her two little. Peek at 6 PM who apparently a lot. Call the right that's eleven miles. I didn't see Jane did you stop anywhere along that they get any point during that I have hours re like let me. So I'll just run in this parade here and run through what I'm doing well you pass has taken shape right. It's equally and any efforts come online. I got a bit of McDonnell and then a little bit after that I can't get ER. Arquette and bar bottle or worrying if they can't tell what you know and he's trying to walk. Mean well I don't care what happened along the way I want to know and have him down there and visit us. Who is seeking. Well and I kept very actively to learn and she injured me actually quite bring jobs and an iron. Eagle is. Yeah. I am sorry but what do you do radar was very. Now. The only problem I like Kathleen Aaron Sele couldn't eat in the plane and come collar types and I thank. What I wanted to be like you know Colin bird so I got somebody you know I think gentlemen Q Colin to perform each and key element. And we happened to me back home. But like you'd see you just did you buy what happened at the door every light. You're here that's not a lot from midtown and then you left. Yeah I said hey you know. I need your network I need there. And like busted by about a lot how do you study how do you feel today Harrier feet how is I have so many questions here. Oh here feed deal how they look. My brother of sorts you know keep an idea I was wearing calendars so little in Elena animal market. Legs and he didn't like it should probably Belgrade got you know a mile or two you know. Let our foot boat four or five. So you walked eleven miles and frustration builds an anger builds and you know you're mad a bus in dude you opened the door you bust in an all your life is. I had New York now weren't you in my throat punching in sorrow keynesian Hank. You didn't really matter everybody systematic I was. I say OK let me tell you ask you heard me tell you understand yeah while it is still there and I think. Can't talk him did he try to chase you down have you spoken to him since then. Target immediately the capacity to attack me you can click on my car. We're trying to attack call yeah I get I. Completely blow mock like I had got seriously CD and went by I had I didn't. There's nothing. I look at drunk logic is what is the best about this say I don't wanna get in Hoover because he might be able to see that I'm coming right that's number one and then that number two when you start locking your life it's basically the peachtree road race plus a couple miles. And there's a McDonald's on the whenever I'm yeah. You went converse this is episode where I and you can't sound and McDonald's and the teacher Andre says it's almost like Ichiro raced Thomas and you sadly yeah it's again a bottle line. He has that injury flawlessly and my reaction limp sit down until or item in a full Massey and all all that mess yeah they are not Humana. Know it's tough I'm active. Glad acted out there are. Do you are you girlfriends mad that you for your friends as your friend group Matty you've heard his disappearing in music midtown your own guy isn't any fun. I knew and done what he. Did you word play we're a bit too easy. But then they came back and durable arm trapped by the Lockett. And then Bruno Mars came on and there are ipads. And I YOK well thank you Randy you win you want. You win. I think she actually beats the slightest Florida's. We should give her a medal is like peachtree. A huge favor raise teacher that they are now. Look around where that. When many. Thanks for being not it's. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.