All The Feels: with Zeph and #RecessForAll

Friday, January 26th

This incredible 4th Grader is fighting to make recess accessible to all, but he needs your help!

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And young star. For. You're about to be a nine year old who has so much kindness he's gonna make you check yourself. About all my guys this kid is incredible he isn't about to give you asked. All the Orioles com. Did show don't. I'm reading face broke out last week I think it was and I handful of messages. All came in the same 48 hour period talking about this fourth grade C in this nine year old. Who goes to elementary school out in little burns. His name is disaster. Ever since. And he is changing his school for the better and all the adults and a slave for brag about them. He's such a cool kid with so much kindness and his heart and looking out for some of his friends because he recognized there was a problem yeah he's got a few friends who. Whose bodies were differently than his says and they have to use a different gadgets to get around the wheelchairs. And the problem is that the pine straw are now at the pressure them the Mubarak in the mulch. That they put on the playground under the playground equipment to keep people safe in hats off to gives you follow whatever. Is not really wheelchair friendly. And two wheelchairs or sink down into say it and there's also bomb a the allege all around the playground which prevents people. Who's. Legs but might now work greater vision might now be great. From maneuvering into the playground. And he's like Danny O'Brien eight. Why. I Y I I want my friends to be able to come on the playground and play with me but they can't in this and the way that the playground is set up right now so he sits down. And it waited. Album his mom and a couple other grown ups he writes a letter. I sued the principal. Of his school. Asks for an appointment and goes in and delivers it to her here's a little bit of the letter that zephyr wrote all by himself. And all the aid it is a yes the ground of solid proof read it in a make sewer just Andre and Trammell is get this is right that took and his principles office. This is all he's not ice it ice and scored all is tying and game back I didn't eat it to be loans. He says is in prying eyes at me tons of physical as to teach and Sarah and that we can have my hands look. Eight days so why in China and all weary UK and it's a little. I mean weary and they did and now I mean old friends. I have Langer Ian belongings and finding new friends. Is Sarah sat and air standards here. There and the outer banks here and issue in which is every. Says that takes that letter into his principles process and she says. You're right Jeff let's do something about it and they actually turn it into a big time fund raiser right. And it yet they they took a fund raiser at the school does every year and may earmarked all the money for a new playground. Now it's a big undertaking I mean we're talking this is a six figure investment and they've had a lot of luck so far. But they do need more help and we're gonna share of the links. On our web site in honor social media so if you got a few extra box and you and help out. Little nine year old staff make things accessible for all of his friends and everybody. Who goes to Arcadia elementary then it. He you can buy it we just wanted to have him in and talk to a man honor him because he's such a great kid. And so we're talking German studio and I had asked him with so what are your friends think about this big idea you started. No idea that island is when the high eight oldies I angle. Any time and this young I had eight or better. Relay and at any negatives and now know. I think. People maps out of me on and then once they found out that you were behind it what a difference say that. The things. He's young kid daily gas isn't. A well written letter and it carefully thought out plan are you a run for president someday yeah. I don't now again how cells related thoughtful about his friends. And so this. Started going a little bit viral just getting messages about it learn about zest and somebody else it's important in the state of Georgia learned about zest. Yeah we asked him if he's going to be president Sunday any yours well maybe in any whips out of his backpack. This framed a letter that he received from the governor. Of Georgia. Ears is fast is my great YouTube Canadian. Lawyer hashed and niece Jessica on each end at 8 AM. An entry. Eight and and that LA ADT your principal. And I handling care aides I think that Alice and you damper a year it's an inferior asked me. Even half cents. Young old ideals yelling and he's got on the ice at will be a light you land is due out this old. Stand debt and I increase eight era and X two is eat. And this is me and her on your ass. And even got your school is an elite has a new kinds. SM blocked he hash tag me. Yes and and we asked around and loan and and night race EU wealth is Iraq and at every year. I and carriage ET pins in me to share a year. Eat. And our news lights in here yeah yeah yeah. Wow that is incredible ball. And I know it makes you roms so proud that you really are such an incredible example for others that kindness matters. And looking out for others that aren't you know just looking out for somebody else assign yourself as really really important and I think you learn Allison very young and are able to teach others that. Look I'm just gonna put this out here. Governor deal is done this year. So there is an opening for a governor hey little urge ands. Mean you could start a Jimmy Carter did it president Jimmy Carter was originally governor of Georgia I don't know if there's an age limit but I think this state is ready for a ten year old governor. I mean you can't vote for yourself by. He anger and they Canada no because I'm not only. The rapid aids and thanks for coming in that it's been an pleasure and an honor to meet you. The only Jenn hobby crying yep I'm here are crying and he would issue I just think it's really really sweet and I know. I'm looking over here across the ramming your mom and I know she is so so proud of you a good job mom didn't come. So don't yeah. If you wanna help out zap we've got that links all over the place. Ashtanga recess for all he would do is want to make sure the playground that he has is accessible to every one of his friends even the winds. Then might I have to get around differently than he did so go check at a story. I'm line in yankees after coming in being a part of the caffeine can champ. And even got a law against check ourselves and did something kind of picked ahead it. All local share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.