All the Feels: Shelly is Inspirational

Wednesday, May 25th


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Or one. I don't even know how to adequately. Introduce. Shelly the way Jan and I discovered hers is pretty cool she is on incidentally is and instead Graham she's on Amsterdam as C shell post. And she has. Interacted with Jan and I both separately. And one day a couple months ago we were having a conversation with each other Jen and Tyler. And and those errors this amazing woman on my social media that I want you to know about. And we like you've got to meet Shelley on its grams she's C shell posts she goes most raw. Story of her. Journey to get healthy of her journey to lose weight she posts before and after pictures and the things that she writes along with her posts will inspire you. No matter where you are in your life. And I knew who she lots and I wish I already know and when you brought that happens in in it was this same person and us. This is not about a weight loss journey these words that she is. About that we spent 35 minutes talking to her but we're gonna talk to her again by. We've we've. Taken highlights of this conversation we have them for you. This is not about weight loss journey and this is about claiming your life views on Oprah right now who mine. She sounds like Oprah she's so I can't. I've been getting a new guy and I mean. Shelly is so inspiring well what she is doing in her life takes such dedication and hard every day. And then on top of that to be vulnerable enough to share her story she Sheridan pictures. It it will inspire you and certainly changed the course of your day if not if not more than impact you more. Let's get rate and her words is because you don't hear us on Q and hear her talk so odd that question number one that we asked her obviously is. I was starting weight her starting weight was 374. Point four Pam and she is lost to date about ninety pounds she started last June. So the first question is it 374. Pounds. How do you even get started. On a journey to become healthy. I kind of sad a couple of months really sinking. A bow to. Being unhappy. And it finally clicked with me that I needed to do something many users take action if I'm not happy then I need to. Find what it is that makes me happy. We you're saying you're thinking about being unhappy does that mean you were in an especially unhappy times he were just sitting around being happy or. You know there are aspects of my life that I was very very happy last. My friends my family. There are things that we're going really really well for me but there are also sings. That I cells and I was getting in my own way I was a problem. My fear of failure was keeping me from really going out and doing what it was that I wanted to ditto. And my weight. Kind of was it shields to that you know I can't do that and today or are I can't do that that's not within my capabilities. I decided that. Can't and won't wasn't going to be in my vocabulary anymore I may not be able to do it now. But I will be able to do it if I decide that I am going to and that really was to slash. And you can make a change in your hand just like Schilling and you can make that decision. But how do you get out of your head and start moving your Roddy. Sometimes we can be really really hard on ourselves weekend. Expect. The moon and the stars right away. Jen you talked about wanting to start running room that's like going in saying I'm gonna around a five K next Saturday it just doesn't happen that way and I think realistic expectations. Really help. In the in the journey. In taking it in chunks you know Jaffe talked about keep moving forward and don't set the big goals set to small goals don't look at. Every thing you have to lose or everything you have to do take it and he says you know at the beginning in my journey I had 241. Pounds to lose I had. Two cheerleaders to lose track and. Elite would be. That should be completely overwhelming one of the things that I dead yeah always sir when losing one cheerleader he's yeah I don't exactly. Happened. So if you look at that it's it's completely overwhelming that if you take it in chunks and you look at what do I wanna do this month. A look at your long range goals but also look at your short range goals. And see where you bar. The number one thing you need. According to Shelly the number one thing no matter what you feel like no matter what you look like is kindness and most importantly. Being kind to you. Self. One of the things that I really struggling yes and I have always struggled last is to speak kindly to myself and about myself. I am I is always had. They humor where I make to joke before somebody else can't brag and I have always. I haven't always been very nice to myself. And I would never speak to anybody else that way. And what I asked what I really work on now is if I wouldn't speak to anybody else that way I don't speak to myself that way either. And that's the huge yeah it it is how it is huge and huge signal way and you would see you would be absolutely amazed at how much it changes. Not just how it. How are you are and how you feel but how other people treat. And talk to you because they look to use it acute. They may look to you to tell them what's acceptable to you and what's not and if you don't speak kindly to yourself. And they want me there everybody has to have those run my. Leaders in your everyday life that keep you focused and keep you. Tied to your goal and Shelly told us that keep moving forward KMF. Just keep moving forward story. Helps her all along way which is simple I heard staff. On the radio talking about his triathlon. And I am I heard him talk about. That phrase and what it meant to him and how it translated into this life. And those words really resonated with me they neat they really spoke to me. At that time I wasn't ready. And that's the only way that I can say and I Brad wasn't ready but those words talk to me. I'm my birthdays and 2013. In the mail I got my keep moving forward sticker now really I dad. And that's really coincidence it was purely coincidental thousand. And I I mean I don't think you Wisconsin and life. I think it probably I mean very much happen for reason instead and that it's that bumper sticker has sat in my office. On my hand at me. Since that. All of my life I've been afraid to do anything that I'm not gonna attack I was good at school. The man I played every effort in that I was gonna my career IRA. I was the one in early and outlay and that's what I put my focus on. And what this journey as Tommy is it's okay not to be great it's something you gotta start somewhere and it's. Keep moving forward just. If it's not today if it's not tomorrow if it's not next week that's OK as long as you keep yourself in the journey. You're good to go out. Shelley. It has it started at 375. Pounds she's lost ninety pounds. So far that's who we're talking to right now she's. I'm instead Graham as the seed shall post if you wanna put a face to the voice the hearing and the Arabic she. Gave us so many great messages and we talked or and that's what we're doing we're sharing these these messages these highlights of the conversation and. What do you are touched an all my wishes to say definitely go follow her Alia because that the images along with her words will. Just make you feeling you you can do anything you want India in a lot of people say this but she applies it to the power of positive city and the fact. That attitude. Is everything. When I started that journey it it was in my mind completely. About weight loss and as I've gone through it it's really it's really transformed and it's changed and it's become more about what I've gained. Then what have lost and it is. This hugely important to me. Said V positive person I've seen what becoming a negative person and allowing. Myself to be in a negative place has dying to meet some my relationships. To. To my point of view. And I really focus on being a positive person and I also like to try to it to push myself to do. Seeing is that I've always thought that I couldn't do. I'm running is is one of the examples. If you had told me in June I'd be on a treadmill running at all. Mum I would have been completely shocked. Shelley also shared with us when we talk to either. About really putting that plan into place because you can have lofty dreams lofty goals that you got to take action and is doesn't just applied it to weight loss or fitness or how this is any everything. Anything and everything you wanna accomplish in your life you've got to have that plan of action here's. How Shelly doesn't I think one of the things that I've found is. This journey can translate to really any journey night today you wanna do everything's about goals. Plans an action. You know the only difference between a dream and a goal is that you decide. You can do it it becomes a goal. And if he decides he will do it it becomes a client and if you put action to that plan. You're headed towards. The end result and you're right that's any journey whether it's a weight loss journey or I want to start a business owner write a book or whatever is it's just. Making that decision when you and I thought it was really interesting when you guys in and interviewed. LA Reid yeah he's said some thing and it yet. Right in with that he said imagine yourself being great. Write down how to get there. Go out and do it. And he also said something that I think my journey has become about he said. He felt like happy might be more attractive. And successful. And really. My end goal now is to be strong. Healthy. And happy. That shelling. Amazing. I had goose bumps everywhere she's so good and she's so well spoken and and we're gonna put the entire conversation have we're gonna have to find a way to talk to him what were we we are gonna be content there has the next month or two because. When the Atlanta track club heard about Shelley they gave her an entry into the PG you're ready. And she's doing some training with them already said peachtree is going to be her very first. Ten K which was really nervous about signing up for. You could tell hesitation right away that she's doing it. And big thanks to our friends over at the zoo now because they hoped chilly up with a ton of work out here and and shoes that she's fully equipped. To take on the challenge of. Peachtree road race so we know that's kind of a departure from what we normally do on the championship but it was just so great that hopefully. It just reached and touched and maybe changed just one person. That's that would be that would be cool so thank you for allowing us to indulge our Shelley infatuation with you this morning. On the Jefferson County. Thanks for being regarded it as. Job sorry that people want.