All The Feels: The Kyle Pease Foundation

Wednesday, September 5th

These two Atlanta brothers are proving to us all that anyone can compete. 

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Nextel. Awesome human. Drama in the world are. Only good news stories that give you. The fairness doesn't stem cell. Two Brothers are local here as the here in Atlanta kiwi to tell you about their story. Let me introduce you to Kyle and Brent Pease they are the Brothers behind the Kyle peace foundation as a nonprofit. With a mission to improve the lives of the disabled through sports. So here's the deal copies has cerebral palsy and he was a huge fan of sports his entire life growing up but he couldn't participate in the way that he wanted CO. So that's and his brother Brent totally stepped in print and Kyle now trained together almost daily so they can compete and marathons. And triathlon together as a wheelchair assisted dew days they've been racing together for awhile this they created decal Kyle peace foundation. So that they can bring the experience of inclusion. To families of other disabled athletes and here is Kyle on the original vision. My original diesel. Harder the fact they keep image everybody there tutored under eighteen I went and out and not at all we take a look. She's used to iron. And Kyle on grant recently just got some really exciting news that they've wanted to hear for years they were selected to compete this fall. At the Iron Man world championship in Hawaii. Now and that's so amazing. You and I understand what what these guys do what the race looks like his trap line is swim by ground. So when mayors swimming. Odd Kyle is in a raft that his brother is hauling and when they aired by king Kyle is on the fight with this rather. And when they are running he's being called by his brother. So it is and of remarkable. Remarkable thing to witness these guys have been friends of mine for a long time if you follow a man who's who's wanna file management walking with KP. Awesome well they're gonna go up against 2400. Of the world's toughest athletes in this race. It's can take place on October 13 so we had the entire city of Atlanta is going to be cheering for them to learn more about their story and to support their foundation it's Kyle p.s. Foundation dot org. The heels story we need to know about. Tell us and we can keep spreading good news darn 81 Atlanta.