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Friday, August 31st


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Let's come. The world are only good news stories do you. Fairness doesn't stem cells Kelly she's found is good news story for you today because she loves old people as any organ alone says so there's a nonprofit health being lifted the spirits of lonely seniors is that you vote widowed dad grandparents. And you definitely know they spend a lot of time alone or if you live in a neighborhood. With so many elderly on the street who's it by themselves. It definitely needed to elicit an so seniors and people living lunches don't give a lot of visitors and a personal phone call. Can make all of the difference in the world so for more than two decades and decades. As good time aid nonprofit organization. Serving as seniors for over fifty years. Has our reach out to our hometown colors via its telephone our reinsurance program. So they check up on our health and volunteers who called and don't just do it to say. Hey be taken medicine today how are you feeling but also socialized just simply ask. How is your day going what are you doing you know like I did you know this is going on so that there are aware of what's going on in their community. And they feel like someone cares. So older people who are lonely if he didn't know are more likely to develop dementia. Than their more socially connected peers so that also keeps the mental health game on point. So Ben has the senior benefits from the program said. I am forever grateful that someone is calling me every day and checking on me and lifts my spirits to know that someone cares. And another caller said it's a lifesaver for them every single day so you have that elderly. Person is alone arcing on your street just those they hated them and makes all the difference in the world and if you wanna know more or balance here for the program. It's called ask a Timex ES KATO. And we'll put out on on our social media at jet engine show. The heels story we need to know about Santa tell us and we can keep spreading the good. Don and 81 Atlanta on. That doesn't send Sally.