All the Feels - June 8, 2016

Wednesday, June 8th


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Feels how million. To show don't. It's easy to find it. Negative news too easy to find the bad stuff in the world. But good news is a little more elusive sometimes you gotta find. For the good news and we. Every single week try to find those period news stories and we call the segment all the fields. It's new stories that make you feel Fuzzy inside and the best. Summertime all the feels story of all time that you asked and that he holds that's. Summer season all the feel sorry ready for this rank and dining scary in North Dakota was asleep in his apartment last week. You outside caught fire apparently. A neighbor of cigarette burning that's a certify. To marry. Is disabled. He uses an oxygen tank and there was a propane tank on the those are two types of tanks you don't want around a fire. But luckily. Here's re all of the organic five elementary school kids who just started there's. Breaks all the fire while they were outside. Whit Ayers who burst. And one of the rain to get help the other inserted. Banging on theories dork. And three of them started fighting the fire with their water and actually about the fired before the fire department. Chair Pete can you. And. A little nervous at first they saw fire. And we came over hair black smoke as security and there's lakes purchased a falling down. That does it they got into the side and got into the decking. We're words. Probably minutes away from having them a real real serious fire I would say Richard and older than. Superheroes they're so. Paris that's I mean he's. Now it is throwing the pizza party this summer to say thanks and getting a tour of the fire station. Now this next story and this is a good story okay. But I got a problem. Because there's been an abundance of stories about old people. Doing really amazing physical feats 20 yeah didn't we sees me and my hundred meter ash recently. Since world right a hundred years old in the ring and let the forty yard dash and beat the world record something yes. Which is not a difficult world record because I imagine there's only six. Our generals around I don't remember the houses but I just know this old. Physical fitness healthier than enemies again. Like this woman and it's done have been. Who is 99. Years old he turns a hundred in October. And she set three national records in her age group and a swimming competition. At UG. They think she's 99 years old. Unbelievable she swam in the 200 meter freestyle event. She swam in the fifty meter freestyle. And she swam the 100 meter freestyle incredible. Last year do you go Graham you go and she really great drama. Our great great drama at this point. She says if I got older I looked around and thought. Older people swim and then I started swimming again she started swimming competitively in her. Eighties. Off dad lesser you go anti man. Hey Jennifer Weiner even all the feel story for us. I you have a great out of the way pre guys this year. How about that they would say about me you weren't happy art house where it's exciting it. A guide them but the street from Latin actually made deliberate act of pocket and pulled up well let you have yard average and think right now. Order and bored yeah. Guys and you know even then there but the art of Cape Town he lives separate IP I can't operate. You know and I mean people in that by Larry I think that you are now like now. Don't. Have been an advocate you know if they can't of candidate like that in that yeah definitely not you know. Yet he hasn't been an end of the spectrum you and that way or later he pulled back. Atlanta where it be Mexican partners. It's called delivery like he let me at a customer. You know like ordered you know art separate piece that you can operate. And I thought like yeah. And let. Me retard it and it was a fleet bank. Yes we've ever recalled now was even on duty was he like deliver a pizza outside you yards. Not even on dating. You're not even dating. The pop and John's in winder. The pocket warrant and were there and using his Knick team. It or it mic hole. I hope you let him negotiate this paper backed down from fifty cent to a quarter at the back. There. Thank you on the cards well thank you for being part of all the fields and a thank you ever say yeah. Yeah. Millions. Did show don't you. If you wanna be apart of all the fields are you did you shoot us an email send us your story. You can send it to Jeff. Or Jane. At stars and you for a line and it dot com that we do it every single Wednesday morning on the champions and then Jeff. She now. Or one.