All the Feels - June 29, 2016

Wednesday, June 29th


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You can show star in 941. Yeah show don't. Heartwarming stories they give me all the fields either the good news stories that are hard to find it much more fun here and this guy in New Jersey. Is just incredible he as a workout buff gym rat pack right we'll think it is that he is because he was working out early in the morning he's thirty years isn't. Working out at a gym in New Jersey and after his workout in the morning. He heard someone yelled at carnage is driven into the river across the street turns out. A woman had jumped her. Landed in about ten feet of water in her SUV was thinking she was unconscious and G day. Local heroes took it upon himself. To get to the other side bridge to get closer to her he dove into the water and computer door open so that was the scariest part guys. No cops or firefighters for their help yet. He put his foot against decided suvs for leverage and he started pulling on the driver side door at our peak edit. And he finally managed to get it open. You know the fact that he was a workout I would probably helped with Apple's situation he picked up he carried her out of the water. And here and paramedics showed up right after that and she is actually OK here is JC and he just trying to I think. Her daughter message may have FaceBook. Said that she's okay Schumer the shoulder thing. Quite that important I think she's sort of monitor someone's daughter showing life but try to. How cool is he doesn't use. Word yeah yeah I actually get a pass January. I love old people. And there's an old person in Virginia she turned 100 years old last week and her late husband is a firefighter for thirty years. So we're gonna put these pictures out time line by it. Twenty firefighters showed to her house on Herbert they brought the fire trucks and all the late than this narrative that. Never in front of our house. Gotta have knocked on the door and the big round of applause and she came out everybody gave her bouquet of flowers. But they'll look at her face when she sees all of these strapping young fire fighter man they're just for error. Is priceless its whole purpose of this all the stories did you go on line and the picture geez. Now if you're a hundred very nervous when the actual action isn't on the right. Pint or content who call them I'm okay. I just. Hit it Sarah and Smyrna you have a quick all the fields forests. Aunt yeah my bet is today is my son they are he brings Philly and happiness. They're everywhere he goes it's better. That is essentially what's his name. Hey Kate and happy fifth birthday. It welcome you to listen example and this one is going to really give you all the feels a young girl with a prosthetic leg she's from Texas was just gifted it to all of perjury -- earnings M Bennett and she did you suspect anything unique about our president. As she read the card is she pulled them back the flap covering the dolls lower half. She's ten years old and she can hardly contain her south. Yeah yeah. That when you're right how. The dollar at a press that it right leg much like Hertz hum it is for the millions. Feels good millions. Did show dog that yeah. If you wanna be apart of all the steals in the future just send us this story. And the jets or Janet starring Colin Atlantic we will included. An upcoming all fields that. Didn't hear about that. I house. Are making this wedge to the Japanese yen shell. Apparently aren't.