All the Feels - July 6, 2016

Wednesday, July 6th


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You can show star in 941. Com is the million. Feels it billion. Did show don't. It's easy to find negative news it's a little more challenging to find good news stories that's what we do what we bring you. All the fields and we're gonna start. With a guy in Memphis Tennessee. Who is at a grocery store and a sixteen year okay came up to them instead. I'll carry bags of the car in Butte and have me up with a box of donuts simply gives the kid was hungry. He started talking on the guy his name's Matt started talking Medicaid and found out that the kid's mom is disabled. And was in a house to demand a ton of furniture. No food in the refrigerator. So Matt said to the kid Chauncey I'm about you bunch of groceries amity drive you home and churn out when he got home. Everything the kids said was true. They were sleeping on the floor there was nothing in the refrigerator and there's obviously something wrong. With mom the guy got talking to Chauncey. Found out he's a straight a student he's been busting his butt trying to find jobs that would allow him to take care of his mom but still put some money in the bank. And Matt was so inspired by a disk did. Who just wanted a box of doughnuts that he started to go find Jimmy Page forum. So far people donated over a quarter million dollars and that's amazing. He just that they could give kid anybody hungry and he looked like he'd been turned down a much times they just how far. These people went crazy everybody loves John. So some weeds at huge all the fields this is a cool story about a one in Pittsburgh her name is Julie Nixon she is married to her longtime boyfriend. And they were going to their hotel after the wedding reception when they heard somebody calling for help well it turned out. There was a woman lying on the bench who was in distress some sort of health problem. And were some people trying to help curb but nobody knew CPR while that's where Julie decided to step then. Where just about to go after the doors and we hear somebody screamed as anyone knows CPR as anybody at doctor. And I looked over and I think my nursing instincts just took over it I started compression straightaway they submission of false. She was mumbling finally and then she tried to get out and I just kind of like. Tell her hand and I mean really she's statehood and didn't get out because I didn't want her fall never thought about it happened in my wedding night. Yes you didn't think that should be doing CPR in her wedding gown that. After her wedding on her wedding night and she says she's really clash killing at one glass of champagne reception at Edison was able to jump in and save some on if. And our third all the feel sorry for today is with a special guest in studio who's turning a tragic month of may. In doing pretty inspiring. Month of July they had our friend Maxi. Guys are you that it did thanks for me so. You have sorrow old buddy Matt C yes. So we are doing this thing this Saturday. We're doing it for everybody it's little more personal for reform mean informants namely. May was kind of a rough month for me in my family within the space that few weeks. My father passed away. And then two weeks later my wife had second trimester ms. care it's I'm so it was it was a rough couple weeks. It was rough on us understandably. It is also really rough on my sign who is years world. Having to explain the concepts of loss and death and things like heaven and we're. Particularly rough on him and and and rough on buses will also. We are looking for a way to put it some positive that he back into the universe not just for just in general but but specifically for our family first and what's her name is thinks Cooper I can't yes and how do you find the words to talk about Alice Cooper had to be so hard. Beauty was really tough just because he would bring it Libya where. We've seen knew that he was going to have a baby sister he knew obviously about a gram parties so we didn't know when we told him that he wouldn't be having a baby sister anymore. If it would resonate rhythm and then one night when I was put an end to bed he he looked at me as. Hey dad I'm really angry god our tea products I know I mean Brit just rip your heart out. And so having that talk about the fact that it's OK to have feelings we are angry it's in like. Sort of process that sort of stuff and work through the zone we're racking up. Are racking our brains for awaits him to spin this into a positive. The one thing that I came up with that I thought he would understand it was. Was to be free which is because he understands the concept of which it's you know he understands about slowing economic and which. Thrown a coin and found him making a wish and so we decided did you three wishes this Saturday at the fountain at the Merida square near our house. So what will do is we'll just take a whole jar full of paintings in we're gonna give these pennies away. As people lock. To make the freeways. That's not so and so Michael Coopers and wages go up to I would say if you wanna make a way issues a penny for area only one which per person. From we're gonna give all the pennies now heads side up because that's lucky sign up and then tell people not to tell their wishes and because everybody knows general general wish dedicate SS general ritual if you to say it to someone than it as a country. Right you to keep it in your heart wreck that's beautiful. And I commend you and your wife for even coming up with this and even thinking of turning something. So typical and so tragic and so. Heavy on your heart into something positive effect that you all even think that way in your family at Coopers lucky kids have used him. Lou we are gonna say. Probably 300 pennies you know and so. If none of the wishes come true we are out three bucks. You know that's it three dollars but if just one of those which is dumpster. That's amazing so if you're out and about in Marion square. Look for Matt and Cooper yeah what time are you gonna be there cern in 9 o'clock to 9 in the morning in the morning this Saturday Marietta square found that your. And that is. All the fields. If you got that you gonna contribute rights issues and email and Ort Jeff acts on 9401 Atlantis docked into the from him and you can be a part of all the fields next week. Itself. Star in 94 blind.