All the Feels - July 20, 2016

Wednesday, July 20th


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Engine shop its star Eddie follow our com news for the million. You've come a million. Did show don't. I teenager from Conyers named Fred get Bartley biked the six hours that's fifty miles of Crocs are great state of Georgia. In order to register for college at Gordon College he hit the road on his little brother's bicycle. Had two gallons of water within two duffel bags full of his belongings and attendance. Because by the time he got their register for college gives them to garden tonight and it's apple campus police found him. And they said hold on a second what is going here something's wrong he told them this homeless and hungry that he was registering as a biology major. And about to start his second semester of college. Some people found out about it. And his co fund meek has now raised a 184000. Dollars to help him out. And to pay his tuition for college and here is Fred. Overwhelmed. With gratitude. Just from the outpouring of love. Of just total strangers. Trying to help him personally it's you guys thank you so much for our. You have done. I can't even begin. To come up half the lawyers explain how much it is. I all of this been so overwhelming and stuff. And this and totals out. Opponents say guys that the money that you guys listen to me like it's pain areas. Problems that I needed immediately that this is gonna go away. To save ends I 'cause I aspire to be Amex close may use it. And I get out hopefully. I'm gonna keep you got posted on my grades and stuff every semester game series owns a that. That you've done for me is not gonna waste. And even if our stop today you've got a promise you've done enough. And now wanna make you guys are out. Of whom they had graduate Ali Al there from like labor to the idea. Cows yeah and what a lesson if you wait it out today and in the today you know there's so much world I can't get through it. He can figure out away by nabbed the most comfortable and happy the most practical. Might seem a little overbearing. But you could probably find a way even if it means you by the earthquake in and thrown gallons of water and writing. 1550. Miles it's the local pizza place there given jobs are in place to live he's got tuition covered and he's got to. And people are absent him and underneath what that could that the elected. Well it feels like it I guess this dude took 49 years to happen. But there's a guy named Charles kettles. He's lieutenant colonel Charles. Kennels which if there's an idea colonel you beat us on the colonel's name in adults in May 1967. In Vietnam ever a group of paratroopers. 44. Of them who were trapped by north Vietnamese troops. And kettles was the lead pilot of six helicopter crews. It winning and rescued all of them truly believing in the phrase no man left behind with this story is how the cabin crew reached this soldiers around 9 AM on the day that he did the rescue. And meet two trips before news helicopter it was you were apparently damaged by gunfire so the fuel tank was punctured the campfire a couple of net gas rate he found another helicopter. And completed a third trip and found out there are still eight soldiers. It means it needed to come out so he did 84 trip he had no other helicopters supporting him at this time. No other helicopters dropped fire away. And he was flying so fast. On his dissent he bounced along the ground before. Coming to rest. And he started bombing his helicopter. Remaining eight Ohio the game and he spoke off. He is over 600 pound you season about over his weight limit but he got everyone out and eat at the congressional medal of honor. From president Barack Obama 49 years after that. All fields sure I'm not one Ari this is a great 12 at Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan. Is using Pokemon go. As a way to get kids up and around and moving about the hospital and socializing more. They've got several different pokey stops inside the hospital says the kids don't have to go outside if you know they need to be close to their nurses or doctors or hospital room for whatever reason. The Pokemon go is getting all of them to get together. And make friends and walk around and get the accident you know the little bit of exercise that they need to start feeling better so. It's a good game. I'm a bunch of people or outside a target in Louisiana the other day waiting for it to snobbery and and a guy grabbed an umbrella and walked each of them through the party and this doesn't sound like it's that big deal until somebody films it. And it ends up going. There was no rhyme or reason for doing it was just hey people need help. I didn't expect somebody to. Show it give any kind of recognition or anything like that I just did what I always do. Doesn't matter who you are doesn't matter what you do doesn't matter here the words personal world. Well of course person or. So my Intel helped. Com is the million. You come Italian. Club. Oh. And that is all that feels if you have something you'd think you'd be a part of on the field. Where you're doing something. It is great and you want to talk about it. If it happens in many different ways to. Yes sir and one Atlantic dot com you can find all of us. And we will be glad you include you in an upcoming edition all the fields on the one. Jessie.