All the Feels - Jaquie Goncher

Thursday, August 18th


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Com is brilliant. It feels how many millions. Did show don't. All the feels as where we scour the Internet and find just kidneys stories are stories that make you feel good. The negative news is easy to find the apartment complexes on fire in the shootings and that and the teachers doing those things that stuff. It's easy to find that sometimes try to really really great stories as more difficult we do the hardware Korea try to bring in TCU's. Waited a little bit of a betterment. Yeah LeBron James is do enough forest he has sent 5000 kids with their families to see their plan is and part witches and nastiness in Ohio. And a lot of it is to encourage kids to focus on education because LeBron has this. I promise initiative which offers a free college education after high school. Obviously per their grades. So that's really really cool that he does and I love seeing athletes senate Clinton and helping kids out. A woman named Jackie married a man named and heed this happened. In Atlanta had back in the spring. Eyes and it's such a small world our producer David actually knew Jackie how well when Jackie was seventeen years old she dove into assuming swimming pool. I'm hit her head in her neck and she was paralyzed from the neck down she actually thought she was gonna die. Because she was floating face and the water and was paralyzed. Doctors told her mom that the chances of her daughter walking and where are so. Small. If they couldn't even put a number on the issue went from being a physically active athletic ice cooler. Who played softball in being completely wheelchair bound and Jackie talk to us yesterday we had a chance to ask her. What happens. Dwayne the doctors. And her on her mom really the information that she's very likely going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of life. I remember looking at my mom and acting very good and I can be at a wheelchair forever and she looked at me and actually cartilage it while you're gonna walk. And I think that we might say kinda clicked and and I away. I was just very determined and disbelieving that I was gonna completely healed me and I was gonna work my butt off to get there this. She had a lot of goals when she got when she knew what her wedding day was going to be and one of those. I the most simple of those who sees the stand at the altar. For this ceremony you know it she went so far and so above and beyond. It was amazing I down market the brand I would venture are gonna meet its hair later but I've made it in higher weight room and then not only back. I was able cute and pretty much my entire action I can't the entire night there were ranked at. My new husband anyway. I wouldn't shock we both Wear after a rowdy we were that's why can't I can't believe I read that entire time. So it was an amazing. We ended our conversation we Jackie by asking her for any advice that she can give you anybody. Facing a mountain. I'm or any sort of obstacle that's that's as big as what she was the only. Have faith and character beer it's going to be hard edge. You're gonna wanna quit and it's okay is Bonnie you get back out even a thought let's say you can't do something to keep trying because there's always room for improvement. Enduring food girl like myself are food guy he got his hip check out. Atlanta's staple house they were named by bona Petit as America's best new restaurant that is on. Rheal that this is not a top ten list. This is not by day they're pretty good you should check out you can Atlanta this is best new restaurant in the country. And this is called today to make reservation for September day that because after they were named bona Petit actually spoke with their manager yesterday at. Series is like I mean all of the love that comes from now also. Brings on Anton our reservations and may. For a while or doing or you can do big group tasting so they're gonna kind of change it up a little bit and their their menu seasonal so everything you give is just so creative in some fresh into. Congratulations and the back story behind that rest and by the way it's it's all about giving back yum says if you don't hit. Notice stabilize this website will link up to it. I'm because that restaurant was was born out of a very tragic event and the purpose of that restaurant that restaurant exists to give back to the community. It operates in so to be named the best restaurant in the country. I'm top of it's dedication to it to service and providing for others it's really really really phenomenal. Com is the million. Feels how millions. It's. If you have something that you ever wanna add to all the fields does get it in our hands he can do abbey Mallard social media however it works best for you. And we will consider it for next week's. All the fields segment that Jesse James shell. Saw.