All The Feels: Dr. Olson and Reese's MaGIC fund Edition

Friday, March 17th

A very special guest joins the studio today, Baby Reese's Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Thomas Olson.

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Millions. Oh yeah. Didn't show don't. Even starts I can tell you right now this is going to be. My favorite moments. Ever. And my entire career. On the radio. Well at least for the next fifteen minutes because we've got pizza and grape jelly need as part of the real pregnancy cravings. Fast forward in the yes fifteen pun intended there won't be my favorite but right now is going to be asked. My favorite radio momma ever we are devoting it I'd today's all this feels. Do some people very very very important hinted Jenn hobby and we've got a studio full of people. And James has been grants is here in her cute daughters are hurled at our Lauren and her daughter Reese who you've heard so much about. From her cancer battle last year and we also have in studio are one very very special guest. Our special guest and CEO is that doctor Tom Olsen and do is the lead oncologist. For rhesus treatment and beating cancer. And if you listen to the show of cars between what was earned diagnosis they August. 13 August August 13 August 13 like through the end of last year I would always talk about the mad scientist who would come. Thinning aims to Reese has room when I would be up there visiting and and dispel a bunch of of knowledge that Jane in grant cubs or object. In any wood goes spinning off to secure or some other child. And that. Mad scientist is doctoral sense welcome to the city and after Olson thank you rushed out now the reason we're here really get to this and a few minutes is. Jan and her husband Graham made its. Their mission after. Our Reese started to get well. That if they were going to try to make it so that no other parent had to take the journey that they that they tell. We couldn't figure out a better way to say thank you event to start a fund to support doctor Olson and his resurgent everything he's doing to help. Other kids like Rick. And you do that wins wins Reese's magic funds. Which kicked off recently and we have a party. I'm Jane's birthday and learn as I'm in about my age and I say. They married in our goal is try to put 40000 dollars in the account but we're not talking about her age. You know I've been asked recently you know what your decision to a share Reese's story on the air. And I said there was never a decision there was no doubt in my mind that this family has done any flow wine and this. Community of listeners is gonna be a part of her journey because part of what we do on our show we share our lives every day and what we're going through and this is what we were going through so. Thank you all so much for a listening through and supporting NASA through the entire journey. It's you know it's been. Quite a year or so there was there was never any doubt that we were gonna go on this adventure to get. Doctor also what do you do is. Truly miraculous. What I wanna know is what. Goes through your mind when you meet a patient late Reese. When you see a patient with a with a cancerous especially young child. What goes through your mind is not just what you know. But what others have contributed you know in pediatric oncology we work as a team around the country around the world. And you can say. Types I have the data I've seen kids like this how do we get the best outcome. Let me think a little bit out of the box with a all the information I have so that's how I go before I go in the room I'm thinking ready. Where we go and what our options. I have that information I have the articles but this is an individual. So when I. My walking into on C Reese I still remember for many years ago a friend of mine from Germany who. Treated kids very similarly like giving chemotherapy first and then during the surgery. And I still remember our conversations and said this is a perfect patient now I'm ready to go in and meet the family and say. You know it is a problem has got cancer witnessed a long road but we do have a strategy and the strategy is not just mine. It's come down from a lot of people working together. On this topic. So did do is the enormity of what you do you. Ever fully set and I mean what I think of where Jane was and where Gramm what was that first week. After that the diagnosis and and the dead. The only way can they do describe it is like that seen in the wizard of Basra everything's fine in my outside the house you'd use eaves. That family you brought them out of there tornados and you don't do that just wanted wins and week you do that the easily. I think that's you know I think. It's all of us we all day and nurses the nurse practitioners that doctors all support each other. Because you don't see it but behind the scenes were all talking and where stressed. We don't feel good about having a child with cancer in a way you know we we won't we would rather be out of business no. And so before we even go win or after we come out with a family we kind of deconstruct what we've done and we try to support each other and go through it. Com we're kind of I think pediatric oncologist more than medical oncologists are funny are. We're. The medical college more serious we just joke around too much you know and it's to help us get through today. So our goal as we go into C family is not to show our fears but just to do the work and help support them because it's not just the kid not just medicine. Just supportive family it's really important. So we have the support each other to to do that job. You feel that you feel that energy that you all bring to the room and that the nurses bring to the rim and that everybody in the hospital brings to it. And I really do feel like positive energy helps you heal. So the mental is connected to the physical and and you guys are just. Is just amazingly good every. OK I netted just talk about that magic this because I think that is what really over the last 1015 years helps kids like race. And you know. Bath fifteen years ago we realize in red magic and aim at a fine to find a way that it is is malignant germ cell tumor. Collaborative. Now quote consortium because more people joined it to mr. wanna participate. But basically. We heard type I disease or other diseases we cured a lot of children in the nineties. But with a lot of side effects. It's a pretty it's it's a rare tumor in childhood did medical oncologist and young adults and they weren't conversing without nutrition. So we had to get a way to get people together right. And so we tried and in this we tried about 1516 years ago to get an international collaboration going. Jordan took a long time to get together we're. You're literally talking about specific cases and the general the the disease. With people all over the globe a political or somebody in Germany may have looked at recent scans. And give you those input on how to proceed to treatment. We ended pediatric oncologist not that big of the group and we work together this a real chance for us to work together. And find out some biology to really can improve survival without damaging people. That's how the consortium. Finally came together so it's putting all the most brilliant minds in the world. All in one around they can focus on their research they can study cases like Greece they can reduce the side effects like hearing loss we've talked about on the show. And reduces side effects of acumen their basic not only survive but then afterwards thrash. And the money every penny raised forward Chela. That is in Reese's name is earmarked for this magic find earth which. Will find these meetings and your hope is that enough money is raised in this first run to have the next meeting here in Atlanta. Because is suppose you read to where you cure a lot of people. Is 90% cured good enough I don't think so. He is not is 8095%. Good enough with all these side effects I don't think so there's much more to do. So everything that we do with this meeting. Goes in meeting that doesn't go out for for a bit frivolity. Well as very fancy what you do for a living to just say you know Janet nice spin a wheel every week. On this Wheeler different pregnancy cravings and then we have to eat them himself up up up up so we all have important jobs just. And do our job and I'm not nearly ended it I think. Don't know if my company and do your job. We get there we know we can spend it you know we play different. And so that seems like a good time. To show you what Channing granted on your behalf for your consortium congratulations. Hole. Yeah. Yeah. Ever it's pretty amazing and I had this. Well this is the way that we wanna launch and this is just the beginning and this is a lifetime casino. This isn't just a one time thing we want to support you. And support their families so that they can have the same good news that we've gotten from you and after German countries send. Throughout this whole experience so thank you thank you so much and Jeff guys and grant. Yet doctoral and I want to say thank you. It's like our. Aaron moments of greatest hope and our moments of my greatest despair there were like late nights and early mornings where you and your team would come and and down. I just can't say how much hope you give us and I think the hope you give other families up and down a floor. As want you to know that you are forever part of our family and and and those moments. As a father as a husband. And a as a wife a mother like when you walk in the door that we believed that that you can make free spatter and as point to know that on behalf of our family on behalf whatever their families who walked in the door and for you and your entire teams thank you on words can never expressed. How much we appreciate you. In our team and nurses and our practices. We love taking care patients who loved to see them we love being part bill lives. And it continues for a long time now. One of that racist friends on the Hollis Kyle and he renamed doctor Olson doctor awesome so awesome thank you doctor rob. Oh yeah and she did show don't even yeah. You know welcome to the Japanese and show Harry news. I am doing it says very unlike so much and are now hearing that because I am on March 8 I celebrated. Eighteen year could be cleared to free Cologne does help you with my doctor and the us had you know we'll start coma and they gave me less than embers that chance of survival and I got a doctor Olson and the team and there. I am surviving and writing today and I can't thank them enough on her. Incredible aligning congratulations. And Daven Europe fighter and a survivor and you know when we were going through everything with threes I loved hearing your story. So tell a lot this survivor's story this survivor series are so important and it's. Just gives so much hope to families going through this so Alina go visit. Children's healthcare of Atlanta goes seeds of folks I'm AFLAC cancer center floor early they need to see yield. You've got to. And also Elaine has spread the word. Because you can still donate you can go to Cho had that org slash Reese you have and all of that money goes directly to I'd doctor all same and doctor Durham that's the surging correct me if I'm girls and a doctored Herman and they're the ones organizing. These this consortium these these gatherings of world wide. Brilliant minds so that no other kid has to go through what Reese went through what it went I UN through so. 40000 dollars is a great first that. It's a great launch and definitely hands down my favorite moment on the radio ever Cho way dot org slash res if you wanna show your support. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.