All the Feels - August 11, 2016

Thursday, August 11th


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On pins for the millionth. You tell millions. Did show don't. This is our segment about the news stories and it starts at an all girls tee ball team and LA and their awesome coach name doing Ann Richards. He realized when he was coaching sworn five year old girls in T ball and they made a mistake he would say okay sweetie. Honey. Anything I talk to bully players like this so I gonna change the way that I talk to the girls how many used their names. And being urging just like I would be. If it were a boys' teams so it's completely changed around his philosophy. And think it's great story on how he talked girls vs boys and remembering. That's a agencies rates start at this time. You know Jenny then you step back up and do it again Madden sweetie honey. There's say all the feel sorry out of Texas a woman goes into great jewelry store. I'm the guy working there his name is no wire and while they are negotiating over a gold necklace. That she needs to sell. He just aren't asking her questions and she says about you really Assad has the gift from her mom but she desperately needed the money for the Q caves that she had in. So when they negotiated a price UN in is. Register to cash out Avery exactly what she asked for. For the necklace and and he gave her necklace acts two and say you can keep the cash. And keep the gift from your mom here is Nolan talking about when he did. It's like shoeless dad and there's a tune her eyes that Leonard tell me how much you want to fit to sell it and I guess I don't know exactly what the money she wants. Venting about it just. And grabbed the money and give it time if I had her number out color back and see if she need one more money she's more help I feel better doesn't know them better than them a lot of money. It doesn't matter losing large doesn't matter where you from. In the salary humanity everybody should do that. The S story went viral because a friend of now is posted footage as personal FaceBook page it's now racked up well over ten million views. And the owner Noah is a Syrian refugee and said this is his way of paying it forward. Because when he came to the United States people showed him kindness and generosity. And he wanted to do the same thing that stranger. Angel feels now feels now and you'll get from this went to a 69 year old woman in Dallas spent a year. On a waiting list for a new liver. The date that she was supposed to get fat liver transplant she gave up her spot to a stranger who needed him more at the other woman was 23. And would've died within a day. Had she not gotten the transplants at the older woman is Brenda you'll hear her talking about it first and the younger one is Abigail she comes out. In my heart I would welcome to lift clean home deliver. The fact that this little girl back and ask you had more plan. I would have been very selfish person. I think she say I. Wasn't traveling and he's sitting around hearing. I mean I guess that I only acting got very each and every day. Brenda also got a new liver a few days later and now they're both healthy home sales for the millions. Feels it billion. Show. If you run across a story that would work for all the fields please send it to its. You can reaches he has started before when Atlantic dot com email or you can find if I'm so from media were always looking. War on the field stories being included in. The jet engines Yahoo!. On starring Eddie for a one.