All the Feels

Friday, June 30th

This week's stories are out of this world, literally.

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Star in 941. Underestimate the kindness of strangers that's so we like to highlight here on the jet engine show this thing you tell us how many regular everyday life. To listen more try might need to listen to stories you may feel good about human beings day and that's so we dig up for every single week so we all find our own stories and bring into the table. Kelly sees which again. I have a question beyond his all federal only first say hi monument Littman knew her CPR him on that yes I had to be in the babysitters club oh really had to be babysitters and did it again when I had Lauren you become. So wow yeah that's Smart bag Israel won't think about Lauren being able to do. Are things quickly enough in recent war ever got a red choking or anything like that so all of her and Stanley are Brothers Oliver is. Five and his three year old brother Stanley started choking. On the commentary gambling was a meatball. That five year old Oliver was calm enough to think I I and Alex do look at a first aid training class that he has in kindergarten and I backed kept him calm he is able to actually GeMS worries not choking anymore and I'll let him as pawns they and cute. Okay can rule for Iran. And I'm back full term means something along welcomed her communion with. Any songs Phoenix. How concerned me as lighthouse to finish for the I policy in two years' time we'll keep telling what he's done book. Dated because I know could it be this complex indeed laughed. And he has a mom yet I think I using to and and 2.5 second lead them automatic finishes save them like this child is good to go left and child doing that by their little brother so Q says it now older brother can hold it over his head for ever. You can't have a toy I seems you're like yes I remember from. I'd say it's a mystery so I update on my story from last Friday for anyone that was listening I was talking about this community listener named Corey is albums Mary and I he called us saying. There is this twitch streaming. Charity going on for saint Jude's or Nelson basically a bunch of gamers are getting together. On the in anticipation of this awesome convention they're doing in Tampa but last year they started a a lie of charity. That lasted a week long C go on which exit to gain stream you watch other people play games is pretty cool. I come by you can donate to this streamers and it all goes to saint Jude's for this week coup last year they did it they raised over 300000 dollars. All in the individual. Like just people donating players donating so this year they're goal with a million and he called us back this morning. To tell us that they pick one point two million dollars. Yeah people there's no corporate sponsors its. Largest saint Jude's like single donation given in history it's. It's absolutely crazy it's a kind of going. And it's amazing one of the guys swift there he matched his donations so he was streaming so he said like in these hours frame. No matter how much you donate. Magic and this guy. Raised ten grand. Why I'm saying gained ten grand of his own money some. That's incredible and it's absolutely crazy it is is a couple of moderator is doing this whole thing began and they put it altogether and in. He isn't just great guys my head if your kids play games is much the billion dollars on why you wanted she goes do you wanna play an album. Snag is just was like last week guys say oh please money they why didn't. Donating their light Mountain Dew bottles the fifth Corey did and that's actually his leg yet you better like just know that. This about forty million Mountain Dew bottle. There is likely to raise that much money Jeff I don't know how long course Torre did the math yet the couple crazy now. And I'm proud of my community and I'm proud of money gamers they gave today and I'm proud of everyone who was apart of it so now I am really excited and we made some harmony for reasons master fund an idea now again you are yeah it's odd sound so cynical eye I go on for you guys can you know I'm before coming discern any Carolina I was working in country radio. So I got my love my country. Artists and Garth Brooks just announced that he is going to be doing the first ever concert at Mercedes-Benz. So tickets are are flying an off for that show already. And there's rumors that more frank and announce am and he does that when he comes sounds so I Soria for all the feels they saw that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. So there is this astronaut whose name is Jack Fisher he and doctor Peggy wit's end. M they decided that they were before their next launch date were listening to some music said Jack. Said that river was the very first song on his pre launch playlist. Back in April. While fast forward to this week and Garth Brooks and her sheer weight actually visited Nash's NASA's mission control in Houston yesterday. And they sing live for the two astronauts orbiting the Paris. Okay now. My. I'm at. The onus needs the time are going to space and here's the. And I'm thinking guards I think. You have so many great sons and so many great messages. But it's really hard they give great. Every performance in the soul that you put into all those songs then make them so on tactful and over eight. The river in particular. Always. Pretty much my hands and we'll. Almost three decades. As soon thank you for about my heart and love for being such an inspiration. To so many. They give those words count. Cool I'm. We love featuring your home feels so if you have a good news story seven you know in your community has a total hero and they need to be highlighted on the radio reach out to us. You can find a space attack dot com slash jet engines show and tell us your I. All the fields story thanks for making this wedge and adjusted just got one star now before want to.