All the Feels

Friday, June 16th

Good news stories that remind you of the inspiring and incredible things that happen in the world.

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I have a story that gave me all the feels I'm gonna spread the fields around. Are you gonna make us all go out and adopt pets this weekend with your story hats are the greatest jobs are the best. And I had an amazing story it actually happens you a friend of our friend gets laid out over the past seven days. Yeah wait to tell you about. I almost feel sorry this week why can't we do here at I. I I'm an issue with them you guys the one that I dug up and found it comes from Ontario Canada where there's a shelter there. It has a really cool program where they actually get in vans. And drive around the city to find people that are homeless that might need help and bring them into the shelters so. It's really an outreach program. This becomes so it's said. That they were thinking that they had decided to count so they were you know reach out people. And their whole list of people won't we might have to close because we just can't afford this anymore but in Ontario Canada as you can imagine people would freeze on the streets and they learn how they're doing this important work in their community. And so they're thinking that they might have to shut it down into the volunteers are sitting there one day and man walks and and he gives them 101000 dollars wow naral like oh my gosh. And then they realize it's a man who used to live there. While oh he got back on his feet because of the homeless shelter. And came back to make a donation to keep them alive full circle cold right at a news right now. There ain't that nice lines so Ivan all the bills. That actually our secretary Ashland Tommy about as a fund raiser that's happening next weekend I'm telling on now also that way. Anybody hear anybody listening wants to join you have time to do it it's called tunnel to towers in early like pulled in my heart strings because it's an organization that helps. Veterans after they come back from deployment. After circling with a severe injury in the have to kind of adapt to a new life and bill Smart homes for them so they can pull it around a little easier and then kind of adapt to that new life after deployment. I'm coming back here was really need is next week and NN Atlanta for the first time at the west in downtown. On Saturday June 24 and they're going to be doing stair climb. And all of the proceeds go to those found the donation tunnel to towers. I didn't know much about tunnel to towers they know how that started so I chatted with Chris Rogers who has a contractor here in Atlanta he and his wife. And he told me this really cool story of a firefighter does not just for veterans as for police officers firefighters anybody serving our country and protecting us. And he told me the firefighters are at Stephen seller. Too often tiller who has an active NYC firefighter in Brooklyn. And on the morning of 9/11 you just finished his shift. And yet got the call over the radio how about yeah on the planes in the north tower. I think you it was gonna be all hands on deck and he turns his truck around. Colton wife's challenge and I'm I'm going back to help them condone its need help with C down. Cleanup in the event and this and that includes six who lives. Determine carry and it dvd put on sixty years. Ran through the Brooklyn tunnel to the Twin Towers. Where you know conducted like that they Annan while saving others. So his brother frank after that have been he left his wife and five kids behind so frank originally just our fundraisers helped her and now let's turn in the tunnel to towers which is the common nationwide thing. And it's funny we had a right heaps of wearing full fireman here he runs through the Brooklyn tunnel and gets to the World Trade Center. Probably search climbing stairs in full. Firemen here. My covered in Celso humanity that that's next week in June 24 at the west and then downtown and I have to do is go to tunnel to towers dot org you can donate if you can't make it. Sign up if you can't it's going to be a really amazing event. Two stories that are hard to top but I'm gonna try home he Agnes happen to a friend of a friend of mine and it's just. It's just gonna make you feel good is it as he could to. Ending it's a happy ending story I can't so like a week ago this friend a friend walking her dog. Near grant park near the zoo people sound part of Atlanta. They both get hit by a car Ono she. Gives banged out you know and and and hurt. The dog house who got hit in his scared. And in all the chaos the dog takes off running. So they checked her out she's okay but the dogs missing ran into lakes and woods over behind some house's wars that were so fake. That a bunch of neighborhood boys at together to try to help refine underdog on. All they couldn't even get into the woods on. On this overgrown its you know underneath and stuff so for days she's been posting on FaceBook and jobs are awesome. Everybody who supports the jet engine show on social media I'd post it on my FaceBook page and you can't share that 300. I'd spread the word for this dog Reggie who went missing in the Graham part part of Atlanta. Eight days pass she Sarin you know bumps and bruises are healing. Dog still missing are still missing a reward does that. God still missing she wakes up. To hurt doorbell rang. And it's her neighbor saying. Look over there. The dog made its way back to her house on. All curled up on the corner of her porch and at 6:30 in the morning her neighbor saw that who. Ran across the street are banging on the door ringing the doorbell and the air unite huh. All my. Silly me he found is. This whole and. The only thing that I would like to be different about that story is I wish they neighbor. Rang the doorbell. And then last. Right as if they are might have regular. Those so Reggie is homework oh. Always looking for all the feels stories to share on the radio yeah finding some face spoke or financing stunt for one have. All learn and share that conversation. And continues league championship on FaceBook.