All the Feels

Friday, June 2nd

This week's feel-good stories span from celebrities to right here in Atlanta!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. They celebrity. All the fields story to kick things off today Brad Pitt is spending some quality time with Chris Cornell as children. In the wake cardinals' passing what a week or two ago. I have Brad Pitt coach Chris Cornell as children they were close friends of Fred and Chris weren't we're friends and so they chose. Our brand took Cornell as kids Tony who's twelve year old interest ruse eleven year old. How to for a day adds enemies and part time. Earlier this week I. I believe that and they did a play day and Universal Studios. Fans were posting pictures. Brad Pitt in the kids and social media throughout the day of for the most part people. Left them alone kernels funeral was a week ago at Los angeles' Hollywood forever cemetery. That was after he. Passed away following encountered infiltrate so Brad Pitt stepping up and being there for Chris criminals Hamlin right. Really really sweet love that story. And I had a great story coming out of Boston a rookie cop quietly did a really sweet thing for Stanley and no one really knew until I afterwards so opposite Leonardo. Tell me that's. He he saw a family sleeping in their car in a parking lot and instead of getting them in trouble or anything like that he called and a nearby hotel. And yes it's any rooms available and he paid for them to stay in that hotel overnight and you didn't even tell anyone so when the police. When the station found out they were really proud of and they are really excited that. A rookie cop could come like just graduated from police academy and did something for this instead of trying to get them in trouble or anything like that and this is from the mom and then you're gonna hear from lieutenant Paul Broderick as well. Honestly as I want to turn him in trouble for things he has to do next time we didn't feel as they're gonna say never trespassing. Our new office I took it upon himself to try to make arrangements because they had no place is saying there was little tour meeting may explain to the front desk and Minnesota's own hot tea yeah it's 890 dollars for the mistakes out. That was certainly is that and Jane you sure this story at Abbas and I have my dad. And you can't tell but they said now the police station it's gonna take it upon themselves to make sure that the Stanley gets help. In the future is also hopefully they get back on their feet thousand census so we so sweet kindness of strangers and here is a really cool graduation story. Right out of social circle. And it's all about McCain would examine Killen has been an NA will chair since she was three shoes and a car accident at that time and had a spinal cord continued to Janet I'm so she can no legs but she just can't feel below honey is so in high school she got really into playing. Wheelchair basketball. And she played at social circle high school. And when she went across the stage to accept her high school diploma she got one may be that would be the end of her wheelchair basketball career. But it's actually quite the contrary she's actually going to the University of Illinois. Where she will be playing wheelchair basketball at the collegiate level wow isn't that sell and so she is gonna continue to play the sport. That she says has kept her going. Since her accident. That happened over a decade ago so congratulations McKay luck and out will be cheering you on as he had to University of Illinois. We knew all the feels is so that you have some good vibes and some good energy. And we would love it if you shared any story you come crosswind that. Despite losing some. Dot com we wanna know what you are doing that is so good we love to highlight the kindness of strangers so other strangers especially. And in Georgia. Started that process in stone nine for wind and landed dot com. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one and.