All The Feels!

Friday, September 7th


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Mr. Gelman. Drama in the world are. Only good news stories do you feel the here on this doesn't stem cell. Kelly tees it gets a involving check I. Am you know old earth and I ran into. But this chick filet employee went above and beyond. Duties to save a regular customer mr. joke is an 84 year old a regular who loves his chick fillet. And I want of his stops here recently he walked end that hates everybody has usually does. And it to employees noticed as 84 year old mr. hill walked on to the parking lot. He collapsed on so these two employees are dog Mickey and Mallory who wins or not something you need to know an adult and he's only eighteen years old but he's a volunteer EMT. So I thought quick he ran this car he grabbed his EMT bag. And I rushed to help mr. joke. Fifteen uses. Like all different types of stuff that he's got America to help them get back upping it back to normal and now mr. Joseph is recovering. And Fred if eighteen year old Dalton and his quick thinking and is EMC's skills that he's learned being a volunteer. To saving his ally so fairly adult mast. Home for comment on that and I asked myself these that I was my pleasure. There's all the feels sorry today thanks for making this wedge in the chest congestion. One start in 941 and.