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Friday, August 10th

Check out these stories that are giving us all the feels! 

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There's no. I'm from humans doing. And oral. Only good news stories again you know. Fairness doesn't just how Jenn hobby get a surge of money out for some good energy giving you. On the feels today Fareed have you seen those nail salons inside a Wal-Mart. You know it's on them to get out that are inside a well last Thursday one of the salon workers so that they could not do a woman snails. Because she has cerebral palsy the woman's name is Angela Peters and her hands tend to show a little bit because of her CP and they basically said it's impossible to do your nails because you're shaking and they turned her away. Well Wal-Mart worker named Anthony Harris saw the whole exchange go down and she was like you know after she watched Angela get turned down she stepped in and said. Your nails for you they went together and picked up color and then Anthony's skipped her break at work to sit down at. With her and I'm now a photo of her do Ernie Els is making the rounds on social media and ebony had this to say. She moved their hands a little main issues that same seamless Irene and I tell they're now safe and I tell her she's a blessed thing center. Any matches me. This is a big deal or nails turned out great the two of them had great conversation while it happened and ebony says they're already planning to go out to dinner together sings and that's awesome people are dead hey it. That's good news this morning Johnson bills that Shays. Elliott grabbed his very very first. Monster energy NASCAR cup series victory. Last weekend at Watkins Glen in New York he was. He won his first race. He was making his way around the final lap that victory lap after winning headed to victory circle when he ran out of gas. Wamp long. Go home. But a nether NASCAR driver a guy named Jimmy Johnson who is a seven time champion. I helped to push him to the finish line so that he can get into victory circle. And celebrates. That's so easily I just competing against each other couple minutes before that right and then he had Jimmie Johnson pushed him into the into the winner's circles even though there. Hard hard hard competitors. They're also our great friends. At chase Elliott said. Jimmy throw my heroes for alarm on time and lean down a lot over the offseason. And I was lean on him but it certainly. Throughout this past offseason. I I've gotten much closer to him he's in such a big supporter in this is the coolest things that could've happened so thank you very much cynical. I'd Chase Utley came on to DOS you know the other vein if you follow him on Twitter you saw all the pictures. Of the crowds gathered at the airport around his private plane that landed off so that all of his hometown Franzen is as supporters from Dawson noted. Give my high five and gradually chase Sally app and Asbury first NASCAR cup series victory can gradually. And chase is Jane hobbies turn to put some big energy in the universe we have all the fields yes this planet is about a woman named Tammy aggression our team has cystic fibrosis and back and twice sixteen. The doctors told her she needed a heart and lung transplant or else her life was on the line so. They came up with this really awesome idea. It's called a domino transplant. Because for whatever reason with Amy's condition her heart had shifted in her body so she needed a heart transplant but the heart itself was actually really good. So Tammy was able to receive aid donor. Heart and lungs from somebody who had passed away. And then she actually donated to her heart is solid domino surgery because they put them all it in the same room and all the doctors worked on everybody at the same time. So you're hard if you're alive you're living breathing human being yes your heart that you're born with it then other humans body yea exactly her party candies heart went to a woman named Linda car. On who lives in northern California the surgery went great and they actually got to meet about six weeks later after the surgery and they are still friends so in town. And Linda hang out to Amy's actually listening to her heart beat inside of Linda's body we're. And Linda is so grateful for as well she says she's reminded every day this is her after reaching the top of a mountain. I got to the top and I thought if I TM meal break while her heart enabled me. To do back. And Linda is gonna be competing and biking at basketball and other sports and the transplant games this week and Salt Lake City games feign an awesome so so awesome that tell all the feels. You're good by using your gig is candy today courtesy. I'm Jenn hobby into a urban down to Orange Beach Alabama and we had our all the government now there's on the coast like so they feel Wesson Destin and all that 38 stuffy key bond go and then there's Orange Beach beautiful area right well that for this story takes place. With that newlyweds Zack and Cindy ever words they had just tied the knot. And were really excited about celebrating their wedding day and there on the beach just famine their photographer. Taking pictures. Well there were some red flags out that day warning swimmers not to get into the water the water was a little bit rough rough currents going on. Well that is away and a nearby swimmer started drowning somebody came over to them and said. There's somebody out there struggling and I think having a hard time getting back into shore what do we do well Zach Edwards they groom was a former lifeguard and member of the coast card so he stopped in the middle of his wedding day photo shoot. Juice swim into the rough currents and the water he successfully. Got the stranded swimmer. Back onto shore emergency crews helped you know deliver CPR and all these things and get that guy back to life. He's doing fine and Zach in the middle of his wedding day is truly a superhero on. And you think is right for a score of thirty they Jews I come I'm thinking is they took me about me well as you look Emmett said honey you have to go you have. I'll do the right and he's like yeah you gotta do what you wife tells you to do and when he came back to shore after saving the man the one pain he was concerned about is in the whole thing he got a bloody nose. And he was like tiny. Step away from me and your white trash. I don't have anything on it haters are Seubert. And that young man from Mississippi is actually doing fine you a little bit sort buddies back toward and actually started his first day of his senior year yesterday. A good round on yeah. Just tell us did you just some good news this morning. By love this one because it has to do we have a dog though. Hi Garrett found a dog in the greens teach in the mountains of Wyoming. You're on an annual family tragedy it was turn her dead. And while she was making her way up the 111000. Foot peak. They found an injured English Springer Spaniel and so was the top of my cell all by itself the owner drew. Nowhere to be found so she's through this fifteen pound animal. Around her neck and started hiding around to try to find somebody who would claim lump. Nobody was there so she carried the dog which she named boomer down the mountains. Now when they got to the bottom. They've found a lost dog flier had a family's phone number a picture of the dogs and they reunited. Boomer with his owners. But the owners and moving to Arizona. And couldn't take the dog with bad since he was about to be put up for adoption and gas dude Joseph jam ball she CA. He had sit headed toward lady amended dislocated joint in his leg but his leg is he a little doggie cast now totally feelings and the woman's name is Kia Vargas in she is now the proud owner. Well boomer who she literally. Carried out from around to save its life and. It feels story we need to know about. Tell us and we can keep spreading good news to our ladies I want to look now.