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Friday, June 1st

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It's too large truck. The jet engines show he's about to give you all the feel. Awesome yeah lens and an awesome things and we bring the good news stories for you because the world have enough drama. Well. Where a lot of drama are already is so let's highlight some good news right here in the AT Al song many kids. Are on assisted or free lunch in and around it when they're in school right because they've they get fed at school every day one group of volunteers. Works really really hard every single day throughout the summer to make sure. That our kids are saying fed when their out of school and that organization is must ministries so they kicking into high gear this week. With free lunches for thousands. Of kids all across our city. And they don't make kids come to them they visit neighborhoods they visit apartment complexes camps shelters anywhere else that kids might be in need of food this summer. And they bring it right to on the volunteers who work really really hard they go to grocery stores. Sources have extract a pack up all these individual lunges and deliver each one ticket who needs it. This is sued rials one of the volunteers from last ministries yeah I'm just one person but if I can. Take some of my time. And make for more of a little bit better. Why can't help somebody else out. Mean that's how this. That's how I was break. Get to see guys they have served over 275000. Lunches that averages about 6000 lunches a day. And they reach over 7200. Kids right here in Atlanta to make sure they say fed over the summer. We've talked throughout the season and a few times when we did the with our with our friends and delta community credit union they give back give away. Like they paid bill organization that one that was hoping to provide lunches for kids who are going home for the weekend's F a backpack but he program. Its just me it's it's. It's all it's an awesome thing that's happening but it's. It's amazing that this need exists in a was not even on my radar until a year ago. It's so hard it's hard to keep food on the table even if you are you know a solid family and it two working parents and everything else it's still really really hard I mean. Life is expensive and and it's it's tough to head to make sure that your kids again nutritious meals every day so that's why organizations like must ministries the Atlanta community food bank. Also important because they are stepping up. On to make sure that our kids attained America's hunger is one of those problems that really is invincible and that and Jeff and I always are a Nokia hungry sheriffs strength every single year. So there's a lot of organizations seven this one is size really separate the summer Kelly cheese is getting good bye I'm still in the state of Georgia. Yeah as this demonstrate from Milledge they'll Georgian and you haven't seen the video yet at some point today check out our FaceBook page jet engines have and that there. And it isn't going viral it's an eight year old named Maurice Adams junior. Who is caught on video doing a random act of kindness. And as a total stranger taking the video he said he summaries get out of the car that has an elderly woman with a walk our. His just like it came like a full on walker was by across the street and then trying to get an entire fight a stare. All rain and Nino like when you're on a par crowds these are some men stares it in the Buick. A little harder to get out no matter who you are. And his eight year old got out of the car and said mom gonna go how are really quick summary top side of the car and helps is on of the entire flight of stairs and in the video. He's got his hand on her back and the other hand on her walker and he still letting her do it says she's still got that feeling like independence and she's doing on her own. You can see he's nudging it and then he's calling on her values are that extra little push. And he gives all the layup and then she gives them a hug and she says thank you and he's like. In this tiny little man now. This and I sweetest thing and so watch and this helper of each step and none. Watch in the video it reminded me of a parent teaching kids how to ride a bike. Is there lay a hand in hand down around easily here's how we're going do it together off and that was yet that god is he's to skip downstairs and and the character Miguel. No vengeance on so Tynan has moms so this is so proud it just shows our respect and raising your kids right goes a long way absolutely Lou pound mom right there. Guys a dollar a one man got her doctorate in public health from Harvard. She just graduated that last week in in the crowd in the audience. At Harvard was her sixth grade teacher. Because 21 years ago and bad teacher wrote a note. I'm Christian dumber that's that senior graduated Chris singular report card saying. You're an excellent student. Invite meets here Harvard graduate I. Sound bad. Yeah. You guys issued predicted the future and is. They. There's a video of the Christian is showing up that are teacher's classroom with a big bouquet of flowers. Saying hey I AM. Graduated from Harvard. As you predicted you need to be there. It's. Been a joy to have you in class and keep up the good work. Invite me to your Harvard graduation. I guess black. It's here among you the class of 2000 any team. They dean said it to half of Harvard said here the crowd during their commencement ceremony said hey. Judith as the teachers and he's an issue worsened so I.