All the Feels

Friday, May 25th

These inspirational and feel-good stories are guaranteed to start your weekend off right! 

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Very good news of the world. And we bring it right here. Two large truck. The jet engines show is about to give you all the fields. There is a superhero right here in Atlanta and her name is draining Kennedy's seat is feeding the homeless with public fruit trees that grow all over the city. She started this really cool organization called concrete jungle because they realize. The there's so much opportunity for free and nutritious pretty and it's actually growing. All over Atlanta that's easy to connect that food to people who aren't out there. So she's planting fruit trees and other fruit trees already exam is say RC in Jesus harvesting their already exists so is she and the concrete jungle team created this database it's a map of 2800. Trees available to the public shot yeah yes and you can see all the trees you can and trees two or adopt a street. I if you wanna get involved and they have a second database of all these private entries were owners are willing to share extra fruits. They have an annual fruit ramble every single year and they held it just last weekend where everybody goes around on on bikes and I flip to gather all of the fruits from these three trees these public trees. And and give it back to people who are in need to homeless folks and so I'm she's put it all together there's a fruit tree map you can volunteer or be a part of concrete jungle dot org income and here's a little bit of Catherine the locals superhero talking about their projects the. Apple's I growth and anti even if they look really really different and apples you see at the start totally edible we have a map with 2803 trees that. That's just barely scratching the surface there is this abundance that Brian all over the place and people don't realize that they can use it or either. And meanwhile we have so many people and our city and our country. So she is connecting the two and feeding people. Really Smart really is so Smart simply answer right yeah. Kelly she's at what do you have for all the feels this week. And aside all the feel the necessity composition but this is the best story and Jenna and they're gonna cite a man is because it involved a seven year old and an old person can't call. So at seven year old league halo that has an elderly neighbor who's really sick that summons battling both lung and breast cancer and doesn't wanna move out of her house she's comfortable there the seven year old Caleb checks on our every single day now once a day he goes over their fortified times today to check Connor and make sure that she wakes up from all of her naps are hollow now her granddaughter came over one day and saw that he was there hanging out with they're just checking on -- took a picture of it and put it up on social media and now it's gone totally viral and -- India becomes a visit my grandmother every day to make sure that she's okay and she's making a former -- my heart just cannot take this Caleb is a standout kid who's helping my grandmother through difficult times -- how it don't look -- seven years -- easiest. Tech you know Larry I got Genentech common neighbor so cute. I have a story for all of the teachers who are wrapping up the school only there a student has rewarded all of the teachers that he or she added with a free vacation while my gosh are you see here yeah true story now it changes appreciation day cares what two weeks ago I can deduct the whole week so maybe you saying your hero teacher a on. I mean apparently old educator pass teacher each time they had no roads or our we need somebody somebody against you have got to be able to compete with the person who gave vouchers totaling 96. Out. Thousand dollars to every teacher at mainly elementary school wow. Vouchers are for a free vacation for the teacher and their family and the principal Tracey roof as the one who got to Intel the entire staff about it when there are gathered in the auditorium. They worked so hard and it's a hard job each and every day. And I'm glad to see that someone else sees the value in teaching and it just hanging felt really good and it wasn't just one of those limits are never ever forget. So go on vacation. Days and. Oh yeah. Come across a good news story please let us know about it we can feature that story inside an episode of all the deals here on the jet contention make a good pitching again and made. Isn't a drama out there in the world already. Thanks for making this way it's indigestion yeah OnStar not before one.