All the Feels

Friday, May 26th

Tis the season for Memorial Day and Graduation feels!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. Billions. Energy as we head. Dan the. This is Memorial Day weekend where we are honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice I also want to honor this incredible veteran. Who has great advice for you okay he is the oldest living a veteran. Of the United States of America act and he just earned 200 final lap event on my gosh okay. Is it is Richard over Sydney lives in Austin, Texas and the whole city just celebrating him they renamed a street forehand. He is in World War II vet who served in the South Pacific all of this week he's a hundred in eleven years all right Voss who served in the revolution and should check it. He's served from 19401945. He was in Hawaii Guam and it would Jamont. And everybody's of course asking him or what is your secret for a living cell lung and his answer. We'll get to set up for your Memorial Day weekend he says. Have whiskey and cigars. I am halfway there on yeah I don't care for the cigars but I drink all whiskey in the world he says that he and one of his best France's sit for hours on his porch. Have whiskey and cigars and that's what's made him lift so a 111 I wanna hang out those two guys I say I JP woody gap. So this woman went from being homeless to graduating Harvard. Shut up are they serious polar opposites yeah and she attributed to just writing down. List of goals when she was at her rock bottom half but there's an audio clip there if you wanna hear how she did it. The solid bog gold you know you can add drained but does Dick between dreams and goals I wasn't able to think I wasn't able to read I wasn't able to write and I said hey those goals stuff is good at what she's got regional lab setting out a lot of graduates mob figure it. And the girls said if you can't do it in and I could do it can else. As you could do it to wow that's. The oval in her room. Is going back Colin right on Harvey's a couple classes online it and yeah. Did she say at the beginning that she can even reader writes down and started there yeah and I mean they way to maybe show worthless JP. Sag life goals are already imagining. I have another great thing in honor of Memorial Day on this oh my gosh so he is sorry. So James Beatty he for a 73 years kept his service seeker. Oh was a member of the elite American Canadian doubles for grade. Which is a predecessor of the army Rangers the green berets and Navy SEALs that we have today for awhile and he was. Awarded a bronze star for his service 73 years ago. Never told the Stanley never told a sold. And now it finally got awarded this publicly and it still doesn't even have any of the details of what he's done so I imagine he has done so much. He has he's truly the personally whose answer is I if I told dad have to carry Russian. 173 years. How many years secret that a crowd amazing that he he lives. And South Carolina and he Infrant his whole family finally got his bronze star and gets to publicly say that he's done so much since his service in world or to godless America. I have a graduation. Related story tis the season for graduation is most schools wrapping up. This week there's a kid in Virginia who's got type one diabetes he has a service dog they can notify him thirty minutes before he sugar drops. We meal which is fascinating to me so he takes his dog to school with some faces out everywhere 24/7 and then the doubles are upon and am. If it looks like his excellence in wanting and then he can make adjustments to his palm print himself a shot or whatever needs to happen. Eat candy bar I'm not sure how he maintains a but the dog. Lets him know that something needs to happen wow so for our whole lot better than having a prick your finger right and do all that kind of stuff that. That diabetics usually DO so the the dog's name is Alfa and at the end of the school year when they passed out the yearbook. Rate next AJ this has seen the same ranks AG's picture. They put a picture of alpha. The dog I. It's a. We're rug and then when he graduated they gave AJ at a school ID for alpha. So that he can back him participate any school events as an alumni I. Is out. Com. If you wanna be a part of all the feels different whereas it's not just on the one Atlanta. Plus what is good and gonna get us those games coming goosebumps and will feature an eight. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.