All The Feels

Friday, May 4th

From local students getting an awesome trip to a man who defied all odds to walk at his wedding, we're sure to give you All The Feels!

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Good news of the world and we bring it right here. Loans to large truck. The jet engines show he's about to give you all the field. Hottest ticket in town is the music off Hamels then. And Atlanta have public schools have found a way. They get 17100. Of their grade school students. In tears seeing Hamilton. When it comes through Atlanta's fox theater. Coca-Cola Georgia power. Learn Georgia and drug as they can get a indeed find it united consulting other sponsors. All contributed money to sand under served high school students. To see the musical about. Alexander Hamilton. And that seems all just have to come up with ten dollars sad to say OK awesome because those tickets are a really hard again Yang really expensive. The district is also raising money to pay for commemorative T shirts and dinner before the show plus transportation. So bad these kids can have a really cool. Broadway experience. At eight showed that gives a really. Academic you know historic class and so well yes say thank you so much to all of he had the great Georgia company's. Who helped make that possible and if you would like to make a donation we can put the link up. To the partnership and development office for Atlanta public schools and you can help make their night even more complete. Agassi's which you find this week younger the story about the two black guys who got kicked out of the Starbucks and Philadelphia firm no reason they're just sitting there and they kicked out. They were waiting for this is meaning right exactly so I'm following the story and I just learn that the two guys who were kicked out or Shawn Nelson and Daunte Robinson. Yes they were meeting infer a little business meeting about realists say that in my coffee right away. So the store manager saw I'm gonna call the cops anger and kicked out. And I timeout where they could have sued the entire city of Philadelphia and Starbucks. Are a ton of money. In the lawsuit with the city of Philadelphia and they decided rather than taking on this money will settle our one dollar. And instead of taking on his ninth ourselves let's launch a new 200000. Dollar initiative. Toby young people start their own businesses at all specifically how high school students and the Philly area. You're interested in being entrepreneurs because that's what their original meaning was all about getting him through Wednesday. And common Donte' said that that they got a lot about what to do with that situation with the case. And they felt like this is the best way to make an impact and actually change things for the better. Thomas and Madison local. Consummate so cool to the united negative and the minute ride around till clause absolutely I write this story is getting give you all the feels that Chris Norton was told that he would never walk again. He is 26 years old he's been confined to a wheelchair since a football accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. He was he fractured some vertebrae and a 3% chance of ever moving anything below his neck ever again. And he just say they 3%. 3%. He just said no I firmly believe I'm gonna be a part of that 3%. I am going to be different and through grueling. Physical therapy he went through it for many many years. He said that his biggest fear actually was not been able to find a stream Karl. Not about never being able to walk again is that I knew I would be able to Lothian but I wasn't sure about my dream girls so. He put out something when he was. In college online dating and that's when he met minimally he said as soon as I met her I knew she was the one. And so. They decided together that their goal is going to be for him to walk across stage at graduation in front of their 3000. The student peers. And he did. And then their next goal after that was. Their wedding day so here's Chris Norton talking about his determination after his surgery. And now. Now for surgery and I woke up on October 17 2010. First conversation I had was with my surgeon and your percent chance of getting him back let alone. I just walk. It feels it's. We'll be yourself be yourself it's my Mandarin Chinese because. What Lincoln wasn't part of the plan yeah warm alive I see you every case. You just are not and never look nice from. So here's Chris talking about meeting handling and her support to all of us and we really kind of took it upon our stuff that I wanna see this happen like I want you. Should come that everything will work out then we start. Training has settled just together she became well I junior as compared to is working out OK you can actually work out there was hurtful. So comes off as she is. So that it. Just a couple of weeks ago this couple walked down the aisle after they tied the knot at their wedding People Magazine did an exclusive story. On this incredible couple who now together are raising five Foster children almighty battle up. It didn't blow me today. I mean just. Proving that either strength determination. Sometimes it's all let's on the inside. And tell bill stuff. If you have been all that feels story that you want us to know about find us we're not hard to find where it started when I landed I come in all over Georgia media. Send us that story especially if it involves somebody in the great state of Georgia who would love to be traded on an upcoming on the heels segment. All learn and share that conversation. It continues league championship on FaceBook.