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Friday, April 27th

Bad news is easy to find so we scour the internet to bring you the good news. We've got some great stories for you in today's edition of All The Feels.

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Am very good players in the world and we bring it right she. Clothes too large rise in jet engines show he's about to give you all that feels. We're gonna kick things off right here in Atlanta no wine a year ago. Something very cool started to happen some magic started to come together. When one woman. That really holds. It was our fortieth birthday and she decided to raise any money on all. Yeah. And. Her birthday party. Four. An organization called the Reese's magic fire I've heard this and bond. What is Reese's magic time three magic fund is fund that we created an honor of our daughter's battle with cancer. And it all goes to childhood cancer research it's our way of saying thank you to doctors who saved her life we support every search about Greece's magic find it was born about the same time that and celebrated her birthday last February. And the folks at the AFLAC cancer and blood disorders that are just sent over a list of things that happen saints in that party. And so what they've done with the money that reasons attic and is yes and first thing you need to narrow. Over 73000. Dollars has been raised to fight malignant terms of Mars and that is thanks to the jet engines show friendly members and this is that dads they're great it is about huge and opt. They're right yes. I have a letter to grant Jane Lauren and Reese. And okay. And made to over 73000. Dollars I was raised a right malignant terms of tumors. The the folks at the applicants from blood disorder center at Chela at children's healthcare of Atlanta. Hung out where that's at the Roxy for. And created and sold hash tag lest he shares to create awareness and it. All of those events to contribute that's only 3000 dollars they. I held Jan organize the first survivor session. Which is a whole bunch of people who have been down that. Parent of a kid with cancer road. Coming together. Do you support. Parents who just found out there are and it was a really cool thing to witness all these moms and dads and siblings standing out and saying. But that is Iberian right now would what are you saying it's not like you have a phrase. No react you don't wanna ever sign up for that once and he can't live without it. Right now a support system around so I Jane organized it is this group and they got together it and children's healthcare of Atlanta. And talk and I think this when rate here is the coolest. Because of that 73000 dollars a doctor Olson who is Reese's pediatric oncologist. Was able to bring in over forty doctors from all over the world the sick in Atlanta for several days. And talk about malignant germ cell tumors which is exactly that reason. Forty doctors sharing their knowledge from every little corner of the globe. And every single one of them went back to their part of the world a little bit wiser. And then made the world a little bit closer to making the treatment and care of this tumor. Even more so congratulations Jan. Thank you so much I appreciate you highlighting that because it really is. The jet engines show friendly members who deserve the credit because you guys have been so supportive of Greece's magic fund and you've donated whether that was five dollars or you bottom hash tag let's teacher. RIE eighteen to one of our fans you guys are the reason and that number is where it is so thank you some. And it's Charlie dot org slash res the fund is always. They get money so if you feel compelled to donate. Chela CH 08 dot org slash res hands next year a week and read some water here and that's just a graduation I was surprised. And I and I do you think it's cold beer grant Jan Lauren and reads. If you anti zag on her baby bump yeah. That's why did you mean the guy had in Wallace you've been so excited about a week now. Didn't follow that. I have a bill. The woman we've been kind the most interesting woman in the world who is 23 years all's he's 23 and she blew my country last Friday after a listener reached out after last week's thing hey you got a check out this Younis and just posted actually in Atlanta right now. And her goal is to travel 6000 miles across the country and back on roller blades with no money and no plan of riches and asleep that. Well it is. In a credible I won a clear hole in it yet have a whole interview upon mind because I just kept asking her questions. In the very first minute of what she said was everything you need to know that and she kept going and it's just explaining what she's doing out Archie on. So I get about 750. Miles now. I don't happen it really likes that ranch because our the whole trick me without going to smuggle a meeting people and just finding the right people. And so I don't carry any lightly neat I don't we eat money. I'm just like it's ages to get old age I try to hack. That seven day they're not that day happens to the gate bearer. I just wanna show that there's a lot of luck Central Bank. Well all I the issue stayed believing in the pit bull. Adding that. Is ready to improve there are they're kind people in the world yes and I know it she sounds a bit naive but I kept asking her and she's been traveling alone since she was sixteen years old. And the more I talk to our relations not leave it all she does does not let fear after. At all and she even said the most negative experience she's had so far as when an old woman yelled at her for two straight hours and would not let her leave. And even that story has it ending which you have to listen and where. But. She said her goal is or allegedly for 6000 miles it's about thirty miles at facial put in a row. Al miles on the road at morning it's awake and asleep she doesn't ask people. To poster I've issued just wait until someone offers. And things. And now yeah so fascinating she's truly. Personification of leap without a net. Yeah you always hear that it's like jump in the net will find you mean she's living. She absolutely. Is and she and that is no official route the only reason she ended up in Atlanta was because. The Atlanta skate community reached out her own against Japan which you can follow her entire route. But I asked her what made you wanna do something like that like what actually got you to make the leap and go without any money and she started telling me about a lesson she learned. While she was traveling in a richer part of Hong Kong and she needed to wireless phone. I was dejected sort current weight they had act on the hatch because there were a great help they alerts being in the call. I had just I don't think they're being on time this has beaten and let them yet portrays Tony backing brought into school and. I want data showed that you'll be hearing because there. People aren't the way we eat and the media. And I just want to beat the media that tells the good side of humanity. And rightly. She had me tear up the entire time and I guess that she won't accept any money. But people overdue and give her money she's actually started giving money to a cause. That helps young women have access to education in countries like Uganda. Any money that people do wanna give her she delivers breakthrough charity and easily voted Donny as well because. She wants approved you know girls can do anything and people are good and improve it and you can follow this whole journey on her social media and am faced a bands the full interview is of like 1015 minutes but she talks seven year old has asked you to stay with and she's met. Ha ha so many people from all walks of life from the eighty year old woman yelled at her and how that turned into really heartwarming story to and I just I think you have to listen because she's she's most interest in prison I effort. And some. Inspiring NY and I'm those are acutely when he followed her there is old old story on incident yes well we can't repose from currency has all. Wow but this I can do this one quickly there's a twenty year old guy in Georgia named Iran he was adopted the three months old and always wondered who his real parents war. So his adoptive mom gave him Ancestry.Com. DNA tests as a Christmas present. And he found out he had an older brother and check this out they lived fifteen minutes apart. They were both students at the same college and even had the same major. And science yet as they connected with each other and even now. They are nine years apart they are now best friends hang out all the time. And another cool part Ancestry.Com found out about it and sends send your on to Africa to research his roots. And actually he decided our he found out he's related to a current teen there. So he went from having no family to finding a brother fifteen minutes away. And realizing that he's basically royalty. It is the millions. Feels good billions. Did show Doug Padilla.