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Friday, April 20th

Bad news is easy to find so we scour the internet to bring you the good news. We've got some great stories for you in today's edition of All The Feels.

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Millions. Did show don't. All got enough some real scandal going on already right so let's bring good news stories have you believe in human kindness and thinking of others first. And I'm gonna take you right in the heart of Atlanta for this and as a radical crazy idea. From one Atlanta man his name is Sanjay picks Al. And Hugh let's play in soccer and he was. You know traveled around the city trying to figure out like I can't I find a pickup soccer game like everything's very organized. He needed a car to drive to it and be able to do soccer game and a lot of other cities you can just go find a pickup games somewhere. While he wasn't alone in his experience of trying to find it he realized that. Kids were also having a really tough time just plain pick up soccer games they had to have transportation they had to have money to sign up for although. Organized sports leagues. So he was like wait a second. I think I can do something about them so he had been volunteering with soccer in the streets. And while he was doing that he made a discovery that. The Atlanta Marta stations were always adjacent to giant parking lots. And those parking lots were created from like this 1970s. Plan of how park and ride policy never really took so there's a whole bunch of empty parking lots are barely being used for what they were intended for so he thought what do we convert some of these pieces of land in the soccer fields. And we use the Marta train station as a network for people and kids to get to pick up soccer games. Well that's exactly what happened with station soccer it's a collaboration. I'd driven by this man's Sanjay Patel soccer in the streets and also. The MLS club here at Lenny united. So they have the first ever soccer pitch belt within the downtown five points station we can just take a train and had to pick up soccer game. Says suck greens are free for kids in Atlanta and then for the adults you have to like chip in some money and all that money goes back to fund more kids games with us and by the end of this year they're gonna open to more of them. At the west and Marta station and they plan to do it all around the city so kids no longer need. Money or cars to get to go play soccer so cool positive. It is though we see you. Sanjay as honest. That's I love Atlanta as a Soccer City Macy's nappy heads. Okay so you haven't heard the namely Terry Ahmad Don blow you away your and we tell your friends about this there's a video image you can watch to that Luke is a fifteen year old who is a catcher for his baseball team. There's a catch about live that he only has one arm. Rules oh yeah I imagine apparently baseball's not one on arm writes he's renting having your hand hi how does he do this well when you watch the video. You'll see him that the way he plays baseball is fascinating he takes his glove off I like doing a split motion. And while his glove as flipping in the air he catches the ball out of the glove. And then the rose it's amazing it's time and Korea also the video of him playing catcher has gone completely viral it's so Sokol. And then he even says why he's passionate about baseball and why he doesn't like the word hands and he doesn't like to hear people say that. So they're passionate about something you're struggling right now I think these words are going to sing tears so here's what it. Plumbing and unemployment oh well it was four years old. Out of always liked it my parents and graph very slow and there's always action or. I'm always at about doing it a 100% all out like never give up theirs. No we had let never site can't laugh at that our can't let they've all meg all the excuses all all Tom. But I can't do this because this animal don't say let's go out there and do this try. He's caught the attention of so many former MLB players and Jerry Hairston junior says. It's not just a baseball thing for a loop this kid won't allow any type of circumstance city where his dream. He will use that no excuses cobra Luke lives sounds incredible magical sword well yeah. If you are a longtime Atlanta and you remember the radio station ninety Jana acts yeah and on the morning show Barnes was in Jimi and then and there's a guy and that show named Richard only. Right and name in UN and do a radio show where is that Fred touch her cup country enriched. And and they took the showed Abbas in their sports. They're mega stars in the Sports Radio world in Boston there huge. But behind the scenes. Rich's wife Mary has been dealing with leukemia. Allow almost the whole time they've been out from Boston. So she was diagnosed several years ago she had I believe to relapse is. And it's high it's just been it's been tough you know about it a CNN bias. I'd adds a family did cancer Stanley so. She is a beat it actually three times it's called a M Al. And despite this illness she wanted to do something to raise money for charity. Well Jim Boston you wanna raise money for charity. And you've got the access to promote and on the radio station. You run the Boston Marathon and you try to get people to donate money so rich ran our Mary ran marry Iran it Y lo yes. So she ran the Boston Marathon. And her goal is to raise 151000. Dollars for charity. Here's the problem she got a mile fifteen of 26. Was shaking uncontrollably. Starting their shows signs of hypothermia. I had to all of us I was so rainy know there are big and he's at the start. It's rain so she she stops up I think get a Dunkin' Donuts apparently the story correctly. She's inside of the Dunkin' Donuts she tries to warm up the doctors are saying I don't. Think you should keep doing man's. Rage comes to meet her their brings her dry clothes they sit there fur. One hour two hours four dollars. She warms up she changes her clothes and then married gets back out on the Boston Marathon and course. With the rich buying her side. Hands. They run together the last eleven miles. Online they cross the finish line at 12:18. AM. Thirteen hours after she started side by side her 151000 dollar goal. She more than double that she raised 40000 dollars. Amazing that is so incredible and just the epitome of never give but it upload the pictures of her and rich. Are crossing the finish line together and if you. Would like to donate will put the links out and you can make you donate. Donation to our radio colleague and former Atlanta and Richard Lehman and his wife Mary have great people there are some things of mosques and. Millions. Yeah show don't you let me.