All The Feels

Friday, March 9th

There was not a dry eye in the studio after hearing about all the amazing stories of brave, kind samaritans that went out of their way to help someone else!

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Millions. Good news stories that will restore your faith and humanity week's solid all the fields because we know you see enough negative headlines throughout the day it's enough to just thinking exhausted but we try to lift your spirits. With these awesome stories these amazing human beings. Plot there is a gentleman and a great year and at planet named adjacent wing terror and every weekend. He has a custom made of twelve foot trailer and he attaches it to the back of his SUV and egos to downtown Atlanta. And this traveler is outfitted with a shower. And a bathroom. Hot water her ands. Eight serves to give a little bit of dignity to people who have found themselves living and the straight he's 41 years old. He is an account manager who found himself in the company of homeless people when he was. At work this would be a rock you know pass ministry and rim whatever would always try to have some sort of interaction with them and notice that it's. I don't you just use. Hot shower. Change of clothes clean towel to dry off with so. He has created this charity called hope through so and he takes this travel around aim and gives people their dignity back wave. The ability just take hot shower Ambien a private bathroom space for just. Little while that gives me goose bumps I mean how amazing is that and this is spends his own money doing it. 100% he does fund raisers he's got volunteers. Right now is trying to raise another attack thousand out 101000 dollars. Offer supplies many so Wannstedt cook something up to. Fire hydrant. So he can take water out of the high dram but you have to have a special meter to do that because obviously if it. Reimburse the city for the water and then we have this permission to do that there's going to be a cook out tomorrow. I'm Joseph T Boone a boulevard and we can put the details out on our web site. But if you wanna go support this and see the trailer and meet Jason and shake his hand. And give him a few dollars you Zaza got to face front page and I Twitter pages all hope through so HO PE PH are you. SO AP in this guy a chance had. There's we there's no money out of kindness of his own heart. And it's right here in Atlanta so so so hunter percent of what all the feels is the picture. Jason with one of his customers. That he took great care of is. Are gonna be posted online and it moved into tears and blood has. Voter case and hanging out this this is awesome to see somebody who's just added. And doing what he can to make the world a better place and you can see the smile on the face of the person who's homeless that he was helping. And you can just tell what a difference that made. Made and that person's day in a person's life and discuss say that anybody can do it anybody can make the world a better place so I tried Jason I've heard Jason. Amazing precision in which you find this week I am in front of our listeners who it might not have as much money to do so much but she is helping in the way that she can. She filled in on this awesome fundraising program and in that the gaming community called extra life. Where you pledge all year to gather donations to stream while you play in this league and watch and give the money. And extra life allowed to to choose a local hospital and all of the money you raise goes to your local Children's Hospital. And Katie indicator has been doing it since 2015 since one of her best friends with initials as hospital. But this year because she's such a big fan of the show she reach out yesterday and told me that she is. Doing an honor freeze this year acts so well this year. All of the money goes to Chela and she's in the middle of a three day tournament right now hello where. If you make the top eight which she just updated me she made the top age he is guaranteed to get some money to go to Charlie this year and she's in the middle of the awesome streaming communities so. I am just really excited bag he restarts and you tell me about that he should check out extra light especially Gary gamer. And they have raised over thirty million dollars for. I have no campaigning later this year everyone was a part of any pledges to donate their pledges to game for 24 hours straight. And you give them donations as he goes that'll be in November and I kind of wanna be a part of it offer. Yeah I don't like that of the biggest so let's keep your dream is to me entered thinking of time for thinking of race is so sweet and UN and the pictures I asked that question it and it's. Yeah is that she's helping out yesterday before she started an amazing where it's that's so awesome and here is another. Local freshman cheerleader from sequoia high school who's gonna give you all the feels. Her name is Mattie Browne men she was just diagnosed with bone cancer a month ago and it's just undergone her first round of chemo. But at only fifteen years old her message to others is so inspiring she's a cheerleader. All of her cheer squad is supporting her with all kinds of signs of love nobody I alone. And then Matty. Wrote this and she said I went to church yesterday wearing a shirt that said blast which is pretty much coincidental but it was less just got me thinking. Most people see blessings as physical or financial which in my case was trailed. Now I feel I feel blessed to have a house a good school and food to eat there's so much more. She says my cancers very aggressive and pretty far along. When I was in surgery my parents were told to completely expected in my line and it's basically a 100% chance she says it's not. Don't give you cancer still sucks and Kimmo is held that so many good things have come out of that and that's why I consider myself blasts. Good things come out of terrible situations and I feel like it's time. To be. More loving of big giver than the actual gift she says I ask god every day to use me for something incredible. So that I can make change. Luke. Fifteen years old. Little she said so when we found out I had cancer. I took it as an opportunity. My family was wondering why Amy but why not me. Your battles are never far alone. And then she said like I said just a pot with a little smiley face while. Wow that is from a fifteen year old at sequoia high school so Manny Roman we are rooting for you thank you for the inspiration. You are absolutely incredible. I don't know I feel much of Matty is people who earn less than half Rite Aid for much wiser than me I don't really care free. Just show don't yeah yeah. That's how it works and we rely on you have these amazing human being stories right here in Atlanta and greater north Georgia area so reach out to us send them to. Us data easiest way to find answers to get a stern 941 and landed Saddam hoarding gas or hit a sub prime social media and tells about. The awesome people doing awesome things he you have encountered in your lives. And we would love to spread the word and give positive core energy to everybody who came here in the jet engine show it's called. All the field. Star in 941.