All The Feels

Friday, March 2nd

A young boy endured years of bullying a great cause and other awesom civilians go out of their way to help other this morning and we have the privledge of shring their awesome stories!

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Millions. Tell something yeah at all there are and how. Our hands of negative headlines and the push notification to get on your phone if you get any of those from the major news organizations are always bad. So we'd change that energy on the jet engines show and give you good news stories to restore your faith in humanity. In his first one just got Korea. Comes right here in ACL. Yeah any huge huge huge movie a black and there was shot right here in Atlanta. And at the folks are from a black man there a marvel studios. Hey. I'm gonna learn a one million dollars in. Do these stem programs science technology and engineering and math as Eric and Diaz. He stem programs. Hi is gonna benefit from the the proceeds behind black panther. Via the Boys and Girls Club that she took a bunch of kids from the Boys and Girls Club to midtown arts and a map and opening night two weeks ago. Dog that's so cool because girls clubs does all those after school programs right so you leave school you wait for your parents say get out of work and pay gap. And then I get you all these schools stem things it's funded by black panther that's Haas. These calls them things I was I would be a benefit more from the B program the book. Is this. A science technology engineering or math just looking at those words makes me do hey you know aren't our Baghdad. Let's you find missing Kelly tees. I get another local story to it in the sun comes our family member or Britney Armstrong an act or and now we are surprising her stepson is listening right now she's sent. A phase and message earlier in the week and told us about Corbin. Corbin is eleven years old and he has been growing his hair out since he was not him so for two years. He's been growing his hair out so I'll show you got the picture of them and oppose them on social media to open. This is for the last honest pass his shoulder it's as long as your hairdo and so it's about micro passes collar mounds. And he's been doing messy and donates his hair to cancer patients and memory of his uncle Mac. Well coming you need to know about uncle Matt is he was growing his hair out because his mother and grandmother passed away from cancer. Then uncle Matt passed away tragically in an accident. So Corbin wanted to carry on the tradition of growing his hair out oh anything doing it for two years that kids are. Are awesome this eleven year old Korman is an amazing kid but other kids are taking on on these and he looks like a girl and things like that but he endured it and cut his hair. Now it argued who's on my god. I'm on Osama little listeners and here in my car now Korman you are a one cool dude how cool yeah so he endured other kids picking on him for two years. Due to carry on the tradition and is uncle Matt started and memory of his mom which is so so so awesome awesome island all I. Yeah I have amazing I wanna be like you and agro. You told jog count that lays on the ged and. Amazing good I've beaten now when I guess it'd be hard to beat you on last. I'm that I found a of course we turn now I'll open field in your account it's. Why aren't they something dinner. In his dinner and a bet I did this answer your homeland. In England the other is at 45 year old guy named Pete. And his wife Debbie has been battling stage two breast cancer OK so he wanted to support her. And he went online kind of as a joke and by pink wig and then his buddy. Beg him to see if he would Wear and then where to work. And then he started wearing it every day so Pete's been wearing a pink wig everywhere he goes for three straight months. Including. On their wedding day the support her and her treatments. Because she was wearing a wig to. He actually started wearing it raise money for charity raised about 5000 dollars. But yeah on their wedding day they both were wearing wigs and his was paint in their wedding pictures so. And he says he's gone bald when he was seventeen just naturally so he said Jonathan have hair again. I don't add. Pink in solidarity with Debbie and the best news of the story is that his wife is on the way to recovery. I she's got to get a shot every two or three weeks he'll take a special deal for next five years but. After that she'll be done with all of her cancer treatment. What is he just really lights the way. And just keeps wearing it for us ever and let's go to IRA it's been ten years please stop everything. And he's like nope you took rallies and. Yeah out even when I was and they didn't have larger than me while I was branded and it. Oh yeah. Just show don't yeah yeah. That's what you thought finding good news stories and spread that gave energy changing all those negatives and two of them I as a dead. And we rely on you to send us these all the feel story so it. Yeah eight giddy around you get a surname for when I landed I can't find all of our email address is. And that's how we learned about they give man corpsman that made Jiang prime minute ago so we need. Facebook's social media aims to Graham we check and I'll says you've got something and good to the U wanna tell it's dangerous for our next all the she'll segment. And she I'll star.