All The Feels

Friday, February 23rd

A small bakery is making a huge difference and a bystanding mom made a life changing decision to save a child's life in some of these upstanding, heart-warming stories! 

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Billion. Oh yeah. Did show go yeah yeah. As a negative news headlines so we dig around finding good news stories worry and deliver them to you chili cheese is got one. From the right here an ATM he says that there is they are really hold bakery that I wanted to highlight today it's out of Lawrenceville Georgia especially been around for about four years cents called the special means of bakery. And it gives jobs a special needs adults and it came from an idea from Tampa and Mike Koehler. And a 24 year old son Bradley who's aging out of education education system for special needs kids and adults so they wanted to know what's he gonna do if we can't take care of him on their house he and mailed a take care of them and himself. Sales and a special needs bakery in its velvet cake in the EA DSS com. I pray it. I had it red. All this so this does this victory in just give their son and Java gave him a future and it's also employing other com's special needs and employees so that mentioned the majority of their employees are special needs. Or have learning disabilities so. Thought roses are really neat thing and they're doing on Lawrence also. ABC special needs bakeries here craven some fresh brand Aaron nice tree out and go Americas editor and some really great stuff. That's awesome. Yeah at all. Our competition is always fears in high schools boards but a teenager and decided dad's health and safety was more important news and its army to. And he was competing against a rival school. Win one of his opponents started to drown you don't know guy he looks out on the water he sees the guy completely limp like loading the bottom of the all. Imagine seeing anything more horrifying than that. So he dove out of his lane dove underwater grabbed the guy brought into the top. And saves his life a guy who is the hero is Xavier Stubbs the guy his life was saved Cameron Sams and and he's been recognized by his congress ran it and by his school but he says the biggest. I recognition in the one he's most proud of is the one that came from his. On job what a hero and how old this can have he had to use a high school freshman so we'll wrap my. 1414 years old nineteen years old the total hero now while this is another hero who jumped in at the last second this is a U 110. Who was a total stranger to this young girl she sees this twelve year old girl walking to school on Wednesday. And she sees her girls who seems like she's in distracts but walking with another adult by her side. And so. So. Is this this woman driving by who addressed dropped off for child at school. Witnesses the scene going on. And it's like. In five seconds had to make a decision what do idea or. She pulls her car overt it's out of the car and pretends to be the twelve year old girl's mother. And actually saves her life by giving her away from a kidnapped her. Why yes the girl is in the midst of being kidnapped when this. Other anonymous mom she doesn't want her name to be out there she just speed tests in a split second said. That child in distress Iman and jumpin. And scared off the kidnappers who ran away they called the cops were able to track the lady down here's a little bit of the twelve year old who was saved kidnap for by this. Random mom just driving by. She tells me tells a suspect she's the child's mother and she wants a child that loses and then harassment on hand to hand cone. A full bloom. Office. And then they'll all you parents say humble personally I had. Corals around at all the kindness of strangers right there communal Rihanna. That's that's the it is sees some even say some thing. Eight to get ten degree while com. Billion. I. Just show don't yeah. If you ever find out heartwarming story definitely reach out to as you can find us on face that is your grandson I'm borrowing Atlanta dot com judge to send us. You're good news stories are made here part of a group. A community volunteer group Byrd charging you guys do an awesome stuff we wanna share that news of the world as we just need more good news out there Jeff intention is all about. Changing that energy this is that Jeff and she Ngo a star in 94 line.