All The Feels

Friday, December 15th

Want to do good in the Atlanta area this weekend? We've got a few awesome causes you can help out!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. William. Did show don't. Last weekend when we were all enjoying the beautiful smells. Something very very tragic happens to a woman named Jane lane. Hsu is out walking like we all learned. She was waived her husband and her youngest son and tree branch. Broke off and hit her. As a crash to the ground it's sever her spinal column and she is now paralyzed. From the waist down since sound she's at Afghanistan hospital right now and she's gonna move to the shepherd center which is the greatest plays some planet earth if you are in need of I spinal Caro or rehabilitation of that sort but there's going to be a lot of medical costs and they're also going to be expenses. Related to renovating her house to make it wheelchair AX. Accessible so Lee is Chandler is her teacher. Earning his her sister and his house three teacher at Blackwell elementary school. That school is organizing a fund raiser tomorrow. Tomorrow morning it's called doughnuts and donations and if you can swing by. Blackwell elementary school between eight and 10 AM in you can pick up some doughnuts you can take some pictures of Santa. And of course you can make a donation to how about the family. On days ago friendly page that will share. Under her name is Jim Lane and her and her family can certainly usual prayers. It's it's a very tragic outcome to what was a beautiful winter weekend here in Atlanta. But like all treasuries it brings communities together and it brings people together. And this is the family the school family of her sister. Mrs. Chandler rallying to. Try to make life a little bit easier for Jen wing some keeper in your prayers and if you can details will be on line at stern and 41 Atlanta and I come in just a moment. I've got another amazing story of a huge donations so a man a firefighter named JJ lions up in Pennsylvania in my home state. Was out hunting with his family when he got called it his own house was on fire. I don't know by the time all is said and done there was over 400000 dollars in damage and he and his wife and his five year old daughter were homeless for the holidays wow. A man named Joseph Miller heard about this complete stranger. And his mother had recently passed away and left in the house that he was about to sell instead he took the house off the market and just gave it to this firefighter and his family. Now. Yeah. Where boss. Though ominous filled firefighters helped him clean out the house. And JJ says the generosity of the total stranger has run it and has good people in the world and it's definitely a huge blessing and I. We do I associate. A days I've got a story and it's a big a big and ninth her children's healthcare of Atlanta. Here incoming comment tonight is lilies of this annual night of the glitter and that gifts it's gonna be. At the victory village court yard a little bit about who will Lilly is and what this night is about. Not Lilly is an eleven year old who passed away after battling on cancer for five years. And today is the anniversary of her passing but her family decided. Is isn't going to be a sad day in fact are gonna remember her. For how tiny and shiny she was as they say and they decided to start up. Glitter and gets a wedge raises and collects thousands of items every year for hospitals and the patience and the hospitals. So tonight from six to 8 PM if you can make it out there. Bring Anatolia there's going to be a candlelight vigil anomalies memory there's gonna trim the tree lighting. There's going to be some news day Donna Kansas and like clip crowd dozens of arms uttering any and San causes going to be there are so. Again that's an incoming tonight from six to eight at victory village square yard lilies this annual. Night of glitter and. So I this is a super weird small world story about it Lillie Anderson who you just talked about. Is the reason and that several years ago I got involved in pediatric cancer research. Because I met her edit it and some that I emceed really look at and she'd passed away shortly after that and Lily and her mom are the reason that I got involved in pediatric cancer research and I eons friends foundation yeah good that it's an event that I host every year. And the folks he has friends foundation where one of the first phone calls and I made when Jane's daughter reads. Was diagnosed with cancer last year and IE. Called on them to help Jan and her husband grand get through that so. What are we are small world. And as a small moral leveling out there to camp tonight lilies in Oneida glittering gifts and come. Try to view of god in all the fields are you gonna share without some pleased diligently as we love the highlights. The great things happening in Atlanta and in Georgia Ali editing is head over to start and where why and Atlanta and I've come. Or stalked any of us on social media slide raid into our BM stuff. Time will try to include in an upcoming all the fields I. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion change one star not before one and it.