All The Feels

Friday, November 10th

Good news stories that will totally restore your faith in the world. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all now. Million. Did show don't. We believe that there is good news in the world you just have to look a little bit harder to find it and that's what we do every Friday on the jet engines show and we've signed a all the fields stories weary and chili cheese you're gonna kick yourself with a local ones I hand this coming straight from my neighborhood I live in all forms or to enhance this cafe called. Cafe 458. If he's there how do you. You know enough as it is the only Atlanta restaurant where you can't get angry at this data than they say this app is all volunteers. Every Sunday they open up for Sunday brunch and what they're doing less chance chef Shane and Debra notably the naysayers last name and a frat house manager Casey Myers. There idea is to bomb. Have all these pros see proceeds benefit the Atlanta center for self sufficiency essentially like helping Atlanta's homeless population so all proceeds from Brian's. Go towards helping the homeless population here and our city witnessing Merkel now staff is all volunteers. So every Sunday may do like rapid fire training of twelve volunteers and comment. It is those Oval Office and all the money every penny they make sense and he goes to this area every single penny and then they get a certain amount to make the front half and every single Sunday may said that they do it to pay it forward. And then UNICEF has been there since last September. Many cities and given a lot of opportunities and it's great to give back to the city of Atlanta played that well when I went the food is really get him I wanna go on all Riley crimes and has the right in my neighborhood and. Plug the name of their restaurant warmer time cafe Fuller 68 so call. Ige annual leg this story because it involves. A miraculous. Camps are. Recovery masa yeah there is a ask a guy named Jack Keane. And he had a tumor in his sparring that they diagnosed as. Terminal but he wanted to propose to his girlfriend so the nurses at the Haas will be a spine. That any pre treatment he's getting your spine is gonna be debilitating so the nurses actually had to help him get down on one knee. So he proposed to his girlfriend am on the wedding was arranged and very quick fashion so the couple could be wed before. He lost his cancer battle but. While they were getting him ready for a spinal biopsy. The to learn they notice had shrunk significantly. So they did some further tests in the cancer it was actually disappearing. Well at the wedding. They actually were able to announce. That the most recent round of testing showed no signs of cancer. In his spine. It turns out that Jack has it he's he's called endemic disease. Which is in great. But it's not cancer and sometimes the symptoms. Mimic cancer so it started out with a horrible heart wrenching story where this guy. I needed the nurses assistants to to propose to his girlfriend and and ended with the wedding being an announcement. That he's not going anywhere they're gonna have a long and happy married life together. I love that well at such a cool story and I got a romance one for you guys CO there is a man who loves his wife so much they've been married a really long time. And she has been now on dialysis for the past two years. She desperately needed a kidney to survive so of course they test all their friends and their family members and nobody is a match says she's waiting and waiting and waiting for a kidney donor. And this man named Wayne winters he said you know what I can't wait anymore so he literally put on the same which Ford begging for a kidney. So walked around the streets of his town in Utah. With the same much for the says I need a kidney please somebody donated Kadant kidney and it's and it worked because at that point the local news picked it up. And featured him as a story on the news people sort of calling him like oh I want help this guy wanna see if on the match. They found a match for his wife. She just went through kidney transplant surgery the total stranger with a total stranger and she is going to be fine that's amazing and now Wayne wants to pay it forward by being able to do this for. Other people who need kidneys and to promote organ transplant patients and he's gonna continue. Walking with his sandwich board to be able to find people to match that they need some hair is Wayne talking about finding a kidney for his. Why I'm sitting here this full full days since I saw you on TV. And I like this story I want to help her voice is we have a kidney for you know. Get there just to watch somebody hooked up to dialysis. There's a dramatic experience does she can have a good five years. That would be awesome. As and that so sweet call. Billions. Just show don't yeah yeah. If you have got an all the feel story and we want to know about it the best way to start is head over to our web site. Star 941 in Atlanta dot com and spend as. You're all of it feels good news stories and we can include it in a future I as segment of all the fields. Highs and we especially love the ones that are from our great state of Georgia. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.