All The Feels

Friday, November 3rd

 These stories of inspiration will have you feeling great about the world in no-time!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young old now. You are gonna start things off we had a story from right here in Georgia this guy's three years old. Already knows that he loves to be a police officer when he grows up what a key guy his name is Cohen and chance to gain. And eight police detectives. Kristen Hern died in the line of duty and Ko win that wanted to go to the funeral to pay his respect and postal police is that. So he put together a super hero police officer uniform. In Spain two hours at the ceremony. So looting every officer that pass to amp. The guys in Floyd can add Detroit county sheriff Travis was it worse so impressed and his love and dedication to police officers that day bottom aid toward a police cruiser and elect what does electric all of cars slick they they customize did so it says temperate deputy Kyle went on this side. And the have post on FaceBook that they shared when they when they put a picture of a there's. Said we want them the last Cohen for his selfless act. I love and support god bless you abundantly and keep you safe Colin. I'll what acute Viejo because viral I hope he goes everywhere. All that is so Sweeney eat so since we visiting when she got this week I have a story of millennial skills come into their rescued a single little cat. The pay attention is Janet millennial is doing guy that's ideal dealing give it eyes so Katie outside she lives in North Hampton England and at noon and hey listen Keith TP Tina went missing. So now he had no idea what to do you didn't know at times the end. Yeah. I lacked. So instead it she created it or profile for a night on my gown and say it helped me if I'm Mike. And within thirty minutes 400 people message heard saying that they would keep an eye answered Tina and now. This picture of the cats healthy semi catchy bit like a six mile radius sonet. And then come late in addition got a message from a guy named Charlie who said he was looking at ten day summit peanut pictured looked out his windows saw the cat. And immediately message turns and may I think you're pets in my garden. And so she went to his house to test flight as soon as you saw people so she created a trail of cat litter and food. Back and dirty laundry that blood from the last placed team that was found to her house and within by the end of the day you know inspection of the dollar so GA. Outta the way that guys sound like when he swiped on peanut. Tiny high and may say. Don't know okay. I don't hug she's. Double latte with a do remember then Henry okay and back. That is or grad loves that it's so sweet now peanuts back and okay ya know I love old people so my. I story is about a 95 year old man his name is Harvey Terrance and Gil likes to go for yeah. Every day now you need to know that Harvey is a retired biology teacher he is a World War II veteran and as it just as stand up citizen and he knows exercise is good for an. And he used to walking the same one mile route about twice a day for the last 65. Year home. And he said that this block is becoming even more and more important because his wife. Is now in nursing home and you know is an able to get out as much so this is his way to pass the timing get his exercises to go for the same one mile route around the neighborhood. Well now these 95 years so this one mile route it's a little bit more challenging issue. And the neighbors know him so well now they have put out chairs. At the end of their driveways so that he can take a rest and sit down. On this one miles from one hole mile around the neighborhood there's just a bunch of like. Folding chairs leading up against out boxes yet and when he needs when he grabs. When he needs when he sits on the chair and whoever's. Whoever's house he stops in front that neighbor usually comes out visits with them and chats with them. And here is hardly talking about these scenes of his awesome neighbors for. Neighbors. My wife stay here. I can't sit still and he's not sitting so many times and that's 95 year old. Card reader in Minnesota. If there is a time. Story you want to share of that especially. One that happens in the Atlanta or Georgia area. Give it to us yes send this message on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash Stefan did show. We will included in an upcoming segment of all the fields. Informed crown star in 94 line.