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Friday, October 6th

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Guardian angels are real that was evident in Las Vegas over the past several days as more and more stories for. Professionals and just passers by. Being in the right place to help those who were injured in the big shootings. It also happens on the highways a vehicle crash. Her. Heard a woman nicknamed him reindeer doing she was on her way to her grandparents' home and car across this an airline crashed into our. And she tried to get out of the car after that all the air bags went off all the commotion and everything her first I was get out of the car when her leg completely. Broke him. Also show and they sit back down. Smell gasoline. Right now and her eyes she knew that there is a fire under the hole. Hood so she couldn't move but she stopped so I guy shows up in he's an army national Guardsmen and he's saved her life his name is Cory and he was that day. Her guardian Angel. Shocks or eight weeks. As he showed me where his body. It's a belief in humanity that I have I have a wife and two daughters. She's married she has two children. My wife was. We'll ever in the same situation if someone Woodstock nudity sex. I'm praying for me. As we have said many times this week. In times of tragedy would really really terrible things are happening this. It's bad swing you also get to see that very very best that humanity has to offer. So true he was supposed to be their exact. And I hit me close friend as they had a lifelong friends are there has crazy come so if he didn't know it is that time of the year it's homecoming time for high schools lynch came from a small town on teeny tiny school's homecoming was a big deal for our residents I mean people grown up there and live their their whole lives it's the same and a small town -- winner South Dakota. They don't they homecoming parade it's just like the biggest thing of the year and end nursing home there they have the residents wearing like a football Friday shirts every week and Hong -- huge deal but they can't go to it so this year the celebrities as a column on the football team these are big people on for their town yeah. Nice high schools are a small town as me man and I. Goalies so they decided they're gonna go over into the cares and our pick up these you know elderly votes and I'll let them go to that game plan and the brain and I only go but they escorted them so there on the DL and then the rain they had to see everything as a huge moment coach said. Come a lot of them land though when warriors clothing on Friday just to support to gain today so the really big deal for them and they are ecstatic. Sadly. It. Green and we level people I know in high school kids escorting people that's instances are you know we always say you can love Arnold procedures can't love. And my putts I I have one from right here in Atlanta three guises in media on the field. There is a woman who beat cancer twice when she was a kid. It's I think I'm gonna pronounce this right Brad don't mind those sarcoma is what she had to connective tissue cancer. On she beat it twice when she was little and then she went to nursing school and guess what should focus on. Pediatric oncology and guess where she works now. The AFLAC cancer center and children's healthcare of Atlanta says seeing it was. I kid you beat it and now she is a nurse for the kids who are currently beating you think that is so so cool. And I also wanted to mention big thank you to our team at capacity. You Isaac Curtis talk a lot about her ferocity it's the easiest way to do good is any text message signage for the jet's engines had seen because this week. The propensity team members helped out AFLAC cancer center. At children's health care of Atlanta and they work with kids on what's gonna happen and then automatically how they're gonna get you know their medicines and treatments and shots and stuff they shown by. Ports are here alive Serb man. The jays are procedures so they explain to them exactly what's about to happen to the within. Play doctor Katz. And so per possibly put out there that they needed to doctor kids and you guys are fresh on I think they actually might still need a couple of and so he someone enjoying our capacity seemed it's into the top of the jet's engines have faced a page who you love to have you as a member. For doing good and you'll just get one text message week on how I can help your. Kenny didn't really major community a better place. Pushing one button on your phone with a thumb so so easy today. We love here all the feels stories if you write a crosswind that you share with us please do we could. Featured in our weekly all the deals segment especially. If it involves Iran or north Georgia because we love. Local good energy on the field stuff. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion one star not before one and.