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Friday, September 22nd

Inspiring people from near and far!

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And young star already forewarned. Good news stories are a little bit harder to fine in the headlines but it's towards the search because they make you. Feel really good about humankind and people being nice to other people so we dig forum and find him for you. For the Jackson's shaft. I got one sister and off today so I kid named Tyler he's eighteen years old and he was doing his job for pest control company was walked into the neighborhood. Thanks handing out flyers in the neighborhood. When between a couple of houses are right near a driveway he's stumbled upon a wallet stuffed with 15100. Dollars in cats hey. That's gonna call it scandal broke teenager is can now flyers trying to. Earn a wage so he could easily walked away without wallet in his back pocket nobody would have known the defense but instead he wanted to the front door knobs on it nobody answered. And he left it under the doormat to make sure that the owners. Actually found the wallet so. His story has gone viral and people are talking about Tyler was interviewed by the news and said why he won the series. I just really felt like this is this is not run. I don't know there's only I don't know what they're going to have my little cousin Kyle he he was with me and the first thing that that he said Lewis. Well did you keep it. A life no lighting keep that you said good because then and then I would of told Lemond to. I'm given so much exposure. Over. Something that everybody should do. Which aside this as that happens. To me you know just it it is just. Crazy I love that they said this is just something that everybody should get I should be getting attention for just being made it can't. And the fact it is cousin was entitled I'm probably helped with excellent. I have all the days are you tonight Alonso. Producer Jenny let's define yes I've been awesome for a story. And the University of Georgia graduate so my name is Linda Buchanan and she did something amazing just after she graduated she realized that she wanted to continue to help people. And she love the atmosphere that her college gave very Shannon's University of Georgia. So it just after graduating she started at shop online to get street shops that helps. Donates to a specific cause every single month since you're she is talking about her inspiration for starting best shot. A great Georgette Kelly's trips I helped soundtrack. Actually they're an independent and arbitrage or cared about getting back and it's about college and he dished back. Aspect of my life where freaking eight interrupted day professionally she quit doing something pretty critic but now after graduating from that I read that I turned everything ET real action from tennis and I can't really and I think my braking which are shocked even into the team and then you know getting back at eight and as I know where regular foreign and I generally I did Al experts aren't I checked into Iraq fortress where. Yes it's really really cool and I went online and it's just been good street shop dot com and it has cute teacher is has home decor has greeting cards and everything goes to a specific cause and this month. Is actually donating to the Affleck Saturn blood disorders center at Chela here she is talking about this cause of the month and constant. Every conflict on my way to come from that very passionate about what they're telling you about really just not passion and others I election helped them to lay out their passion and try actually a good friend to extract the child and took care can certainly imagine she can't try and find out why can't think and and she is talking all about you know the great work that they're in connection part of being an and I are out it architecture that might. Torture and terror awareness on cotton sales and carrying it and trying to be mean and supper and it match and the pedigree that. That either die inspirations are Belmont and I think that. Wished situation here and. Limits my new hero. And so on sanibel and it's a good street shop dot com and honestly you know Christmas is coming like you'll find something for yourself for your friends for your family. It's all adorable and it all goes to a Greek Kelly she's already turned their computers like all right I'll shout out. They've lost serve there as this I. There's a seven year old named Heatley Dawson who had a dream wanted to throw out the first pitch at every single. And Al the ballpark. Well I'd choose. Born with something called Poland's syndrome and is using a 3-D printed hands to throw and catch baseball's home. I'm so she loves baseball and his making her way around the country to you know did you visit every every MLB ballpark when she got a phone call. From Major League baseball's vice president and he said. I would love to have your whole family come to a World Series game huh. Every so cool out it's a great way to culminate at as a year or two of traveling around and thrown out the first pitch and then he followed up waves. And we want you to throw out the first pitch at a World Series game and doesn't current. Knows seven year old Hayley DOS in law and her 3-D printed hands. Which is not slowed her down at all and not diminished her love of baseball and all will be throwing out the first pitch at an upcoming World Series game Han. We love it when you share on the field stories without having. Besides lessons senator for one LE a dot com or on FaceBook can tell us what is going on that is good in your world that's restoring your face and. And we will feature here on each episode of the jacksons and check. Thanks for making this wedge and adjusted cash out on star not before one and.