All The Feels

Monday, August 28th

From Atlanta and beyond, these stories will totally inspire you. 

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I mean is easy to find great news a little more challenging so. We pay close attention to there's news stories that make you feel good and happy. And excited to be alive and we compile a mall in this segment that we column. All the fields and the first story is about a young man named Kevin will junior. He started kindergarten this week with a of course is mom and grandmother by his side. But also next to them or 100. Police officers. What we. So those Sosa weighed a hundred officers. Yeah 100 police officers escorted. Odds. Kevin well. Junior to his elementary school because today and so his dad was killed in the line of duty when he was in utero in ways that he was ever going. It's. All their ideas and that's coming Maryland Christina and Lothian. A site right there let him and sometimes my neighbors birthday is easily the entire first birthdays you think big parties. While it can Mac has a son who is USS believes he's got out of frame now for me she's test. Cerebral palsy. And he's also that are designed so personally first birthday they are really planning a whole lot to see just reset on FaceBook can maybe drive by the house is on your horn you know he loves. Prayed and then what I emergency meeting yet. They had thousands of shares on FaceBook not only did people drive by and honked their horn goes off full on parade with hundreds of people. School buses and motorcycles and police officers fired drugs and there are people dancing and there is even aim marching band manners and out came out to celebrate his birthday. Rob Lance armed presence and now his mom Kim said. Thank you tease everyone for making today Matthews of best birthday ever so happy Tony purse right they seem Matthew that says sign hey. I love that kind of sounds like when neighbors are just ready to jump and London. And I found one right here in Georgia yeah all this is being used on stranded Cherokee county. There is a young girl named Lucy praise she's ten years old and she is a six great all star softball player she's a member of the Georgia troubled traveling teams so. This broken leg. And she started to develop a condition with her eyes and the condition is called star guards disease. It starts to damage your rent now and it leads suited deterioration of your central vision well. Matt Lucy was like on the Senate's top all the ball wouldn't be there and we just blacked out on me and I wasn't exactly sure what to do. So they discovered that she was diagnosed and then community and Cherokee county. All have rallied around her with a fund raiser and they have raised the money for her to get these special high tech pair of glasses from a company called es site. On and it's it's a really cool set of glasses that. Has these screens inside advisors are projects image onto your peripheral vision around the blind spots outs basically technology would help mercy and also continue to play soft also. A father of one of her classmates organized the fund raiser. Day I did it last week and they have put together the money to get heard new glasses so that's it Cherokee county community that said. We are gonna rally around one of our own little cool people ArcelorMittal. If you have got in on the field story that you want us to know about cigarettes yeah. Please reach out sign for one Atlanta dot com or you can find us on FaceBook anyway tell us about the good news going on in your world. And we wanna feature it right here on the jet engines shaft. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.