All The Feels 11.18.16

Friday, November 18th


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Com news for the millionth. Fields have been millions. Did show don't. There's a lot of negative stories out in the world that we did around find the positive stories the heart warming ones and share them with you just before. You head into the weekend Regina Pitman give you all the fields here's what I found for you guys check this is a couple and Missouri. Who adopted a little girl from China about six years ago. She stand her name is Ileana. Well. They were going to the adoption process and became friends with another couple and their town. Also adopted a little girl from China pretty McKinley and she's so they've typically have become pretty close are they go to the same school same church. Same neighborhood with a few doors down from each other. And what moms had this gut feeling that the two little adopted children may have been related everybody else I was crazy because there's a billion people who live in China. And did they came from orphanages and totally different cities so they're like you're crazy but she convinces them. The DNA tests done and it turns out that the two girls. Are asked. Sisters this is the parents are talking about. She's I have to tell you something had just learned. That results are and and the girls. Are 99.9. Percent. Certain they're half siblings and their related. So this year. Either the mother and father we don't know that is absolutely there and we live almost anything. Straight quarter where you know it's. That's what's made infamous Douglas can lean Malia there's stuff but the thing I don't yeah we have that at all. We just now that I have something big had faith that he's at work and I am grateful that we're along for the ride. That's and may he. Can undo all the statistically impossible is an incredible but let me say that that it larger power at work. Lining his eyes are too young ladies would be raised close each other so well that's very cool. That's and he. Yes that isn't science. And hang out and blue ridge and bring all the firefighters and the entire team fighting the reference fires because firefighters give you all the field. Me. Yeah. You about it it goes on fire other. There and I'm. They got out and hang out the team and talks and yes it makes him donated over a hundred sandwiches. And I had to speak with Suzy who was our point. Quicker contact there and she just talked about the community and how thankful they work. Well we've we've. Just felt really fortunate to be here live instructor working on the reference fire them tremendous work from the local. We're just so grateful that we had the support of everybody here to help us do the job we're here yeah desperately. They have people coming in and dropping off food and on dialogue hanging irons. Food chat stage. You name and you and we are overwhelmed with donations and support me and and we we. Feel like we're just here to do our job and that we had such great support from the local community that we never experienced terrorist act. Thank you honey baked ham and thank you counties states of the government then yeah mate and act and Charlotte do that and thinks the idea generals amazing synergen this story here reminds me of something you said on the air yesterday. We ask you for an update on race and Reese's Jim's youngest daughter who is and battling cancer cents summer. And Jan got eyes some good news from the from the doctors. And the light at the end of the tunnel much brighter earlier this week that so and we're sharing that he's on the radio in and kind of went off on this. I think injuring does that make that team if not important that this. That figure at the road record on this I. Pathway of speaking to a positive mental attitude and you'd choose everybody gets obstacles but I each used on them. Often X 888. How the outcome I feel about the outcome is really adapts very moved very well. I ain't Texas did the theme intact and you. He found out he had. So rather than. Well himself up in the house and feel bad in and feel anguished over this. He decided that he was going to put some joy out in the world so he went to a McDonald's restaurant where he eats all the time. And he handed every employee there 33 employees. He handed them each 100. Others young lady who McDonald's he's a very good very close to this country. And seen it didn't happen being crying. And it just focus harder. And I every single person at the mic sounds 100 dollars and he just on the woman there whose it was and in and and help everybody everybody in the arrest. I'm having a bad day nine change in energy output good and what is it basically exactly what you said he would everybody's got a choice hum it's the millions. Feels Helen billions. Yeah yeah. She did show don't. If you have an all the feel story get it to you can find dozens of media or you can go to the left. What one and it dot com and share your all the feel story of this we can include it in an upcoming segment. Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Your son when you get to work and get ten so consider row every hour on starting now before blind yeah.