All The Feels 11.09.16 Part 2

Wednesday, November 9th


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Oh yeah. Is how million. Did show don't need. All the feels that this morning is in replace. Are replacing. In the loop because well yes there is he's going around it. You know at that news news and we have promised to be a positive. Drama free space this morning and we know all the fields have but positive energy and it that's what we are doing we're replacing in the loop. We all the fields and we got some great news stories story Q I'm making it. Tickets offered a genius or greater and her name is Sophie wraps and she had to come up with an idea for the invention convention project in her fourth grade class. And city. Nailed I asked her invention she's giving away for free so she was challenged you create something that's never been invented before. And it actually had to work this rainstorm with her parents and she makes something that could keep parents from ever forgetting their babies in the car. Here with everything going on and we know that story. But dissolve it feels logon as details but she decided she needed something to attached to the parent and also to the kids car seats that stretch in between. Was it needs to be adjustable work in different sized cars so she use velcro loops and a stretchy cord and the supplies only cost about twelve dollar she calls her invention it's so these. Baby forget me not this very simple design that pretty genius. And she wants parents everywhere to be able to make one of their own. So nobody is ever left in the car accident ever again and here is a very proud mom talking about her fourth graders invention. It's also. I have to take and I. My keys attached to the board in my chat. That's awesome awesome such a great idea and I just I love Sophie for an element added that she's that sounded to me millionaire which is making it to be given away hers and given way the way to make. Virginia Beach gross is ten years old is battling leukemia in July and it took a turn for the worse for doctors. That she might only have these to live. But her camp counselors say hey. You can't go anywhere because I need you to be the flower girl in my wedding in check this out. The little girl pulled through and actually well as a part of the wedding last month. House lights and act like Iraq. There's nothing that day like no medicine as. Doing good medicine but only doing that things that are patty. They took her out every day and answer column. Like paying her hair and earrings she recovery ended. Getting so much better out there. I'm not sure I really gave her reasons live that I want her there. Yeah like reality check right before blacked out. Freaking out freaking act like I'm. Harriet and an evening is that there's at a very act. And my back actually really. Stopping at each other innocents in the he. And you reflect on how that she and Allen. You know that lake has thrown at them. And it's an emotional time. As a path that's the power of the mind right there right you say your mind to something you put that positive energy your mind. Really could be transformed here's an awesome story from high school junior right here in Atlanta his name is Max. Rubinstein he's sixteen years old. And was inspired by his grandmother's battle with ovarian cancer because Nana when she was going to the hospital for all of her treatments Joyce had a neon green game boy in her hands surpassed that I'm. Well Max is all of us. Gamers are well that and is there either earlier right yeah say Alley. Pat you know great first of all just hellish your relationship to Max and then we're gonna let him finish that story. And monitor. Anyway. On the manager Joseph guy hate returning Kardashian went it's earnings. Yeah actress Jenner. Well we're super impressed with yours son and clients ask. And I. It. It backs created big game givers and nonprofit group that donates new pennies video games and consoles to children's hospitals all around the country. Because he knows that you got extra time in there and you need to be entertained and that the hospitals. Also have used their resources to save lives and always have extra funds for things like video games so Max has created game givers make that happen so. Ers super excited to highlight them today and all the feels as we wanna remind people eligible the world especially kids and Max is certainly one of them. I Alley was schooled in Kelly told us that. Max started it all these calls from his Franzen text message is heard on the radio energy gained everything on the radio and. It exactly right I mean how all of that. To be a sixteen year old locked into the gallery called noted here that you know you're where he was coming here this morning and on there I wanted to thank you and I wanted to piggyback on that because we're actually having a really big on me they're Smart house. We're back. It is very fortunate. Timing it with three or four different schools and it that the mellow mush ram at 11770. Haynes bridge announced Rada. And they're kind enough to give back 10% of all the credit it's from 5 PM in nineteen hands even if you get people to get your dad. And we're going to have a game giants where people can bring years and new video games and then go directly back. Is the hospital partners and for that kid which is really on and they're gonna you're gaining turn and animal TV that and instead and it's been really fun and sort of social way or is he into Iraq and to do that at a time how is Max. Connect with sixteen and started this black. And how long has he been so late. Civic leader community minded. On well he started at charity last year when he was eight years old on. Act says. And we raise money to and you understand that he can't keep score and Mulally Africa. And now this does he can kind of born that way he would always been. Did you be and he's kind at a given pack. On but it really real organizations like giving Pointe institute. On which is my giving point or that Kate twenty kids and George and it is Dick. Thickly give them all the schools to start a charity a nonprofit. Social action group and months but the main thing each month they have on. They look at it from part a bit and that sort of have a CEO commented talk about finance and I'll have somebody. And in max's attending this at age sixteen. Mac attended last year that's great and age and one. That's our award they gave him 3000 dollar reward at the end of the year which is charity for having learned that that. Asked on the best kind of ALCON. Twenty kids and you know he raised in my 60000 dollars that's great when I was. In the first and some of the department. Pretty much the same person at the hold that hold on alien Kelly's gonna get the information. And won't make sure that. Eyes are on our if the page in social media and things that we and I try to get some yeah. And. Because everybody can suck some participate and bring their games and to be a part of it that's awesome awesome congratulations and it. Exactly say. Think it can be kept the web and we can make in direct you weekend figure out how they can get into our loss and thank you Allan wetland Yankee enjoy your day. Thank you Tim is on the heels hit pack anyway and we really need absolute cause for making this alleged. It's just it's out on star not before one and.