All The Feels 11.09.16 Part 1

Wednesday, November 9th


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Com news for the millions. Feels how millions. Did show don't. All the feels doesn't normally. Reserved for early Monday mornings and Friday morning time. The jet engine chip what we're place that we are replacing in the loop. Today we is all the field. And we are way air. Of the enormity of today. Is on our radar and we Janet averages sock. And it feels strange. Not discuss it or not going to. We're gonna keep our promise to use to try to which in about a mid today and trying to lift your spirits and tight suit just Q. From so all of that yes I reviewed the US Woodward it was that you're yeah back. I couldn't leak myself I like Taylor leaving it out and add any fan apathy. I says are the idea is ever reenergized back and I address it so if you need to fix. You don't find they'll find fix that oh but you can always count on ask for the entirety of the Asia. That we can mean you're going to be hearing comedians. You'd be phone scams and you're going to be hearing really great. All the feels stories please in the. I can't wait to start with this story from Sophie she is a genius fourth grader who invent something for school project. That is just amazing it was called the invention convention and her school. And her fourth grade project. Is a device that helps parents are forgetting their baby in a car seat. So she decided she wanted to help parents and she knew she needed something to attach a parent. Also backed its car seat it would stretch in between plus I'd be adjustable work in different sized cars. So her brilliant idea was to use now loops and stretching cord and supplies that only cost about twelve dollars she calls her invention. So fees baby forget me not. And it's really simple design but it's totally genius is the other thing she's not telling the products she just wants parents everywhere to be able to make. Their own so that no little ones are ever left in the car by accident ever again so here is her mom talking about so he's invention. When I turn off the party. I have to take it. That he's back. And I guess my keys attached to the board in my tax. Yours are supposed to. It. Eyes of kids in New Hampshire are learning a great lesson in compassion they are birds to raiders and there is a young man in the classroom. Who lost his mom to cancer in September. And budget in school field trip to boss. Eat it in 68. Notes due. Offs and they do on razor raise money that you know well this this in the first raider. Am lost on the it it it's yours and what let's get our money that gambling that. The date sacrificed their field and instead. Wrote the check where the field of fine. You Sawyer announced he's the first grader I in New Hampshire he has family help when it. Happens you meters month. Elements and you are passing. Boston is a trip that they look forward to pretty much since kindergarten. And so for them to give up his trip that's that's a lot for them but they know what's lawyers going through his family's going through. It's kind of like a mixed feeling of happiness. And sadness because he sat. That his mother passed away that I hear happy that we're doing it for him. And because people approximate go find me page. It was set up after this story got out a raise enough money to replace the Boston tripped. Immediately I'm going for hours and I donations are still pouring in at the school has said will pay for the Boston trip out of this fund and then everything that's left over will also go to young swears them among us. And I do it and in effect either fund local soared to New York Times a best illustrations of children's book competition. And a local guy are Gregory Christie of Mabel ten. Won an award for his illustrations and freedom in Congo square which is actually written by Carol Boston when the effort. But it's a book that chronicles nineteenth century slaves. In New Orleans so on as an African American you just talked about having pride in yourself whether you're white black Hispanic as a matter. That why he has so much pride in what he'd done. He honor pride in yourself your ethnicity your teachers your culture. Starts early in life. I often tell people when I'm speaking about my illustrated book choices often to the books that I wish I had a child. Growing up and learn lessons about slavery and about the civil rights but we only scratched the surface so it's it's amazing to just be looked at at this age. And hasn't been an adult. To just be edited books that that you're close to. An act of making a difference. At a circle and he wanted to toward life and yet the New York Times honored him as the best illustrated children's books of 2000 succeeds he's one of those artists. And you go maybe a graceful it silently and we'll wrap up all the fields with another local story about a high school junior in Atlanta Georgia who just started a nonprofit to give video games. Children's hospitals. He's teenager who likes video games himself he created game givers of nonprofit that donates new and used video games. And console children's hospitals around the country. He said that the inspiration from his project came from his Nana Cindy Goldberg because as she was battling. Ovarian cancer during and is treatments she always had a neon green game boy in her hands to pass the time at so he knew that hospitals have either resources for other things to save lives and they don't have extra funds for things like video games. So he took when he learned from his Nana and came up with game givers to make a difference in the lives of children battling illness so good. Good work for you I his name is Max Ruben Steen and his nonprofit is in get yours. And now you. In consider yourself in the loop resolve Yeltsin. Hands that tunneling and. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overload office. Jet engine Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.