All the Feels

Friday, July 21st

This week's All The Feels is all about awesome kids doing amazing things. Check it out!

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The jet engines show every. The things that was most amazing to me during the journey that your daughter took at children's health care is. How remarkable. Sciences. Played. Why. Doctors can accomplish. And what miracles they can craft is amazing and the first almost feels story. Ford today is all about the young man named Zion I'm you might remember him a couple of years ago his doctors gave him a double. And transplant are. As I think incredible day was seven or eight years old when he had the chance when he's ten years old now. On Fridays from Baltimore Maryland but all is good in the hand transplant. Hi Andy did it once when I was in had his hands and his legs below the knee amputated because he had an infection when he was two years old along. But I. But because they hurt. Doctors are so amazing with what they can do insurgents are so amazing at what they can do they give me a double hand transplant at age eight and because he's young. His brain his re wired to accept those hands as his. Yeah how loud and at Merrill and here's the cool part about the story ten years old what is every ten year old loves to do in the summer. Played baseball and this summer he can grip and swing a baseball back. Incredible though. It's a cool story yeah. I gotta get one play about summer job. So there is a woman who's a waitress in Cincinnati and her sixteen year old is summer Johnson he started going to work with her. Well eventually the restaurant hired and it's one of those places serves Cincinnati chili. You guys have had Cincinnati chili. The signatures spaghetti topped with then time chilly in the huge amount of cheese. It's since actually I have now but it sounds very healthy yeah. Bad weather so that there's I guess there's certain spice today chili sauce it's olives lemon. And then the minute I think. It's a quarterly event what are the Weight Watchers points and that is accurate and about not her on points and it's. This guy is placed on skyline chili restaurant where this woman and her six year old son in Austin more working. Well it was lucky for a 174 year old customer because a customer came in to have their chili and collapse. Austin school that year had made all the tenth graders take CPR training so he goes immediately. Into action doing chest compression and saves this customers. Lied his name is Larry he is alive today because Austin got a summer job Barack. And was paying attention when they got certified for CPR so Larry sent a picture later from a hospital Rian. Am eating that Cincinnati chili and Austin is really glad he got to save someone's life I. Cross and a table and play area. They asked of him. You know years from CN. I thought it was amazing he had to complete the actual zoo emergency. You know a lot of people who. It is a proud mom of Boston right there Corus at Johnson. And I have an awesome story coming from remic Jenna and Henry county awesome and it's nice ten years ago with paid in the lead duke who was only three years old at the time and was rushed to the hospital for a traumatic brain injury. And the doctors said he will likely not make it and if he ever does he won't be able to walk he won't be able to see you won't be here. Oh yeah and when he was two years old his adopted by a woman named Laura. By three they've rebuilt his trachea and he started on this really long healing process and he just turned ten a couple of weeks ago which is awesome but that's not even agree to spread the story. Greatest part is that for his tenth birthday this past weekend he hosted a birthday party at hope art in Henry county and for anyone doesn't know ho park. As an all access playground a recreation area for special needs kids so anyone can enjoy the park. And so he had a birthday party there but instead of gifts he wanted to invite anyone and everyone who wanted to come. And donate money for the art world hope part which is a special needs school. And this ten year old kid decided to do this and you to raise over 12100 dollars now on how. Has centered jerk aged and they just can't be transformers. My. I just wind Nintendo riot gender. And egg thing. Well his ten year old already given back yes amazing amazing and he's done it's gotten so far. We love the stories like that that happened rape in our own backyards if you have an all the feel sorry please please please share with Jesse reach out to us through stunning for a one Atlanta dot com or hiss up on base but tell us about your all the feel story. And we will feature on feature addition of the jacksons and chat. Thanks for making this wedge indigestion just job on star not before one and.