All the Feels

Friday, April 21st

Every week we find heartwarming and exciting feel-good news from near and far, and this week we've got one from right next door in Kennesaw!


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Star in 941. Billion. She didn't show dog yeah yeah. Sometimes. In god looks down and say is. I'm gonna put those two people in the same place it's the same time for very specific reasons. And I believe that's what happens. When this couple Cheney. And needs. A guy whose name we don't. They mad I'm plenty of fish. Okay this is a story that was told by the employees of the Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City. They were on their first state after meeting him plenty of fish. That rate there is God's hand in it right let's straighten could have been anybody but I amen they they chatted yup they go on their first date. And I Janie in this guy are hard are dating she's 45 to deeds fifty. All of a sudden grabs his chest hits the floor else. Homeboy and I heart attack at the Cheesecake Factory and their first tee I'm their first date. Janie did CPR on the guy saved it is like blanks yes. Well birthday I'm. Are they going out again yet they got a they got a secondary play and not have pays so actually their first kiss is CPR. I'll like it right works out they have a great. First date flash from the get it going new meeting to sucking say yeah I just saved your lives. According to according to the Serbs and him. At the Cheesecake Factory they had finished their data in it was about forty minutes afterwards and they were sitting talking which and then occasionally goes well. He stood up grabbed his chest. Elderly ground. She checks for repulsed nope all alone now call an ambulance did CPR on him saved his life and the ambulance went to the hospital. She followed up until about an awkward first agent to follow the ambulance to the hospital cool. And at the hospital he asked around again and she says yes. Okay. Yeah. They get cheese they eat cheesecake. Cheesecake ago she got ahead I'll maybe after a heart thanking us give it clear. Great get out of the pilgrim has no chance to have everything in your. Hazy on the land you are leaving for a military deployment or in your coming back they have the big departure. Hikes in the office and ending our arrival at welcome back home day or so and San Diego they were sending off a group of a navy men and men and women. And that two young kids are foreign to our waiting about a their dad Josh and the airwaves minutes and I can add and you know he's on the ship already it's about dikes LA. And a cot notice and the cop was like I have a loudspeaker. That would make these kids day because I mean they're shouting at arms out there is like. And they're still in full wires so they wanna know that like. They can hear them so the cop went to the four year old girl whose name is Riley animals like you wanna use loudspeaker to say biting your dad. Ensure nasty comments like. Half half. Year old little Brothers sees that his name is Oz and you're like I gotta do that to an end to use you know use my. You know Babel I. Yeah they don't have a evidently is such as sleeping Brennan got to do and so I was just like weather has been hurt and are not like these kids were over the man I just. Thought that was really seen a sesame thinking about like a military. Family like your dad leave many moms leave and a surgical way to do that as I just. Read story about it in any other circumstance a four year old with a mega front is amazing. Does not so yeah. And that's just adding usually it'd be you sir a military brat oh my gosh we didn't I don't think we ever conscious enough that I can remember about watching my down my block out the door with. They'd like. Business like and a meat here but his big green that on and men like believing it was us that we're going let's have a kid you don't realize how long they're going to be on line. So Melanie nice comeback there was like there always eating his favorite meal and the dollar is illegal time. OK okay you're Toto I don't play. I don't know why we had gone are you crying. It is amazing thing about I don't know why I uses with a picture any time and I was deployed I sleep with a picture of mine. Does that help. Definitely relate yes I am so crying and hungry give me cry. Of I'm. I'm glad that's deployment related because sleep with a picture of Cebu the picture. Comes from a tangle of George Town like he did yeah I. PRI yeah oh insiders I don't personally did Kelly it is you. NJ and hit an ex yeah maybe. Well we have to pick up the funny years we have a local all the feels out of just am so we're gonna talk to Jennifer here. I'm Jennifer is or you describe this as an epic skateboarding event the just happens to be. For kids in cheers so how did you get involved with us. I'm actually. I was out and then it beat last year and abject locking down the stretch. And we can't see an early look at. Can't imagine that and let them escape cracked. And it just happened to me. And I work a little ground here at my Jan. I don't ask him one day she was in the lobby look silly not Andrew Luck and talent to nominate and how you open late in the ER. Can see it actually happened yet. So I called I. And they can't not get I can ask permission if they're McCain for wheelchairs on the grandstand criteria that's not what it. And then they said absolutely it sounds intriguing and we never had a question report how clean they get bigger. I then email to by Frontline. And told about can't escape plaque and they have a cabinet likely the pac. Ten dynamic content colony it's happening. And what exactly is the event like what will be happening. During the day of the event. If any skateboarding and panel. And now experiencing. In skateboarding I got this morning is necessary and rag we're gonna panic stations around the empire. And there's a rare and or let them get their different obstacles. And then we got that playing out a few professionally that that caters to showcase just the hat just to inspire the other athlete alive making. So if you're a wheelchair athlete or maybe your son or daughter is in wheelchair athlete how do you come out and be apart of us. Well it's. The only guy that ER gators in particular and legally registered to the web site. He did an electoral binding register. And then it on April 29 and they can't trust black applicant shall I cannot stop. And they come. That's going to be incredible law I I am just so impressive this idea and so. Is your. Student that you met and your gymnastics gym is here she going to be participating. So railing ashes like she's like the inaugural participants. Yeah and go out every weekend and cracked it in and you don't teach you really tight end. That's cool that well Jennifer thinks are joining us I'm just really excited about ideology and then we'll share all that info of life rolls on on our website so. People who want to participate or go out and cheer on these wheelchair athletes can go be part of. I think great thinking semi. Billions. Oh yeah and she did show don't even yeah. You gotta go look at pictures that Janine is postings. Of these like trolls I'm kids in the wheelchair fun and games on my god is so inspiring. I've given all the feel story that you would like garrison to explorer please send it your as the best rated B that is the start adds. Aren't throwing Atlanta dot com go to the website and send the share of feel story we might include it in an upcoming all the fields feature. And shall star. Or are.