All The Feels 01.20.17

Friday, January 20th


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Feels how millions. Did show don't. Afterward was saying earlier today. You're not going to be able to top the all the fields from 7:30 this morning. But Janet announced some very exciting news. About her youngest daughter Reese. And her battle with cancer it's the best combination of words we have ever heard came from her oncologist yesterday who said. No residuals signs of team. That means there's no cancer last. That. Information combined that we gave the information that you got a week or two ago about her. He levels yes so yes he levels are. Her AFP levels were normal that's that one service equal high five rights but that was pretty as it just a week or two after her surgery and right so that our. I is to take a look at her spine abdomen and really examine it for any residual signs of that tumor of errors and he left we have to go back in and do more surgery marquis now and keep. Fighting keep battling they said. No signs of tumors and now we just blood tests we'll do continual and our eyes throughout the year. And keep an eye on but this is our perfect baseline of where are we going to be it's often no cancer and. Let's. All the Il's. It would be tough to top that on the we do have some cool stories external within a young lady at a Gainesville she's four years old listen to this well will. Read beach. Yeah. Me things. It can't complain. That I. Hack. Into that gains anything at all. You don't expect it to look flown via via. Being a speech about the pleasure of books because she's. She's old war and she his red more than 1000. Votes so far. She now loves to read and they were headed to The Library of Congress which the Leah calls. Her most favorite favorite favorite library in the whole wide world. And her mom reached out if there's any way to the for their can be enhanced. And the librarian. Of congress said she get them my job for the day so this little four year old from Gainesville. That Leah marine around she was named the librarian of congress for the day. And yet and there's we we can pose some semblance of it users via. A thousand votes for years ago. Love that. Right there are. Humans that are super and then there are super humans out of this woman I've found to tell you guys about is super human okay. She's 47 years old she lives in DC she's been fighting brain cancer since 2005. This week she's raising money for pediatric cancer research are running seven marathons on all seven continents in 7 day 1 o'clock well. Now are human. One men and here she is talking about her fight. I'll be in the air 59 hours of the holes seven days so when the majority of my sleep will be on the plane. And today I'm sitting here with 835000. Dollars my goal was to hit a million dollars by the time I reach an Arctic which is January 23. I want it inspire hope and perseverance to so many that are out there fighting. Not just from brain cancer but any such situation that would cause them. To have a setback in their life my eight. Finish line is going to be when you announce for the Washington Post on their papers. Reads we found a cure for cancer. So this. Six session of seven marathons. Will put her over the one million dollar mark she still needs more donations may happen if you wanna supporter so first marathon is coming up. Monday an Antarctic adventure around 6 march LA Miami Spain Iraq and United Arab Emirates Anne Ostrom. I think we came are all take a look you Jan and ask. What are you willing to view your fight I mean you I mean I know you don't website. I can maybe run around the block without needing to take a. Answer very human element right here. I'm arrogant fielded story and here's. Out of Delaware homeless guy's name is on Doherty. He's working two jobs he's saving up our place Olivia letting him code purples Alter. At a car that was getting him to and from mark while he's working two jobs. Witnesses at his one reliable source says he has and somebody's slash all four tires so. Isn't casual conversation I think maybe just venting some money out of frustration and and and haven't region Martin who runs a resource and a that's coming up on FaceBook ache I reached out Marlins who owns and auto broker. Or is on a broker and offered to tuna this card giving you tires but during the Tina that and a his car was just like on last flag. They donated him a brand new car and they had to do was pay 500 dollars in tax could afford that. So many shares on FaceBook again and within minutes another Otto brokered donated the entire 500 dollars. So now he's got a car and says that he can't wait for the chance to pay for it with all the generosity his community mission now. He's struggling in Ari looking early to help others that's. There are good there are good people. In the world there really are and they. Stay strong their whole lives because this woman is my role model she is 94 years old. She lives in Hawaii and she recently just finally got her college degree. With a four point oh GPA your kid now and CEO on my gosh it's it's amazing in this light heard talking about her whole thing. He has good kid to bed and get finished. And I. But I feel that they announced still. And will learn. But now do me some. Of those who would kill them if not he just didn't you. Watching him this time. Me I don't want so it's. Just a game. You win now thing. Learning now and have to. Have to learn this long. I don't say. If you're at home. Hypocrite who lose. Expand this expanded knowledge. I have. A a friend of mine who's younger brother totally put up with Ernst and Richie. I've seen anything and she couldn't make it to the big ceremony as well because she's over in Hawaii and over it was on line. Maybe she had a reason to celebrate but the the president of the university in South Carolina. Came to Hawaii to personally deliver her diploma at a surprise arteries and gone I. Getting them that party was turns into. That's quite Acela hey you know you guys I think I should go to Hawaii given this diploma twist my arm. Hi it is not a religious FedEx it now. Handle evidence. I guess. There's millions. Feels Helen billion. Just show. You ought to be a part all the fields we use of actually that's you can start ads are 941 Atlanta's downtown. And as you are good news stories and we might cheer them. The future segment of all the fields. Where he doesn't feel like alert when the emigrants. Your son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind.