All The Feels

Friday, April 14th

A segment where we like to focus on all the good news happening in the world


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If you can open championship the Arizona where they tilt my head and he didn't even months. Now back to Al hunt starting before want to come. Millions. Did show don't. These are good news stories that just reminds yeah human beings are actually really nice and take care of one another so we have to dig a little bit deeper pass all the negative headlines and find those good news stories for you. And we did that's Richie and are really great minutes with the Jeff contentious. I have been awesome story you know Powell in high school most girls and public some guys as well kinda hated Mears. Kinda hated looking in other people's feelings finally get kind it'll like yourself and all of icicles looks yeah. I hear around. FF well an act becomes then again I don't even trying to impress and I person market down my mama yeah the bills sit Reinemund well and. Can't elephant test is better than cafeteria time because they both sucks like it stared down to look at people now. But how Laguna hills high school in California has. Done something really sweet and helpful for a lot of students where they hung signs over the years in the girls' bathrooms with positive affirmations so we. You are unique you are capable stay positive you are enough. I you're doing better than you think I. All. So mostly I think some people might think it's cheesy. But if that's the worst it is sometimes those the like for some people that's exactly what they need to see that day that is so cool is that and teachers that did that I like fiscal aid counselors it or doesn't even say but I think everyone's really appreciate I think it was the school that decides to do it and it just got so much positive feedback that everyone's like this is working this is exactly what we needed. Can we get it departments sorted you that in the dressing rooms at. Terrible lighting and mirrors yet. If our baby season about the knack you know you wonderful a worse out in Wisconsin in the U humane society there. Got a group of three pets it was a dog or cat in a rat. The owner can take care anymore so. The humane society took those three animals in and is decided to. Separate them once again and because you have three different categories mammals through your replaces. And they. Put them in in. Three programs and those animals. Get depressed the cat especially all. They put them back together and they left it up for adoption but only together all. So sweet so the I have live from folks couldn't. Adopted that you couldn't adapt as one of the it was headed to get off pretty well a woman came when their daughter says she would take the dog and the cat but he didn't want to rat. At first. Once they saw how bonded to three of Omar. Hall all right well I thought that's the lol so so called JP did you have one yeah. I don't know if you've ever been a waiter before but it you've been a waiter sometimes are consistent good British you're having a bad day sometimes hard to hide it. I got fired from four wintering jobs. So I wasn't a good waiter sometimes my head was in the closet radio and dreaming about it but this dude my voice from Illinois guys' names Joseph. A full as the go to Ron FaceBook. And he's a 43 year old waiter and I hop. And he helped a disabled customers each he could have been having a bad day but he went out of his way to help the customer actually eat. And she has Huntington's disease I'm not really sure what Huntington's disease is. But. She can't feed himself so he feeds her and she comes as her husband doesn't have to do it. And this was noticed in he had other dreams of doing something besides being a waiter and he got offered a job to be a nurse. Why. That is the model. That can instantly that is not at all. Billions. Just show don't yeah yeah. If you have been all that feels sorry that you wanted to share with us please and do that just go to our web sites turning pro when it landed on time. And tell us what gives you all the fields. We might share it and you could be a part of all the fields here on the Jeff and then ship oh yeah. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion job on star not before one.