All The Feels

Friday, March 24th

This week's stories cover Autism Awareness, Doctors, and a hero's welcome home


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and. Millions. Positive news stories Syria make you feel good yeah. The second day believing in human beings and it. The goodness huh. And the theory behind this is the negative news stories are easy to find things there on the front pages. The first ten minutes of every news cast their part of every FaceBook posts that just makes him had to brag about if you dig a little deeper there are great news stories out there and here's why and the 21 of march is Down syndrome awareness day. And a woman named Melanie had a dream. She wanted to be. A weather lament and she has Down syndrome so she came up and an idea. She said if you let me if I get 100000. Likes on his face a post. Will there be a TV station who will let me go on and due to weather. Her video that she posted asking for this is can been seen over three million times is gone over a 146000. Likes. And she is set to appear on two television shows on March 27 to do the weather costs. She wrote a nickel and a follow up post yes I'm different but I wanna show that everyone that I can do a lot of things Iman she's gonna be that by. Presenting the weather on TVI. She thanks all of her new friends her three million new friends in a 140. Parent and 46000 lags and says this has been a lifelong dream of hers so march 27 Melanie cigar will be the first. Whether a woman in the country of France with Down syndrome. That is so Los 41 years old. As soon as we get a hold of her doing that and we have the video will share for sure absolutely so cool. Right this is an awesome story that originates in Atlanta this guy was actually lucky or to be on an airplane. Then if he were in a a hospital awhile okay so he's a rough retired air force colonels name's Tom McKay. He was on a flight from Atlanta back home to Houston. When he had a medical emergency okay so he was passing out and whoever was traveling next to him just stood up and says. Is there a doctor on board. Well thank goodness there's a whole lot of conferences that happened in Atlanta because no kidding there was a medical conference. With tons and tons of doctors who are returning to Houston from Atlanta. Who all sprung up on the flight there were about ten of them on board. So they gave him some oxygen that. Almost sounds like the scene out of this account yeah. But they just pop up and all different sections of the plane they are back to back jump up and rented Tom's age they gave them an aspirin in case it was a hard as I gave him some oxygen. What did whatever that doctors need to do to make sure that your and stable condition they were about to emergency land the flight though because of these doctors rescuing him they didn't have to you. And he actually didn't even have to go to the hospital. After they landed they figured out he had taken some medication and got really dehydrated on it okay so they just rehydrated and took care of him and he was. Off on his way and back home in Houston that he'd gone to the hospital. He would have been sitting making an emergency room waiting room for she's latter had gotten a lot of us but he got instant attention because he happened to be on the flight awesome. Wow I have and story about a flight okay so it's just soft they they actually found the remains of World War II soldier. And a battlefield in Europe I. And they wanted to bring him home so he could finally have arresting please your home. And it was actually a flight coming into Atlanta so an army private went. On to secure their means who was coming back in as the flight landed. The pilot announced what was going on at this army private will be escorting. There remains down before anyone else can get up to get off. Out of respect so he just he made this announcement so that everyone could wait. And as his army private is walking down. Apparently this was not play end the group of teenagers stood up there because they ended up being an Iowa ambassadors choir and did. Well. Yeah. K I'll. Ha ha ha wow. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. And. Okay. Mom. OK. Okay. So after seven need here is he gets hero's welcome home. I have tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over my body. It was it was beautiful at a time where I don't think anyone had words specifically to say if someone could stand up and have music instead and it just. The fields in a beautiful beautiful. Yeah. Italian. Show don't yeah yeah. If you look we can open championship and Arizona where they until then you can. One starting now before want to.