Alivia's Going to The North Pole!

Wednesday, November 29th

Each year, Delta and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta bring Christmas to life for patients, and this year we got to deliver the news to Alivia. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. We believe in magic here on the jet engines show especially this time of year and that we got to be apart of some thing. So special so especially in so. Cool. And and so. Heartwarming for the people. You know women who need it the most right now. How do you wait to share with you this surprised. On that we got to pull off with some of our really good friends at Delta Airlines and with children's healthcare of Atlanta. So I'll we'd a learned of this really cool thing that day are part of. And they 88 kids. Every single year to the North Pole on a delta play. Delta Airlines has got the direct line the same cloth they get these special permission they've got a special runway. Right there at the North Pole just for delta. And they take some really special families to the North Pole I think I've figured out how they've pulled aside Santa must love this guy. In Sydney LT just keeps him in this off. All year line and is and Georgia peanuts that they feature on their plans though Santa Claus must close those who do jazz and then they just use that. Greece this in a wheel if you will indeed have VIP in late North Pole every year. And so we've talked with Susan judge then who's the managing director of inflight services and we wanted to know from her. How exactly. They figure out this trip to the North Pole. Well you know delta week gives in our communities amazing this is our culture it's part of our spirit. And several years ago probably about seven years ago an employee came to us it's okay. You know I've worked clear that at Children's Hospital children's healthcare of Atlanta and I'd like rusty something special for those great heads you know so we partnered. With children's and the athletic. Cancer and blood disorders center. To select some great children along with Santa he gets send us to of that C helps us selects and great is to take the special flight to north well. And we've been doing this play every December about six years. For someone who's never been there. What happens at the north fall. Before we even get there when they leave the hospital. Limousines escort them down to the international airport here in Atlanta. And that's pretty special when we close off a highway and we have illness along the streets and hills Hilton through security. Very long once the flight takes off with these special families and lands at the North Pole. Then all these kids get to go experience it once had experience like it sounds magic is magical experience and it's just it'll make. It makes strike actually listen in luncheon and play with the children. There are hills or Santa others teams please snowball fighter too. But it's just a lot of fun and it's just some heartwarming to see that the fundamental Catholic. So cool that they get this VIP passes in North Pole and then we had to find out from our friend Ashley baker. There's a development officer at fast like cancer and blood disorder center at children's healthcare of Atlanta. To find out from socially. So how do you find all the special kids to go on his trip to North Pole we work with our fifth ever witnessed how my specialist hospital and if I eat is certain kids. I would really love this experience and we are basically giving an opinion as a lock in each. He experienced a special and and are in very what is very challenging time of year. And these kids really are inspiration to everyone in our hospitals. They act like an hour my disorders and are excellent apparently and it really need something weren't experts YouTube you can imagine are telling specialist saint. This case it would be a perfect it is now drilling for the families of arguments plow it into heeded Al central aren't as a bikini year after year. They are so grateful we had fifty K as. Ready to get though some of them don't and it is happening yet well and that leads us to our surprise we are about to pull off here at the Jeff contention at. So we're so excited to welcome in studio. A live yeah. His seven years old and her mom asked her and talk to them about the journey that they have been online and it's not. The exact same journey that I went on with my batteries but have very similar one we've. Slept in the same hospital rooms and watch the same hallways and had a lot of the same sleepless nights and so now we get to have to ask her about what that was like win. Olivia was given her diagnosis is that you know they'd have Santa comes and they doctor's appointment after doctor's appointment. And that's at the point where it turns out it's cancer. And we found that men that was. That big mass. She how was he went coming Ewing's sarcoma. So once you have a diagnosis and you go straight into treatment and I know that that is whirlwind. Experience that you feel like you're just exit test tornado because it does it moves fast you've never heard of that before you're trying to do your own research and figure out on on. And Sylvia mom and trying to make sure that you know Olivia can be strong and brave. So mom where are you so far in that journey. About eight treatments. Into the journey she's possessed fourteen. And she did have some complications with her if I'm. So they had to take it down so they were going for skiing and those ones take a look at that. That masks and seem so we're determined from reporting and I think I'm back in a proven bemusement sort. Notes that type of surgeons removed from the massive. And Olivia how are you feeling. Can. You very brave girl you know that. Now. And like any little eye and a half with a microphone in front of them she got very very quiet I think she's meaning a whole bunch of new adults in the room. And and it was it was pretty quiet and shy when she was here in the studio at. Us yet when she was here her mom was Smart enough to whip out her phone. When she got to a doctor's appointment that day. And kind of eavesdrop on and Lydia tallying. Levy a collar. Telling her nurses and her friends in hospital exactly what happened point. So we get to pull off this awesome surprise and Susan and actually got to invite Olivea. On a trip to the North Pole. You're good enough. Are you. Harry I am. You ran in a row limousine. It's big long. Them out here right at delta plane to. I can't take them like the normal oh they horrendous. He's an already asking. Whenever TrueCrypt things. Her normal Christmas Phoenix. Yeah him. Eat me I'm here only get insulin are usually tell. Bob. Supposedly so we're so excited for Olivia and her mom answered go have a special experience and she did that VIP trip to the North Pole and hang out with Santa Claus just. Make her holidays right Sarah. And now we are honored to advance children's healthcare of Atlanta and Delta Airlines. I choose to let us help surprise Olivia because this is truly something they do. Just from the heart. That's on the Buford kind of publicity it's not something they they they did they do for out of the air time. They did just isn't a great thing to do for kids who deserve it most so. I thank you delta thank you children's and congratulations let me. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.