Alex's Update on Cassandra

Tuesday, April 26th


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Jesse didn't show its shelf Vizio. To join the conversation I had 4047. 400 are so darn many more law and have yeah gender. Got an update from our new best friend on the planet Alex. Hey Alex what's up Alex. K. So I want to call and UK and eight thank you. Yeah she can't get out colony are. Optimistic. I I'm ticket and and say. I forward or heard loud attracted me and session timeout pollutants that. And so me accurately in a hundred Asian hat and and I think she's a little freaked out because little thing I think she. Glad you're in ancient hate nick Jerry Lee but I. It is a lot for her and so I explained that she didn't want to talk on the radio and a man. So. Is she went I and they and Allen talked to this diocese this'll situations than me now let me go back to my life. Well I don't he'd bury that he she. Can say you are coping technique where he'll act. Too overwhelmed to talk about it publicly angry. So she's actually open to talking to land. You know what I don't I don't I can't swallow and I I don't know yet achieved and it actually get told me back. She's gonna look at everything and think about it. So she just got we waited out about the whole thing like once she realized that it was in Canada funny wacky. Radio bit that like this is like a real dude. Who's really putting an all out there. She's just more guarded she wants to be more of course. I mean we're strange or Alex is practically strangers to her and this guy is definitely a stranger Travis is like from out of nowhere. Scioscia at least is she gonna keep you updated is she going to. Yeah I could be like that I'm for comes out and let me tell you I can I. I feel in their alternate now that there's a unique keep in mind if you know if you keep in mind. You're good radio producer it's good workers there. And it's thank you and many religious army 413 shirt and it cousy. He's yeah yeah. A mouse pads oppose it's yes and want. Call Ivo please when you touch base there or hear back from her war whatever please let us now. I appreciate I think I'd have a great. Every day. Reagan again Jeff creep in people act as a woman isn't it would that be frightening are flattering. Like if I stranger emailing saying you're the woman of his dreams. I would tend to lean towards it is creek. But at the same time you feel flattered got it. So I know now the radio part I think of freaked just about anybody dude so many oklahomans especially the U. Suggested that does make him sound creepy and mean. Okay he's greatly but. He's not SaaS like he just saw it was like facts of life I just want to play two years in emotion through how hot it. I'm not as satisfied to. Think of things like to have a different take a bath and keeps you here praying that I that's on the. Start before one.