The Albuquerque Mystery

Monday, May 22nd

How did they know!? Jeff feels like he'll never know the truth

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So are in 94 want to listen to this mystery. That unfolded. While I was in Albuquerque last week OK so I age you probably know Kelly's grandmother passed away is very sad and I. It was a it was a great couple leaves and Albuquerque and it was. Beautiful services and everything was was I mean. With the funeral side it was sad when it was supposed to be said it was happy when it was this happy that was fine when I was completely preoccupied. I this story that I couldn't seem to get anybody to buying through. And all right so when somebody passes away the next of Cain. You know family members contact friends have that person. Two and let them know that that Frances I was cast members and has passed away. And so Francis has some friends who. Lived in Albuquerque and recently moved to the northeast to be closer to their son. So they left Albuquerque they moved to the northeast. Right okay so they call. This coupled to let him know that Francis past the couple doesn't ever respond to that that caused no messages where. So they get a Hogan finally tracked down the sun. They called the silent and they say. Mean we just want to let you know that you were. Mom's good friend Frances asked when we M able to get older mom is she okay can you help us get our message and he says. While there back in Albuquerque. And they're on one leg as they left last week. From. Here so that Ohio were somewhere to go back to Albert your TV and late get here they just suddenly woke up 1 morning and that we're going back well. And like we're moving back I'm Jacqueline match her visit moving back Madeira golf yet so so the right okay so they. Call that you know they sell land lines come land lines that connect to call send somebody over to their house in Albuquerque. Okay. Somebody else's living in the house and Albuquerque we're down so. Friends that the FO outs the friends of Francis are missing. This son who's in the northeast is like I don't know they were I woke up 1 morning there's a mass imaging we don't let it air we're going home. So he thought his chances accidental went back to their old tax. Sit right when I can talk Tillman like week in five days and heard from some keys to getting to the point of light. Really starting to freak out yeah I didn't surveying people and Albuquerque are looking for them to the best of their ability but that doesn't get old but somebody goes how other people living in now. Hopes and what are those other people say. That I don't I I don't know if they're just like we want to tell us why no money every inner yeah well it's not about get off with Ollie says yeah. I don't think it's like that I I think it's we're talking a matter of a two or three months. So. I think that people like if they bought that house the chest audit. Or the renting it or. What it says is big mystery nine million bits and pieces out because I did another woman's funerals I can't be preoccupied with the strangers okay. So. I hear this whole story from callies my. That happened like we dated Wednesday yeah Wednesday it is this whole story. And Thursday and yemen's so. I'm preoccupied but I can't because they efforts and just ready for this. Ready for this dateline cramped lat Kelly's mom quote we go to the funeral home. Early. And Thursday. As the day of the services we get services started nine at visitation starts at 9 AM. We did very 8 AM like 815 this mean Cali and her mom and in cal in a mom automation the flowers look at him. All the staff and I had the rent a car so I drove so I was sitting on the issue area work while Cali and her mom did family stuff and I was there if needed her mom comes restrictions community look at this. One. Big guest book yeah. Outside of the room now the first name now. I think yeah why is it. And they signed the thing but then they disappeared again isn't being heard. And even after the viewing of the funeral nobody can find don't. Moon. Come home the truth. And people they don't want any town I only. Why it was me I mean look they've lived unfulfilled Liasson they went and tried to live closer to fan lamb I said. What I really illness anymore Oregon and disappear. We felt like eighty years on the planet down Linas anymore and. And again now that was why I. In the fact that they're like 85 years old or however old they are right they they can not. Not pay respects to one of Earl ray Lou. IE does a sneak it so I'm serious we get there we gave fifteen Harry 30 in the morning they had been there before you before react. So I am thinking could this like old people and technology that they have a phone that. And they think it works and their leaving voicemails or. There's Shannon why rather weird plays at their phone is actually kind of years ago is is that in the bill on accident that's great at all. I am actually got a handle on line stop. None of that matters. Because they were Smart enough to know what time visitation began losing go there when nobody would either. And get out before anybody someone like their son has called them has left a voicemail saying this happened to France's Johnny to contact someone. They knew where she was from a new or she would be and they did exactly they needed it to avoid everybody again around harvest seeing all Bynum just my heroes. I you serve yeah first hundred saves I think this Cassidy old people and technology in the matrix not let them. And hey that doesn't even make any sense on any planet that I know you'd think that and there are like everybody thinks thrown a wing don't think it has actually. My mom my our own. The latest on his opinion. Old person who doesn't know exactly what time visitation for a dead person to ours. The first thing they read their newspapers the obituaries let's and it clipped it out they put it on the fringe right we Agassi fans backlog on Thursday yeah but if they show up at 8 o'clock and they're gone by age fifteen. No. They are having their Smart mysterious also need their Hammond dollar coffee mcdonalds laughing yeah yeah. Why on Kenya. Thanks Kelly not. I never I just don't show up to the show and it could have gone elderly you know. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.