Advice for Robert's Ruined Proposal

Thursday, May 5th


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Justin didn't show show show Vizio yeah. Conversation I had 4047. Sorry any moral law and Robert asks his father in law are his future father in lock. For his daughter's hand in marriage father Jose yen in log into the family. But mother in law was like summit calm down and tell her everything you've got plan and that's what she did appreciate down. So now Robert has however propose a plan for this weekend. I think when my ended when you do the surprises ruined. Hey Heather he got some advice for Robert. I feel liking he had to wait like that we kill and try to find a photographer and do it coolly yesterday. And have a affect how different how well proposal and action. But Heather here's the deal put yourself and his girlfriend's shoes. He's six. He he can be angry I if you think it's coming debate I think we'll be immortal really you find out. A when he realizes that her mom like totally really hurt proposal. He's so depleted. Did you and I I'm a warlord. I am a person who loves. Surprises. Light and you'd ask the united you know this about me Janet I'll tell my fiance Cali that I'm planning something like my parent under way whoever I'm planning to surprise for. Policy kept going my office and I pray that my computer's gonna like turn around in the last. Amazon page and look at look at Mike at. Eight. And I would be I felt for Robert it's like she's pulled the rug right out from underneath them. Hey Catherine what's up. And what that. Yet anybody's Robert. I knew I had a friend that within a similar situation a few years back and what he did was he came up with a really great reason that can't dwell on their plans this weekend. And he got one of her really good friend if not in her brain occur outside and I. He would pick in Indonesia and knew if I had that friend bring her there and he surprised it went. Brilliant Smart very call so he he really good idea so hill. At that point the only thing to do it the throw her off any political arm hurt you get that thing that I owe it. It being put off or not Andy go through. That is great idea that is brilliance and you're the smartest person he's so far on this show and I'm counting us. Hey Christina and Logan bell. Actually light that the detonated her. That's as early diet but yeah I mean my mind is just maybe actually at the bubble they. You know maybe even should it I don't know about sharing with her ballot but luckily it back or let her mom's dead. I don't even imagine any mom would it that. It looked like the biggest moment of your life. But I had that that was the late on my little because I would that mine now Hud that. Let me. And every time I would ask them that you would delayed. A proposal because it. Idiot priority I want the only action that not. And be totally light off guard. But but I actually like the girl that well let me see she haven't really like our. Casey Christian is like Kristi is like I had a great time led the other caller had a better once I'm just gonna cancel my time and will go with a collar before. If Britain welcomed this out. Ariel Magdalene who were able to pull off a surprise even you and your man bought the ring together. We did apparently picked honoring together we you have forward thinkers like. I'm pretty picky but I forehand as surprising. Turns. Derelict. Yet we can be heat cream to get her parents extra time they're like everywhere and totally expecting him to you at dinner. Our favorite restaurant happen. We've been together for several years at that point. And I that we get ugly you're better note handle their dessert she asked for the fact you leave and I'm probably not armed camp unlike what. What the and the like a tape less. Check out alight downtown now. I'm like OK great the converting it to keep in the totally do it very polite. One quick Kris Sperry downtown never had a ball sharper and get. Yeah. Don't rent at blockbuster and admit theater like OK great we'll there never has laughter that it does not. Not gonna happen tonight and trying to talk re a parent out of the tree as well. And we get so that you are part of it and it is full oh win. House where he was stalling you their current live music. Where me. Everything is like you denying. He got I'd be immoral and and he certainly off. And then like script. The only thing that did that that's a great story but I would have enjoyed it much more if you started screaming at him. The middle of the pretty lit street in now smacking a lot of pars. And have fun. Yeah there was a bathroom doc and bought it or where I have veto it and take it any talk myself out of some of the edge. He had a funny he has the race here and perhaps there I know it honey let's not get streaky with the IQ it crazy that they're really well prepared. Thank you for that thank you for the call Britain. Piazza lucrative arm delayed things just by asking Britney tells stories. That would. Noted stressing. It makes him as if he's if he's developer and congratulations and please just. She now. Or one.