Advice for Mary about Her Mentor

Thursday, July 14th


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Call call around and love to talk to you the world for. Seven lululemon. 400 just in general sorry not before line. Hey Mary can we follow up with you tomorrow or Monday because of her your email. The decision is like. Being me if I wish my heart attack we'd probably be tomorrow Monday. Or are you leaning against. My way or the wrong line. Our own. I'm undecided. Okay. I don't know what I. I don't let me say that point. Well most of the lines is more ballot this thing. As you listen these next because of me today obviously. It must be wrong day and fifth and that's how. On. So maybe Marcus they've Marcus is a guy and intrigue and America. Nell. Is Jen. All ultimately the choice is Mary. I don't feel that she should it. Betrayed her mentor. Because that meant target for the vaccine meant by. She. That. The magic gave Mary expects and it site that she's all right did not talk about your personal life and you want them. Why is everybody getting hung up on the truth and so that. Equation they markers. He thought Marcus is going to be checking your your rocks you around. I'm Jessica. There's no matter. I don't think so has the votes in my mind. Our Kelsey in Dallas wants to weigh in on the take Kelsey. It. What well like all lady luck we'll vote you get that act is in the you shouldn't. Hurt your shirt but they should it turn out. Your decision to look at it that. I thought of that true yeah I heard mr. Tokyo. However at that point yet again at how well you're hopeful. Mean maybe you could ask her in the break room in front of everybody if it's true. Exactly thank you tell me you guys this all these Smart and this is corporate America. He just became attracted. Davis and cut around. This corporate just check if it's called game up from motions. I'm Wendy incoming she's got some men say about this tape Wendy and sixth team. I pay. Us what you're saying corporate America look like have a reality. In in corporate America. Man are always in power compared away it's very hard for women right now. So forget about the whole. In the I flies don't do it is that if I eat it has. It might not be correct because women men should be all that massacre. Why. Again what she was saying. Speaker Wendy speaking at. Darryl. And so he's the fifth. I think last elements it is done in Marietta hey Donna. Straight out. Are now I think that that meant for me has already progress of and it hit something about it yet. And then it was right and then there as kids. And our rocket arm or whatever aspect my suit parading around and mentioned as a head. Season and yet they are urgency on that Mary should do anything. Yeah I'd say you can't fence. Off affected point Donna I Nancy let's. A little. Help if I see in this square. I ever patent act arrows like where is humanity in the mom I'll. And I. I've got to. I I engineering have acted upon an aside it's pushed buttons and there. And. We heard from. Dina Amanda Christina Marcus Kelsey Wendy down and in the eye and keeping track and I agree with Mary. The issues of. Did she doesn't usually show. So far far.