Adults Who Picked Up & Ran Away

Thursday, October 13th


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I last. Did you change and take issue flew in this morning. For a lot. The subject matter is adults. Who ran away you just bail on. Irony figure throw calls here just a second for a 47419400. But a heads up for tomorrow morning. I if you are single and haven't had a date in a wide. Tomorrow at this time. We might be able to help. Just be listening at this time tomorrow morning here and it dating rice now and you. Need help you wanna date this week. We got you. I came up a regionally. I'd because it I have a friend of James. Mentioned. That she likes to. Ran away from time line and then. I was it girls' trip NG one of investments it's about a girl her name suggests. One day off and went online and book your trip for the next day and laugh. 3COM. Has been and just left in the Caribbean board with like. You can. Put somebody take her passport somebody take enough. Through Michigan and l.'s. If you just wish we she's at a stressful time where they had enough of life all of it is here and as. Bail currently. Left the next morning four days and we say it again and I think ice when out loud I'm like. Almighty god is that gonna ruin it. Are they going to be traumatized. And I'm Kelly cheese. Our our our producer she speaks out and goes. Not bad. I'm I'm I'm I'm used to detect my mom every Alley every year for a couple years yeah before you how's mom how many Brothers you have a four Brothers and our. I between the ages. Three and fifty again. She's toddlers and diapers and and terrible tee. There are herald news in there either here and the other terrible team haters. We Holler plays now argues that an inch donors so she's. All kinds of other outward. And won an arm on and on us and Germany. Like let's. He says Germany I and my Brothers. Advocate there right now mom mom on the air. I assume on earth evans' story Dave Simmons came and and one on. Did you ever ask her about it like now the doubt we have like I'm for real it. And then had a lot of pride billet out her thing. And if she needed that actually stand out here it also annoying bit if I were talking yesterday I you know you're in the shower you're in the bathroom mine come on him. Since you've liked in the bathroom like magazine problem and that's union like 78 days I can't tell her what she came act normal range yeah much better yes very normal for that to buy dollars dollars there are some moments are moms that hit me that. Yeah Mac man I have pain that I got time. I don't know where she did actually obviously there's only so. Maybe Germany seat do you hacking bad thing. Case in Covington and those that run in a way as an adult. I'm working at. All I. It that it that. It. At the at a lap rarely did he didn't. Had that job at it lit and that didn't come back. Here. It really. So just musical trip and then you disappeared. Yeah I'm born and people like delete it and it kind of alert and you could. Only look at. All but I didn't know I could. Hit about. An out. Yeah I like her runaways starring did you send him for anything that you had out here elected you. Have your clothes shipped out or anything or did you just start over. I'm like you and your the and at the but any addict built and it started me liked but there. My order in that and yet. Tackles story. And what price back what brought you back to Atlanta. But they wanted to do that and I get back at that but I got that here and that. Paid it back. At the. We're glad to have you back Christina welcome to the Japanese and now. Mining Harry are you. I'll admit it editorial when you're in your when he made it edition went in at an end now not now that you cannot. I live tonight there I know that he medal three and one day outlet in attack Ricky regular and was done and she called it later she lineage from Alabama you Wyoming. And it got in every may add it. And I. That pretty much in any grueling job a little while it all in that graduating from college is not accurate it. Black and out near the medic I Mary national mom that you. And integrate that I I hit the and it it at my own artwork because I'm an old live in sheep led off and I would never would. Like I said. I'm not great enough. She didn't. Well that if you're the middle child who you believe we even know Richard on the dignity. Neat. I'll show them I'm going to. Why that. Yeah. He made to Jack and thanks Christine have current or commissary. Yeah I. I had seemed to. Nevermind need Ebert Ewing real ones because remember cause all's standing in the yard. Watching her drive down the street hearing you know 13. If it. They're not yourself then I got a car left and house. She can come its elect and if I don't want to protect. And I can't hit a nice trip. Record out here in Atlanta you can be left on that. You ran away or you know someone who ran away. Now me and rallied together. From where. You are. And did you have a whole life late in new York and use like on a Tuesday night that Wednesday on the order. Well we're light bulbs are like oh look how mean and Chinese people but our job we are about like. At Atlanta our living in Atlanta and about a leaked app and we color and we leave very late in the car I ever got. It sure you are you glad you did and I'll never ever go back neverland and why just why did you pick Atlanta. Even lob Atlanta and I aren't close Florida like I got back. Now I don't mind it. It for you know she's like yeah I've never gone back. He went your way did your family think you are serious or do they think you're. Paula. No they didn't take either of us here as they like totally were like out tea or anything and then like airbags like art art and maybe the bag. I left my mom and I'm Asian and apparently they. A year basically a couple of Italian kids from the north the year basically. A Bon Jovi song live and on Oprah. Yeah pretty. Yeah. Working at a diner all day you're name's accurate it's Gina. Tommy's got a six string and rock. Unions and answer right down and is locked. I play and then. Being a non. On Europe France. Who. Right. Back and damaging because I'm not gonna do what. Boggles. Is sort of just. It's all ready for law and thanks for early enough good jab again.