Adults Who Never Grew Out of Sucking Their Thumb

Wednesday, October 12th


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Senator it's it is a long Edward. Thousand lives and 11 this morning I'm Scolari is now back to the jet engine shop on snowing now. Our daughter is three and a half and a thumb sucker and she has been since she was looking and I was not worried about that and I'll just very. Ethics and I was right about now until the other day. Sweetening an off handed okay. In a conversation. So we're talking about it knows that yelling into the dentists and Dennis as the owners nominee Gore's if you can't attic that are you know encouraged not to. And if we can slowly but surely over time. In artists. On chart I. And the list of issues in the Jenn hobby. That's lowering sucking or I'm bottom and I'm not really the huge and I we just chit chatting about it char. And she was like. Oh yeah I set my income embarrassingly long. And I was like yeah me too right you know I think I was and like elementary school I think I was actually bottler. I act crazy. I don't worry too much about it. You know of you don't feel bad about taking a second or third grade and I thought so I think a lot. And she's like oh yeah about my mom and steals. She's. So. And kept now and like laughed at sea are ever and then she and I started line. You really need to worry about instills in. When she's in it will you'll be dead since then worry about a act at that point. I was like. Adults. Who did it. It just stopped tracks and we just rolled it in and shoot out whereby. You say she just say an adult maybe did she say was sucking or is it possible that she sent her mom lose. Daughter. There are no. Doubt I think she's at her mom's. Patent. Who is mountains a huge. So that would be if he didn't finish yet still. Which he sleeping. All acting in real life like if she's not that the thing. So. You know we talked about in week we talked about an adult having. Stuffed animal re like a levee. Yeah guy yeah the girl was dating and he was hiding his levee yes so it would be like that comfort. I'm just wondering if this is a real anybody. Actually. Being an adult instills in them. And do you do it work or like the uncomfortable situations that happened at the op and Hugo in your office and shut the door ion. Maybe. Lindsay welcome to the show. And Lindsay. Recently I was in Montreal I would add a very ill. Spy out on the river and I would area we might have been a little while you're able necks that's what we are all around back through the. There with a mom and a daughter and the daughter's friend and she was just complaining about a late actually can launch drinking wine while sucking her. The mom second. The daughter that's grown daughter right or another second sound so. That are out and out to drink wine and then at some wow how old she do you think is seeking death. In that it wasn't like may actually have been at least a band when he. Say 25 year old woman and dinner with her parents sucking her thumb and drinking wine. That is this just. Bad welcome to Asia. Hang. On and our street behind here. Actually. I had lunch that that some sucker meant little was sick and I never. You know. Bothered him that I would never be riddled them about you know we just it was a big deal it's just that's what you get and then. What time you looked at me usually everybody pictures. The Internet and we saw the picture of him himself that yet and he was so. Shut occupy that and he read to meet on. That what I look lie. And we were like yeah he never sent its sons and never going and no he didn't realize that we won't quite be so bear why he decided that the extraordinary and loved yet. He was six. Yeah he was six don't know yeah. That's been. On Jay in. Beijing team. He had any right Alaska. Each year an actor. Light up. A lot Jeanie about art magnet on your app yet again. Put that out and it back it. So in place well she would leave together wrap from soccer I'm in the bathroom. And then go back to the. He'll let her what I loaned you want to. Get out there and I think that's true. A lot where he kicked it. And she's a teacher now and she's still certain non. Philly that's in the future. Windy. I can't spend it or is he dealt. But at the top. A war hero and some sucking man. That is quite a tender profile test. At RO. Oh where does he do it 48. You can't be everywhere eat up Eric Goodell we're adequately all of it. That. And what does he say about did you bring it up to an all news question. He's that he's only done it that. At her up. He's only to break himself out of the blame on and Adam authority. My health this year. They guy. I like idiots but it will 4748. She saw sort of. I am I'm dead serious. Oh. Yeah okay. I were you we have one more columnists and totally freaked out last Leon Haley into college I didn't. In my hand them. And hanging. I am an adult I'm Kirk. You are okay I'd say explain this dress sale later at a meeting my name is yet. My name is Leanne and I am an AM adult I'm Eric anonymously. And. I let my mom. I'm Tony Bobby do you own. And none and then that they're around. And my head and. And now I woke up 1 morning and an hour but my thumb. Kind of break him out a little bit. They're why do you did you realize you were expecting your found. Now why not what do you Maine and hands like Lee act that analyze you are picking minute let him know. And that's his own for not capitalizing and other. It is a non bank I don't I don't do it no relay it like at that content on these. I had to have Brayton Y eight man. Correct the problem. Because I had a gap between my. Each act like I'm O. You do want her weight. Com. No not not really anymore more anonymously. In the home. Do you find yourself really stressed out is that you're go to U. On it either it. Not been an amount that problem my hair and demand that it sank come. Jail one of those childhood behaviors that you never stop okay one more on more of the settlement. Are you serious okay. Hey Ashley and took on. Hey Harry. How are. And yet I am thirty years load and they built a wreck some I don't do it out of public. That jet then there are things. Eight started through what I can remember I've been checking my own since I was here four years old so if you are concerned about that experience. I would definitely. Spot that I have a one year old now and if I ever eaten lemon at out and I know like. You know contradicting declare that I ever see Liz Lemon live Napolitano and I don't do that money into them and I can't. But it into an ever really extract it say where at eight comfort thing to me. Put socks on your hands or something when you go to bed. I think my parents try at a high and everything coming on like I remember Utley can hear ultimately get to my actor out and Emery I don't know. You know late night of my other brother restrict their airing at eight hot spot in my it didn't work they each write everything in its not liking my and it sheds. To pardon me you have I like doing it in and. So actually do you have to like adjust your nail polish or the way you do your nails for your yeah. Yeah if I. How tired are ancient they're. If I play my note that night I won't take my right arm because that's the one that I like her and it's just nasty and that changed act. Yeah how we each other morning to do my right arm. Humans are so fascinating I ask a question it's gonna send relief growth that I'm really curious. How much of that dom is in your mouth. But he isn't the whole thing down to the bombers just like to than knuckle resentments like like they. End the whole thing all a big error rate on our own. Dad Kirk and. I'm all right there's not a good numbers you're not the only one. That you're gonna go home and eight Lawrence and Steelers night. And she I'll still are.